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Devonport-Takapuna lists its projects for short & longer terms

Published 31 January 2011

The Devonport-Takapuna Local Board set out key objectives & activities for the year to June 2012 – plus longer-term plans – at a workshop on 13 January. They’ll go to the board’s meeting on Tuesday 1 February.

Key objectives & activities:

Development of the first local board planLocal engagement planTakapuna strategic framework precinct planning & district plan changesInput into the development of regional strategies, plans & policies, including the spatial plan

Advocating to the governing body on the following:

Development & improvement of the Devonport & Victoria WharvesDevelopment of a retail strategy for TakapunaDevelopment of a tourism strategy for DevonportDevelopment of plans for the third harbour crossing as a key strategic project of local significanceRepresentation from the Devonport-Takapuna community in the execution of regulatory responsibilitiesThe continued provision of contracted grants in the 2012-13 & subsequent yearsContinuation of support for the Takapuna Beach management plan and development of the National Ocean Water Sports Centre.

The board will monitor & support the continuation of the following projects that are in progress &/or have been budgeted for the 2011-12 financial year:

Implementation of projects contained within the Devonport masterplan (adopted 2006)Development of plans and funding for the Devonport libraryDevelopment/advancement of proposals for Torpedo Bay walkway between Takapuna & DevonportImprovement of the Huron St-Patuone walkway linkRelocation of the Takapuna Visitors Information Centre & public toilets, with subsequent demolition of the buildings on Hurstmere GreenImplementation of the Milford pedestrian bridge over the Wairau Estuary (subject to resource consent approval)Implementation of the Hurstmere Green improvement projectProgression of the Lake Pupuke weed control projectDevelopment of landside work to compliment a new Bayswater ferry terminalAdoption of the Fort Takapuna/Narrow Neck reserve management planImplementation of Queen’s Parade & Wynyard St pedestrian crossingCompletion of Ngataringa Park development planCompletion of the Memorial Drive entranceway & landscape planFurther implementation of the Devonport-Takapuna green recreational route (cycleway & pedestrian, with particular focus on the Northboro pipebridge improvements)Provision of permanent accommodation for Takapuna Grammar School rowing clubOngoing consultation & liaison with the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board with regard to the National Ocean Water Sports CentreMaintenance of all esplanade reserves throughout the Devonport-Takapuna areaOngoing implementation of the former North Shore City historic heritage strategyContinuation of the Milford–Takapuna beach walkway feasibility studyImplementation of minor improvements to Milford Town SquareFeature lighting on Takapuna Beach reserveFunding for area-wide noxious weed control & pest control.

In addition, the board said it would continue to monitor the application of asset management plans to ensure the proper & effective stewardship of public assets. Examples include but are not limited to the maintenance of coastal structures & parks & recreational reserves.

Advocacy to Auckland Transport on the following:

Development of an holistic transport plan for Devonport-Takapuna, accounting for the area’s unique geographical boundaries; the plan will place greater emphasis on bus priority provisions, buses & ferries, rail planning, car-pooling, walking & cycling, travel planning and people-oriented streetscape design, leading to less reliance on single-occupant car tripsCompletion of improvements to key routes such as Lake RdRenewal/improvement of the Stanley Bay ferry terminal & access roadAdvocacy for the development of Devonport WharfDevelopment of a new Bayswater ferry terminalImprovements to Taharoto Rd between Forest Hill & Shakespeare RCreation of a Kapiti Place-Sunnynook bus station linkRoad safety & urban design improvements to Bayswater Peninsula roadsContinued investigation of the Takapuna Wharf projectRoad safety review on Eversleigh & St Leonards Rds (Takapuna Grammar School)Pedestrian safety review of intersection of Victoria/Calliope RdReview of Albert Rd streetscape designCreation of an area-wide bus shelter & design projectImplementation of a Devonport Peninsula-wide travel planMaintenance of area-wide paper roadsInitiation of North Shore rail study, including Takapuna sub-regional centre connectionImplementation of area-wide bus priority measuresOngoing provision of streetscape planting.

The board proposes to undertake the following key initiatives in 2011-12 (these items haven’t been agreed with the governing body and aren’t included in the budget contained in this draft agreement):

Initiation of Milford centre strategic planning, including retail, transport & parking strategies, and advocacy for fundingImplementation of Quarry Lake recreation Improvements (subject to completion & acceptance of appropriate feasibility & risk assessment reports)Continuation of Sunnynook centre planning, prioritisation of projects and funding for project implementationFeasibility study to look at the renewal & upgrade of the Takapuna Aquatic Centre.

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Attribution: Board agenda, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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