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Planning consent, 17 May 2002:

Te Papapa, 331 Neilson St, the Auckland City Council planning fixtures sub-committee granted South Pacific Timber Ltd (Christopher & Katrina Vincent) resource consent to build an aluminium manufacturing & fabrication plant on a 2.74ha property zoned special purpose 3, which is set aside for railway use.

The committee granted non-notified hearing on 26 April, but deferred the resource consent determination because of the presence of landfill gas, consideration of whether the site should be remediated before building starts, clarification of lease terms and a statement that TranzRail consents to the land being used for a purpose other than the designated one.

The site’s part of the extended Southdown rail corridor, but consultant planner Andrew Wilkinson said the land was surplus to TranzRail requirements. TranzRail has granted the company a 41-year lease.

The committee accepted the safety of the site and TranzRail’s acceptance of the non-designated use.

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