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One condition left on Central Park sale, and Air NZ extends at Fanshawe St

Goodman Property Trust manager Goodman (NZ) Ltd said yesterday its sale of Central Park at Greenlane had all but gone unconditional, with only Overseas Investment Office approval still required.

The trust has also secured a new long-term lease commitment from Air NZ on its Fanshawe St headquarters.

Goodman (NZ) chief executive John Dakin said yesterday the $209 million Central Park sale to a joint venture led by New Zealand property fund manager Oyster Property Group Ltd represented a significant milestone in the repositioning of the Goodman trust, marking the last of its major identified asset sales.

“Following settlement of the property, the trust’s portfolio will be almost 90% invested in its preferred Auckland industrial sector and will have a value of $2.4 billion.

“With over $850 million of asset sales since 2012, we have positively rebalanced the trust’s portfolio, improving the quality & growth profile of the assets. It’s a disciplined strategy that is focused on the delivery of the industrial development pipeline and building a portfolio of unrivalled quality.”

Air NZ’s headquarters at 185 Fanshawe St.

The VXV precinct

The Goodman trust’s office investment is now focused in the VXV precinct of the Auckland waterfront Wynyard Quarter. The trust jointly owns the portfolio of 7 buildings with GIC Pte Ltd, the sovereign wealth fund of Singapore. The portfolio has a value of $488.4 million and Goodman’s proportionate share is $249.1 million.

Air NZ’s head office at 185 Fanshawe St is in that precinct. Trans Tasman Properties Ltd began development of the 6-level building in 2005, putting a $60 million value on it, but sold the development part-built to what was then the Macquarie Goodman Property Trust, with Air NZ as the incoming tenant.

Air NZ has renewed its lease for 10 years. Mr Dakin said that, and the Central Park sale, would increase Goodman’s portfolio occupancy to 98% extend the office portfolio’s weighted average lease term to 10.6 years and the overall lease term to 6.2 years.

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10 November 2017: Big property sale follows first-half profit setback for Goodman

Attribution: Company release.

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One apartment out of 6 sells, Sugartree bids fall short

Just one of the 6 apartments auctioned at Ray White City Apartments yesterday was sold under the hammer.

The one sale, of a unit in the Spencer on Byron in Takapuna where there are remediation expenses, followed a contest between 4 bidders.

There were also multiple bidders for 2 units in stage 2 of the Sugartree development at the top of Nelson St, Centro, on the western edge of the cbd, where off-the-plan buyers took ownership last month. However, bidding on both petered out short of the reserve.


Learning Quarter

The Quadrant, 10 Waterloo Quadrant, unit 1906:
Features: 32m², one bedroom
Outgoings: rates $1237/year including gst; body corp levy $3930/year
Income assessment: $420-440/week furnished
Outcome: passed in after bid at $290,000 & vendor raise to $350,000
Agents: May Ma & Mark Li

Victoria Quarter

Sugartree Centro, 145 Nelson St, unit 202:
Features: 56m² internal, 4m² balcony, one bedroom + flexi room, secure covered parking space, storage locker
Outgoings: rates to be confirmed; body corp levy $2766/year
Income assessment: $550-600/week furnished
Outcome: passed in at $500,000
Agent: Dominic Worthington & Ady Huang

Sugartree Centro, 145 Nelson St, unit 706:
Features: 53m², 5m² balcony, one bedroom, study
Outgoings: rates to be confirmed; body corp levy $2671/year
Income assessment: $530-580/week furnished
Outcome: passed in at $480,000
Agent: Lisa Zhang

Isthmus west

Mt Eden

66 Mt Eden Rd:
Features: 130m², 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 parking spaces
Outgoings: rates $2946/year including gst; body corp levy $5968/year
Income assessment: $950-1050/week furnished
Outcome: passed in at $750,000
Agents: Dusan Valenta & Adele Keane

St Lukes

Tremont Apartments, 4 Wagener Place, unit 110:
Features: 130m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 parking spaces
Outgoings: rates $2207/year including gst; body corp levy $6728/year, plus $5382 for building investigation & legal levies relating to leaks; the vendor agreed to assign its rights & causes of action to the buyer
Income assessment: $750/week furnished
Outcome: passed in at $250,000
Agents: Dusan Valenta & Adele Keane



Spencer on Byron, 9-17 Byron Avenue, unit 1106:
Features: 48m², fully furnished one bedroom, double balcony
Outgoings: rates $1178/year including gst; body corp levy $3140/year, the vendor has assigned any recovery from remediation legal action to the buyer and the unit has been sold on an “as is, where is” basis
Outcome: sold for $275,000
Agents: James Mairs & Gillian Gibson

Attribution: Auction.

