Advertising in the footer spot of The Bob Dey Property Report

If you’ve clicked on this link around Sunday 23 April, you’ve arrived in test mode…. I’m checking ad dimensions, and also trying to change the position of the various features beneath stories…..

I’ve also been working on changes to the ad blocks in the left-hand column (that’s right, there’s only one block there at the moment).

I’ve wanted to brighten the left-hand column & the footer for a while, and had a few event & agency ads in the side column in the last couple of months. I’ve enjoyed seeing them there, and they’ve had quite positive reactions.

Now I’d like to see more of those types – short duration, maybe a week or 2, and either you replace that with a new promotion or somebody else comes in….

Email [email protected] or phone me on 021 894 858 to advertise.

When I first talked to a web designer, some years ago, about advertising, 2 issues arose. First, I was a journalist and that focus would continue to take precedence. Second, my designer believed the right-hand column in a 3-column page was the best place for ads.

You’d think, therefore, that I’d go with the designer’s expertise and support placing ads on the right. Nope. I saw news having a place down the centre of a page, larger ads (but not dominatingly large) on the left to capture your natural starting point, and a supporting column on the right that would contain a mixture of ads and a variety of other information.

The footer is a different story, and I think the original ad position is too far from the end of the story (or of the headings on the home & week pages). When I get it right, you’ll see it’s a worthwhile position to grab attention.

These ads appear right through the website, not just on the homepage. The spot will have 2 occupants, each appearing every second time somebody opens a page.

You must supply the image to appear, which ought to be a GIF or JPEG, probably revolving images but not flickering, up to 480 pixels wide by up to 130 deep (but I’m still working on the dimensions).

Email [email protected] or phone me on 021 894 858 to advertise.

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