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About Bob Dey

Hi, I’m Bob Dey, director of Bob Dey Publishing Ltd, which established The Bob Dey Property Report at the end of 1999.

I”ve been based in Auckland for 39 years, and Auckland property is the website’s primary focus.

I’ve worked on numerous New Zealand newspapers since 1965 — the Otago Daily Times, Evening Star, Evening Post, Dominion, Hawke’s Bay Herald-Tribune, NZ Truth, Auckland Star, NZ Herald, National Business Review, Sunday Star, Sunday Times and their merged entity, the Sunday Star-Times, edited Auckland Business and Building News magazines. My writing also appeared for a time in the Southland Times, Christchurch Press and the Australian.

I’ve also worked for the ABC in Australia and briefly in London.

The first few pages of The Bob Dey Property Report scraped on to the internet just before Christmas 1999, with some blemishes, no reports but a page of links to other sites in the property industry.

It formed the basis of what was created in March 2000, a more professional-looking site intended to become required reading for anybody seriously interested in the property industry in Auckland, in the listed and syndicated property sectors, and in the economic environment for property investment.

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