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7 of 19 intensive homes sell at Barfoot auctions

7 sold at Barfoot & Thompson’s city office auction sessions on Wednesday & Thursday out of 19 intensive living units listed below, which include apartments in both the cbd & suburbia, traditional brick & tile units, some terraces & townhouses and, from the Wednesday afternoon session, some cross-leased properties.

The properties listed below are all intensive in some form, so exclude standalone homes (unless they’re on a cross-lease).

A regular feature of the market is the appearance of properties at various stages of leaky building remediation, and 2 fit that description here.

Every agency handling apartments also has a supply of units in the brand-new Sugartree development’s second stage, Centro, to offer. Ray White City Apartments had 2 yesterday and Barfoots had one – all passed in.

The auction rooms have mostly been quiet, and the distinguishing feature has been the high proportion of the offering which attracted no bid – 6 of those listed here – despite, in some cases, bidders registering.


Learning Quarter

Tetra House, 85 Wakefield St, unit 413:
Features: one bedroom, 2 bathrooms
Outgoings: body corp levy $4196/year
Outcome: no bid, back on market at $349,000
Agents: John Zhang & Richard Tan


Kiwi on Queen, 421 Queen St, unit 805:
Features: 2 bedrooms
Outgoings: body corp levy $4591/year
Income assessment: $480/week current, fixed until February
Outcome: sold for $310,000
Agents: Stephen & Leo Shin

Victoria Quarter

City Oaks, 188 Hobson St, unit 210:
Features: fully furnished 2 bedrooms
Outgoings: rates $1201/year including gst; body corp levy $5775/year
Income assessment: vacant
Outcome: passed in at $260,000
Agents: Johnson Chen

Sugartree Centro, 145 Nelson St, unit 212:
Features: 100m² – 76m² internal, 24m² balcony, 2-bedroom apartment, 2 bathrooms, balcony, carport, storage locker
Outcome: passed in
Agent: Tristan Young

Isthmus east

Mt Wellington

50 Rutland Rd, unit 1:
Features: 2-bedroom unit, terrace, carport
Outcome: sold for $650,000
Agents: Carolyn & Peter Brooks


44 Pilkington Rd, unit 5:
Features: 2-bedroom unit, garage
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Jane Wang & Angela Liu


7B Lingarth St:
Features: 383m² section, 200m²-plus 4-bedroom townhouse, 2 bathrooms, office, courtyard, double garage
Outcome: no bid, back on market at $1.469 million
Agent: Paul Groom

50 Monteith Crescent:
Features: 1080m² section, 3 3-bedroom townhouses, all on fixed-term tenancies, 3 parking spaces
Outcome: passed in
Agent: Karin Cooper

276 Victoria Avenue, unit 1:
Features: cross-lease, 1/3 share in 993m², 2-level 4-bedroom townhouse, 2 bathrooms, conservatory, double garage
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Frances Li & Raymond Chan

Isthmus west

Grey Lynn

North Apartments, 197 Great North Rd, unit 205:
Features: 101m², 2-bedroom apartment, 2 bathrooms, balcony, double garage, secure storage
Outgoings: body corp levy $5284/year
Outcome: sold for $1.805 million
Agents: Ryan Harding & Louise Stringer

33 Mackelvie St, unit 1I:
Features: about 60m², one-bedroom apartment, secure parking
Outgoings: body corp levy $3374/year
Income assessment: $550-570/week
Outcome: sold for $550,000
Agent: Tim Roskruge

