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Rodney consent activity, November 2001

Transferable title rights application

Snells Beach, 22 Muncaster Rd (recipient site), Rodney District Council has notified the application of Russwich Trading Ltd (Keith Russell & Sharon Bloxwich) to subdivide four lots under transferable title rights provisions, using four lots at Matakana. Submissions close with the council on Monday 28 January.

Hearing decisions:

Muriwai Valley, 285 Muriwai Valley Rd, the committee declined the application by JW & MA Page to add a minor household unit to the 4ha site because of cumulative adverse effects on the fair & equitable provision of infrastructure, that the unit wouldn’t be ancillary to the main house, and it contravened all versions of the district plan.

Kumeu, 1 Hinau Rd, the committee granted consent to G Ross to subdivide 7.35ha into two lots of 4.42ha & 2.93ha because protection & enhancement of the site’s bush & gully area would improve its ecosystem, protect riparian wetland margins & prevent land degradation; the site was unsuitable for a full-time economically viable farming unit; and subdivision wouldn’t result in conflict with rural activities on adjoining sites.

Pine Valley, 601 Kahikatea Flat Rd, the committee declined the application by Works Infrastructure Ltd to establish & operate a cleanfill site for 36,000m³ of material over 10 years because the adverse effects of noise, dust & traffic safety matters couldn’t be satisfactorily mitigated, it would have andverse effect on the health & wellbeing of immediate neighbours, and the site wasn’t considered suitable for the type of wet & unstable material to be deposited there.

Dairy Flat, 385 Bawden Rd, the committee declined the application by G & C Arbuckle to subdivide 2.2ha into two lots of 1.95ha & 2600m², on the grounds that the effects on the rural character of the area and resulting potential cumulative effects would be more than minor, and the proposal was contrary to the objectives & policies of plan change 55. The proposal would have given separate titles to the principal dwelling and minor household unit already on the property.

Helensville, Wishart Rd, the hearings committee granted RA Auld consent to subdivide 51.5ha into eight lots. Among the reasons, it said the most appropriate use of the site was for rural-residential purposes, and this wouldn’t result in conflict between rural-residential and rural activities on adjoining sites.


Matakana, Sharp Rd, the appeal by CB & S Evens has been settled by consent order, based on an amended plan.

Matakana, Sharp Rd, a consent order is being considered to settle the appeal by Ian MacDonald.

Silverdale, 279 Spur Rd, the decision to grant B & BA Etherton consent to subdivide the propery has been appealed by RA & CA Leach.

Kaipara Flats, Tauhoa Rd, subdivision applicants TV & SS Drinnan have appealed the decision to decline consent.

Wainui, Haruru & Weranui Rds, the appeal by Wendy Thompson against the decision to decline consent for a 39-lot equestrian subdivision on 364ha was settled by consent order, on the basis of tabled conditions, with financial contributions to be used to upgrade Haruru Rd.

Notified hearings:

Riverhead, 66 Wake Rd, the council notified the application by Graham Walker to subdivide the property into three lots. The submission period runs through the holiday break, closing on Wednesday 16 January.

Taupaki, 299 Annandale Rd, the council notified the application by Thomas Henderson , to subdivide 21.6ha, creating two 1ha lots & protecting 2ha of wetland. The submission period runs through the holiday break, closing on Wednesday 16 January.

Woodcocks, Dennis Rd, the council notified the application by CJM Investments Ltd to create 15 rural residential lots at Monarch Downs, using transferable title rights from Dunlops Hill, Kaipara Flats. The submission period runs through the holiday break, closing on Tuesday 15 January.

Matakana, Matakana Rd, the committee decided to notify the application by Matakana Valley Estate Ltd for a subdivision.

Taupaki, 168 Amreins Rd, the council notified the application by Ronald Fowler to subdivide 8.9651ha into two lots of 1ha & 7.9651ha. Submissions close on 13 December.

Riverhead, 307 Riverhead Rd, the council notified the application by John King to subdivide 6.7ha in the rural 1 general rural zone into three titles. Submissions close on 13 December.

Warkworth, Wilson Rd, the council notified the application by Peter Zabell to build a jetty on the Mahurangi River. Submissions close on 13 December.

New Waiwera hotel/timeshare plan

A new proposal from John St Clair Brown went before Rodney District councillors on Friday to redevelop the Waiwera Hotel site (left, largely hidden from view but close to the neighbours), though Mr Brown is looking beyond the single-site proposal long-term.

It’s the third major proposal for a resort hotel at Waiwera since the listed Leisureland Corp (headed by Mr Brown) bought into the thermal pools town in the 1980s, and could cost $40-50 million.