Summerfield Villas, 386 Richmond Rd, unit 1:
Features: m², 4-level 4-bedroom terrace, 2 bathrooms, double garage, reclad terrace, tandem internal-access garage; repair work on the complex now being undertaken in 3 stages following leaky building claim, work on this unit completed, vendor has set aside balance of repair levy but any further costs would be liability of new owner; there is a code compliance settlement clause
Outgoings: body corp levy $3602/year + remedial levies
Outcome: no bid
Agent: Jonathan White

Mt Eden

2 Matipo St, unit 2:
Features: 2-bedroom unit, garage
Outcome: sold for $958,000
Agents: Sara Knight & Vern Hines

905 Mt Eden Rd, unit 9:
Features: 2-level 5-bedroom house, 3 bathrooms, double internal-access garage, code compliance certificate not yet issued for original construction in 2004 & recladding this year
Outgoings: body corp levy $3422/year
Outcome: passed in at $1.38 million, back on market at $1.595 million
Agent: Sue Saywell

76 Wairiki Rd:
Features: cross-lease, half share in 1015m², 2-storey 4-bedroom bungalow, 2 bathrooms, study, 3 living areas, double garage
Outcome: no bid, back on market at $1.799 million
Agents: Derek Helliwell & Cathy Giles


3 Mars Avenue:
Features: cross-lease, half share in 850m², 3-bedroom bungalow, 2 bathrooms, carport
Outcome: passed in at $1.2 million, back on market at $1.315 million
Agents: Sara Knight & Vern Hines


104 Pupuke Rd, unit 2:
Features: cross-lease, half share in 1421m², 4-bedroom townhouse, 2 bathrooms, garage, carport
Outcome: sold for $980,000
Agent: Jonathan White

Northcote Point

12 Belle Vue Avenue, unit 4:
Features: cross-lease, 1/5 share in 1470m², 2-bedroom unit, internal-access garage
Outcome: sold for $769,000
Agent: Bev Bellas & Jo Meechan



255A Hobsonville Rd, unit 1:
Features: cross-lease, half share in 703m², 3-bedroom house, internal-access garage
Outcome: passed in at $735,000, back on market at $785,000
Agents: Kelly Zhang & Sammi Huang

Attribution: Auctions.

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Mixed-use central city buildings sell

Bayleys agents have sold 2 central city buildings on Hobson & Wellesley Sts.


Victoria Quarter

4 Hobson St:
Features: 455m² site, 1123m² 5-level mixed-use building – short-term language school lease on levels 1 & 2, vacant 358m² (including 103m² of balconies) 2-level 4-bedroom apartment above
Rent: $159,000/year net + gst (from language school lease)
Outcome: sold for $5.2 million
Agents: Quinn Ngo, Matt Lee, James Chan & Robert Platt

119 Wellesley St West:
Features: 804m² site opposite the entranceway to the City Works Depot & Sale St, 2-level 1056m² retail & office building fully leased to 6 tenants; city centre zoning permits a wide range of activities, including residential, and has a 30m height allowance
Rent: $300,526/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $5.65 million at a 5.32% yield
Agents: Brendon Graves, Cameron Melhuish & Ben Wallace

Attribution: Agency release.

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One apartment among 8 residential sales at auction

One apartment sold at Bayleys’ auction on Wednesday and one passed in as the auctioneer did all the bidding on it.

For a new apartment in the One Three Cheshire development in Parnell, and with a dwindling audience at the end of a 12-property auction list, auctioneer Daniel Coulson opened the bidding with an $800,000 indicator – which is all a “vendor bid” really can be – then took it to $850,000, and followed with a comment that “It’s not for sale at $950,000 either”.

Shortly after the auction closed, this unit was listed with an asking price close to $1.2 million. Taking out $80,000 for each parking space (which is not silly money in a market where the value of inner-city carparking remains extremely high), that would price the apartment on internal space at $12,400/m², falling to $11,250/m² if balcony space was included.

In the market of 2016 heading into 2017, those prices for new apartments weren’t ridiculous. But silence is deadly in an auctionroom, and finance & competition conditions have changed drastically.

The apartment that did sell, a larger but low-level unit in a conversion on St Martins Lane, above Grafton Gully, went for about $7500/m², possibly reduced in value by having only one parking space.

Those pricing gauges are checked far more closely in the apartment markets than for standalone houses, and overall the success rate at this auction was high – 8 properties sold out of the 12 on offer, including one large refurbished house with its own pool sold for $3.5 million after negotiations lifted the final bid by $240,000.



2 St Martins Lane, unit 1C:
Features: about 120m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling wraparound windows, parking space, storage room, pet-friendly
Outgoings: body corp levy $9353/year
Outcome: sold for $970,000
Agents: Julie Prince & Diane Jackson

Isthmus east


One Three Cheshire, 13 Cheshire St, unit 303:
Features: 83m² internal, 8.45m² deck, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, tandem parking
Outgoings: body corp levy $5214/year
Outcome: passed in after vendor bids at $800,000 then $850,000, back on market with asking price of $1.189 million
Agent: Suzie Paine

Attribution: Auction.

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Bidders stay clear of office unit auction

The one property up for auction at Colliers yesterday, an office unit on Pitt St at the top of the cbd, failed to attract a bid.



29 Pitt St, unit 2:
Features: 170m² office unit, secure covered parking space
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Simon Felton & Tony Allsop

Attribution: Auction documents.

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Dozen sales for JLL

JLL agents have sold 11 commercial properties around Auckland and one in Palmerston North.


Learning Quarter

44E Anzac Avenue:
Features: 168m² office floor with apartment conversion potential, 2 parking spaces
Rent: $35,280/year net
Outcome: sold for $580,000 at a 6% yield
Agent: Jason Armstrong

Isthmus east


Knights Inn, 234 Green Lane West:
Features: 26-unit motel
Outcome: sold for $9.5 million
Buyer’s agents: Jason Armstrong & Jarred Hill

Isthmus west

Blockhouse Bay

552-554 Blockhouse Bay Rd:
Features: 2 shops of 50m² & 53m², leased to a hair salon & a Thai food takeaway
Rent: $44,240/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $911,000 at a 4.85% yield
Agent: Kevin Reardon

Grey Lynn

27 Nixon St:
Features: 455m² 2-level building, residential over ground-floor warehouse
Outcome: sold vacant for $2.2 million
Agents: Jason Armstrong & Alex Wefers

30a Pollen St:
Features: 377m² industrial unit – 306m² ground-floor warehouse, 70m² office & amenities, 4 parking spaces
Rent: $68,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.365 million at a 4.98% yield
Agents: Alex Wefers & Jarred Hill

60A Surrey Crescent:
Features: 147m² industrial unit, 4 parking spaces
Rent: $37,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $728,000 at a 5.08% yield
Agents: Alex Wefers & Jarred Hill

Mt Albert

43a Linwood Avenue, unit 7:
Features: 260m² vacant warehouse unit, 6 parking spaces
Outcome: sold for $750,000 at a 5.2% yield on market rent
Agent: Alex Wefers

Mt Eden

45A Normanby Rd:
Features: 582m² industrial unit – 385m² warehouse, 197m² office & amenities, 10 parking spaces
Outcome: sold vacant for $2.058 million
Agent: Ben Jamieson

23 Edwin St, unit G02:
Features: 105m² office unit, 4 parking spaces, new 3-year lease
Rent: $50,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.05 million at a 4.76% yield
Agent: Ben Jamieson


Mairangi Bay

17-19 Apollo Drive:
Features: vacant 13,008m² zoned general business
Outcome: sold on behalf of AUT, price confidential
Agents: Jason Armstrong & Dave Mayhew

41 Centorian Drive:
Features: 20,172m² of subdivisible residential land zoned mixed suburban, longtime home of medical publisher Adis International Ltd (more recently Springer Science+Business Media)
Outcome: sold, price confidential
Agents: Jason Armstrong & Dave Mayhew

South of the Bombays


Palmerston North

10-15 The Square:
Features: 1830m² of office & retail space
Outcome: sold, price confidential
Agent: Jason Armstrong

Attribution: Agency release.