But Mr Brown and his local planning consultant, former district councillor Ken Canton, took the hick-country-town approach to presentation, which could count against the proposal, or at least allow the councillors to impose onerous conditions.

Sketchy presentation

Against the millions of dollars of the potential project, Mr Brown’s Waiwera Resorts Ltd was able to present only a single artist’s aerial impression (right) of part of the proposal plus an artist’s sketch of a room design.

And when an environmental scientist not only questioned the absence of documentation but went so far as to suggest conditions that could be imposed to ensure a proper job is done, the answer seemed to be that the documentation existed — but was attached to previous consent applications.

There’s an issue in Rodney at the moment of expediency over wise planning. The new council has momentum towards growth for the district and has run three forums in the cause of growth, so it doesn’t want to be seen squashing projects that have obvious growth potential.

The councillors who heard the Waiwera application deferred their decision because more information was needed — such as the past documentation.

Post-haste consent for Bridge House work

But on another application, for resource consent to alter the historic Bridge House in Warkworth, the pressure was on to allow the work to proceed — because it had already started without consent, and the restaurant would close if work couldn’t proceed immediately.

Supported by the mayor, John Law, and opposed by the man who has a question about everything, Cllr Wayne Walker, the Bridge House consent went through — on a non-notified basis.

The Bridge House application by Daniel Baturic was a hurried addition to the agenda. Even later, the documentation arrived in the post on Saturday for another item seemingly added to the Friday agenda, a proposal to fell a line of about 60 macrocarpa & pines at Snells Beach.

Application for council’s own job also unjustifiably rushed

It needed to be dealt with urgently “because the trees are scheduled to be removed next week,” the council planner said in his report.

The fate of the trees has been discussed for at least a year, which makes the urgency of a consent application entirely false, and highlights especially bad council planning, because it’s a council application for consent and for non-notification.

The Bridge House consent is a good precedent for people who forget to organise their affairs — and council approval of a hastily produced application which didn’t even make the agenda, and this on a non-notified basis, would make an even better precedent for the downgrading of control in Rodney.

The council hearings committee advertised its starting time as 9.30am, with a straightforward matter to be dealt with at 9am and the Waiwera application at 9.30. The Warkworth one was listed down the agenda as a supplementary item, but actually started being heard before 9.30, while the Snells Beach application was also listed down the agenda, with no hearing time.

The stream of supplementary items added to committee agendas is a sure indication that nobody is in control of the process, which plenty of applicants will applaud.

2 November 2001


Coatesville, Robinson Rd, the appellant, Lyndale Holdings Ltd (Christopher Norton) has sold the quarry where a cleanfill & demolition material recycling operation are proposed, and the new owner, Lawson & Zambucka Ltd (Chris & Dolores Zambucka) wants to return to mediation.

Warkworth, Falls Rd & Wellsford, Wayby Station, the applicant, Paparoa Farmlands Ltd, (Peter Hull), submitters Joan Civil & the Southway trust and the council have agreed to a consent order on an amended scheme plan.

Paparoa Farmlands proposed forfeiting development opportunities at Wayby Station in 1999 in favour of developing a non-complying 54-lot subdivision at Falls Rd, Warkworth, which the council declined.

Algies Bay, Goodall Rd, the council granted Karl Nola consent in July 2000 for a non-complying subdivision creating seven lots on 22.6ha, with access across Conservation land. The Conservation Department appealed but has now negotiated acceptable conditions.

Notified applications:

Dairy Flat, 783 State Highway 17, application by Arthur Cummins to subdivide, submissions close Thursday 29 November.

Puhoi, 97 Saleyards Rd, application by Michael Peterson to subdivide, submissions close Thursday 29 November.

Snells Beach, 99 Hamilton Rd, application by John Hauser to create an additional 10ha site in a 48ha rural property subdivision for a vineyard, submissions close on Friday 9 November.

Delegated decisions:

Eastern ward

Gulf Harbour, 595 Laurie Southwick Parade, application by Cornerstone Gulf Harbour Trust (Rick Martin) for 41 residential units, approved 23 October.

Northern ward

Warkworth, 16 Elizabeth St, Bridge House, the hearings committee (chaired for this application by Cllr David Steele) granted applications by Daniel Baturic for non-notified hearing & resource consent to undertake alterations & additions at Bridge House, a listed protected building.

Interior demolition had already been carried out when the application was lodged and an urgent hearing was sought. The issue of notification was a contest between Cllr Wayne Walker and the mayor, John Law — Cllr Walker felt the application should be notified because the community at large took an interest in this building and hadn’t been consulted, while the mayor said he’d taken about 40 phone calls from people who were concerned about what had happened & the way it happened, but didn’t want the application notified if the work was going to benefit the building.