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5 sales by Colliers

Colliers agents have sold a Victoria Park Market restaurant and a Rosedale office in Auckland. In the South Island, the agency has offices in Christchurch & Dunedin and a quake-damaged motel in Christchurch.


Victoria Quarter

Victoria Park Market, Drake St, unit 74:
Features: 268m² net lettable area, New York-style restaurant & bar, the Oak Room, on 6.5-year lease
Rent: $100,794/year + gst     
Outcome: sold for $1.3 million at a 7.8% yield
Agents: Adam White, Simon Felton, Gareth Fraser & Tony Allsop



9C William Pickering Drive:
Features: 377m² 2-level office     
Outcome: sold by private investor to owner-occupier Zen Connections Ltd for $1.395 million
Agents: Janet Marshall & Kerry Cook

South Island



49 Papanui Rd:
Features: quake-damaged former Adelphi motel, 1517m² site, 12 motel units & a manager’s unit
Outcome: sold at auction for $1.7 million on an “as is, where is” basis
Agents: Will Franks & Mark Macauley


7 Tennyson St:
Features: 2781m² site, 261m² retail, new 10-year lease to Restaurant Brands Ltd
Rent: $170,000/year net + gst     
Outcome: sold at auction for $3.215 million + gst at a 5.3% yield
Agents: Courtney Doig & Charlie Oscroft


ASB House, 248 Cumberland St, levels 1 & 2:
Outcome: sold for $2.825 million at a 7.6% yield
Agent: Dean Collins

Attribution: Agency release.

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Updated: Vincent St & First Imperial apartments sell

Published 8 November 2017, updated 12 November 2017:
A large unit in the converted former Beca building on Vincent St and a studio in the First Imperial on Hobson St sold under the hammer at City Sales’ auction of central city apartments today. The other 4 apartments on the auction list were passed in, 2 without a bid and one with an indicative bid for the vendor.

A CityZone unit has since been sold, price not disclosed.


Learning Quarter

The Quadrant, 10 Waterloo Quadrant, unit 913:
Features: 32m², one bedroom, deck
Outgoings: rates $1185/year including gst; body corp levy $3577/year
Income assessment: $440-460/week
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Maryanne Wong & Tina Bartlett


Updated: CityZone, 11 Liverpool St, unit 1808:
Features: 48m², 2 bedrooms, deck, parking space
Outgoings: rates $1396/year including gst for unit, $130/year including gst for parking; body corp levy $4392/year for unit, $781/year for parking
Income assessment: $450/week current
Outcome: passed in at $400,000, sold Thursday, price not disclosed
Agent: Iona Rodrigues

132 Vincent St, unit GH:
Features: 100m² internal, 13m² deck, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, tandem parking
Outgoings: rates $3194/year including gst for unit + parking; body corp levy $8977/year for unit + parking
Income assessment: $850-900/week
Outcome: sold for $1.13 million
Agent: Susan Frear

Victoria Quarter

First Imperial, 125A Hobson St, unit 1A:
Features: 32m², studio
Outgoings: rates $994/year including gst; body corp levy $2492/year
Outcome: sold for $210,000
Agent: Tanya Rotherham

Sugartree Centro, 145-147 Nelson St, unit 903:
Features: 52m² internal, 5m² balcony, one bedroom + flexi
Outgoings: rates $423/year including gst; body corp levy $2916/year
Income assessment: $530-550/week unfurnished, $580/week furnished
Outcome: sole bid from vendor at $450,000, passed in
Agents: Tina Bartlett & Anna Birkenhead


Viaduct Point, 125 Customs St West, unit 316:
Features: leasehold, 101m², 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 decks, parking space
Outgoings: rates $2279/year including gst; body corp levy $18,064/year including ground rent $9349/year
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Gabrielle Hoffmann & Nicola Hunt

Attribution: Auction.

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Precinct Properties targets future markets

Apart from confusion about whether to vote on director appointments by show of hands or by filling in paperwork, and uncertainty over what impact changes at Ports of Auckland might have, Precinct Properties NZ Ltd’s annual meeting yesterday was all forward progress.

The vote was an odd issue to get caught up in. When company chair Craig Stobo said the vote would be by hand, one shareholder asked: “Are you saying proxies don’t count?”

Shareholders Association representative Grant Diggle told Mr Stobo the association’s longstanding policy was to hold polls, for transparency, disclosure & good governance. Deputy chair Don Hulse – stepping in for Mr Stobo, who was one of 2 directors facing re-election – said the vote would proceed with a show of hands but, if shareholders demonstrated a strong desire for a poll, that would follow.

The vote was strongly in support of re-election and the poll was avoided. But, at another NZX-listed company meeting in the same building a few hours later, unitholders of the Vital Healthcare Property Trust voted by poll, the outcome was delayed, but nobody found it a problem.

Risk profile lowered, portfolio quality up

Mr Stobo said in his address to the meeting Precinct had reduced its risk profile as major developments were completed or passed construction milestones, and it was lifting portfolio quality.

Net profit after tax was up 17.3% to $162.1 million after achieving a revaluation gain of $77.5 million, and net tangible assets/share rose 6% to $1.24.

A bond offer, expected to be opened next week, will continue the company’s diversification of its funding sources. In September, Precinct raised $150 million of 4-year, fixed-rate subordinated convertible notes, reducing its gearing from 25% to 18%. Mr Stobo said both notes & bonds were capital management solutions which suited Precinct’s current strategy & opportunities: “It gives us the comfort of having the capital available to match our development commitments while ensuring that earnings are not diluted in the short term. Post-issue [of the notes], our committed gearing has reduced, supporting growth through a flexible funding option.”

Precinct reviewed its dividend policy last year, matching dividends with cashflow, as defined by adjusted funds from operations (AFFO), with the aim of producing a more transparent & sustainable dividend flow.

The company has indicated before that it expected dividends to rise as it advances its development programme. For the first quarter of the 2018 year, it’s lifted the dividend by 3.6% to 1.45c/share, and it expects to pay 5.8c for the full year (up from 5.6c), maintaining a 90% payout ratio.

100% occupancy

Chief executive Scott Pritchard presented a slide to the annual meeting to show the growth in portfolio occupancy, now 100%, and the weighted average lease term increasing to almost 9 years, then talked of how to improve performance further: “Precinct has always been a city centre specialist and we will continue to invest in high quality, strategically located office real estate. However, both the board & management believe that, to advance our position as a city centre specialist, considering a broader mix of real estate offers greater opportunity for Precinct to create value for shareholders.

“City centres around the world are enjoying a resurgence. We are taking advantage of this growth in a variety of ways. Commercial Bay is a great example, with Precinct developing a premium retail offering in the heart of the cbd. Fundamentally, we are growing in, and with, the cities we are part of.

“We have a clear strategy for creating vibrant environments with a broad retail, leisure and food & beverage offering. Our aim is to create precincts that our clients like working in, and that cbd residents, visitors & whole communities enjoy being in.”

Developing for the future

Perhaps one of the most important features of the strategy is to develop real estate for the future – a quite different view from developing property with an immediate cashflow in mind and extending it as long as you can.

“We currently have $900 million of developments which are underway and have identified a further $600 million development pipeline within our portfolio. This is a significant increase from 5 years ago, when the business had no development capability.

“…. Not only are our earnings growing, but we are also achieving a significant increase in portfolio quality. Achieving a positive result in all 3 measures [earnings, weighted average lease term as a result of development activity and the decline in the average age of the portfolio] is a great outcome and further reinforces the strength of our business.

“Our asset age has nearly halved, from 21 to 11 years. Along with an extended weighted average lease term & full occupancy, we have secured & advanced development in highly strategic locations. We have shifted more weighting to Auckland, which now accounts for 72% of our portfolio.

“Our focus on city centres, particularly Auckland, is very positive. With continued growth supported by key drivers such as net migration & tourism, we believe we are well placed to benefit from the city’s strong growth going forward.”

Commercial Bay at centre of change

Precinct’s biggest central city project is Commercial Bay, under construction between Queen, Customs, Albert & Quay Sts and above the rail tunnels into Britomart.

“Auckland is growing and this looks set to continue. And, like cities all around the world, it is seeing increasing centralisation. This slide illustrates the committed & forecast private & public investment in Auckland city. Most of the works are occurring in close proximity to Commercial Bay.

“A major focus for Precinct continues to be the extensive public regeneration which is set to occur on all streets surrounding Commercial Bay. Auckland is growing fast and billions of dollars are being invested in regional infrastructure such as the city rail link & new bus network. Of course, more recently there has been the commitment by New Zealand’s new government to a light rail system which will support Auckland city’s ongoing economic performance.

“Our research shows Auckland city centre population growth in 2016 was 17% and it is now growing 6 times faster than Auckland as a whole. With over 12,000 people moving to the city centre in the last 3 years, the population is already 15 years ahead of previous predictions of 45,000 people by 2032.”

As for Commercial Bay itself, Mr Pritchard said: “Having launched the project in 2015, we have gained an additional $88 million increase in the project’s value. Lease commitments have also increased to around 50% of the retail space and 66% of the office space. We are attracting leading corporate clients, and we are particularly pleased about the high quality of local & global retail & food brands choosing Commercial Bay. They will give Auckland a whole new retail & dining experience in the heart of the city.

“We are now forecasting a development profit for Commercial Bay of $213 million, reflecting a return on cost of 31%.

“Commercial Bay will include a range of food & beverage, including a communal dining offer designed by the legendary New York-based AvroKO, who are one of the world’s most respected names in hospitality design.

The name for this food offering is Harbour Eats, which is distinctively Kiwi, but AvroKO will bring the international flair. The 700-seat eatery will use plenty of natural greenery & foliage, making most of the open air atrium that will sit right at the waterfront location. This will be a truly world-class dining precinct.”

Wynyard Quarter

In the Wynyard Quarter, Precinct has completed stage 1 of its Innovation precinct: “The first stage of Wynyard consists of 2 buildings totalling around 13,000m² of office space. Achieving 100% occupancy upon completion of both buildings is a great result and we are delighted to see the development complete ahead of programme and consistent with budget. Precinct has achieved a development profit of 18%, or $16.2 million, on this project.

“Our involvement in this Innovation precinct shows how we are meeting different client needs in different ways, and our commitment to building strong partnerships. This is achieved through a joint venture with Panuku Development Auckland, an Auckland Council-controlled organisation, and on what is the last site left on Auckland’s waterfront.

“Our buildings here have a particular focus on sustainability & innovation. During the year, we acquired a 50% interest in Generator NZ Ltd, the co-working & shared office space provider. Quality co-working spaces are growing and are substantial businesses in cities around the world. We see the acquisition of a stake in Generator as being consistent with our strategic focus on building client relationships and increasing our service levels.

“This year Generator was also appointed by Ateed (Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development) to manage Grid AKL in the Innovation precinct, where it now operates almost 10,000m² of space and is leading an approach to co-working spaces we expect to see grow.”

Bowen Campus

In Wellington, Precinct’s Bowen Campus project is at the centre of a Government precinct: “As with Wynyard Quarter, we enjoyed both a revaluation uplift at Bowen and 100% leasing pre-commitment following the Crown exercising their right to lease the remaining vacant floors at the campus.

“The Kaikoura earthquake changed the fundamentals of the Wellington market, with many buildings still closed. With limited prime stock available, all research houses are predicting increased occupier demand. However, we too have been impacted following the earthquake, with Deloitte House being closed for a period and remaining largely unoccupied since it reopened in March. Investigations are continuing to be undertaken to try & identify the best solution for the property & its existing clients.”

Further opportunities 

Mr Pritchard said several more, attractive development opportunities available within its portfolio: “Our property at 1 Queen St is part of the Commercial Bay precinct and enjoys a prime waterfront location offering very good potential for further development as this whole area continues to grow.

“At Wynyard we have the option to develop 3 remaining sites covering 30,000m², and we are already in discussion with occupiers for stage 2, developing another 8000m².

“At Bowen Campus we can build a further 20,000m² of office space suitable for government & corporate occupiers.
“Each of these opportunities provides Precinct with feasible opportunities. We hope to commit to the second stage of Wynyard Quarter within the next year.”

Attribution: Annual meeting, presentation.

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