Waiwera, 15-17 Waiwera Rd, the hearings committee deferred a decision on the application of Waiwera Resorts Ltd (John Brown & Cliff Cook) to redevelop the Waiwera Hotel site for a 198-unit (99 residential unit titles) hotel, 944m² of conference rooms, 136m² of ancillary shops, restaurant and health & beauty suite, plus extensive pools & outdoor recreational area, with 222 basement parking spaces & 26 other parking spaces.

The proposal would cover a total 10,603m², the same as a 1989 proposal by Tyrannus Holdings Ltd but nearly 3000m² less than a proposal last year by Houghton Developments Ltd (John Houghton, who redeveloped the Hanmer Springs Lodge but has returned to Australia).

Council documents show a variety of company names involved in present and past proposals — Tyrranus, Houghton Development Ltd, John Houghton Development Ltd & Waiwera Resort Ltd, none of which is on the Companies Office register.

Submitters to the latest proposal are shown as having made submissions in 2000 to the Houghton proposal, which was materially different. Among the differences, apart from site area, the total floor areas were 19,547m² for Tyrannus, 19,291m² for Houghton and 19,054m² in the new proposal; total ground-floor footprint of 4230m² (Tyrannus), 4484m² (Houghton) and 4863m² (the new one), giving site coverage of 40% (Tyrannus), 35% (Houghton stage 1), 33% stage 2, but 46% under the new proposal.

Most of the submitters were happy with having a new development, but were concerned at issues of privacy, proximity to boundary, the size of the development and, in particular, the lack of parking in Waiwera, especially at times of heavy use of the neighbouring thermal pools complex.

Mr Brown now controls the hotel site, the hot pools complex and also the Waiwera camping ground, and has long-term plans to redevelop the whole lot into an integrated complex, though the ownership of each has different interests involved.

He told me the hotel project would cost $40-50 million, which would be met through a combination of timeshare unit sales, rental & sale of units. He expected units would sell for about $400,000.

The timeshare interest would be run through RCI (Resort Condominiums International LLC, which sells units of vacation time rather than a week in a specific resort).

Mr Brown said development would start this summer, assuming consent was granted, and would probably be spread over three stages.

It’s hard to see that consent would not be granted, given the zoning for tourist & entertainment activities, the fact that a consent continues to be held for the original Tyrannus proposal, the general acceptance of an improvement over the present hotel, the general setback of buildings from neighbours and the limiting to a 12m height for buildings nearest two groups of apartments, with a 15m height limit nearer the centre of the site.

One submitter, Carron Blom, an environmental scientist at Beca Carter and owner of a bach at Riverhaven, across Waiwera Rd from the hotel, presented a comprehensive submission which included numerous changes to proposed consent conditions.

She said there was insufficient assessment of environmental effects in the proposal, but Waiwera Resorts’ planning consultant, Ken Canton (a former Rodney District councillor), said many of these points were answered in documentation accompanying the previous proposals.

Mrs Blom also raised questions about the effect of displacing the present tavern use, and the expectation that it would be transferred across the road to Woodys restaurant, and posed an issue for the council — that, on granting consent for the hotel redevelopment, the council would upgrade Waiwera’s wastewater treatment plant.

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Rodney consent activity, August 2001

Delegated resource consent decisions:

Northern ward:

Pakiri, J Greenwood & Rodney Rds, application for one bush lot, one boundary relocation & one balance area, AGR & GM Bovaird, approved.

Matakana, Matakana Valley Rd, application to erect four-bay garage/workshop, TR Humphrey, approved.

Western ward:

Riverhead, 151 Old Railway Rd, application to build 10,000m² of glasshouses in three stages over five years, Sue Henry, approved.

Waitoki, 16 Quarry Rd, three boundary relocation lots, Waitoki Orchards, approved.

Riverhead, 880 Ridge Rd, three countryside living (rural) lots, E & J Uganecz, decision not to notify.

Eastern ward:

Orewa, 11 Moana Ave, application for additions & alterations to New World Supermarket (National Trading Co), approved.

Orewa, 304 Hibiscus Coast Highway, application to establish bar/café, Paul Bosley, approved.

Notified application:

State Highway 1, south of Te Hana, logging transfer facility, including grading and minor processing, from and to rail transportation, Rosewarne Land Holdings. Submissions close on Tuesday 11 September.

Eastern ward:

Whangaparaoa, 4 Link Crescent, consent for used car yard granted 18 July, reported to hearings committee 3 August.

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Rodney consent activity, September 2001

28 September 2001


Wharepapa, 1475 State Highway 16, proposal to establish a sand quarry for 10 years on about 8ha of a 40ha site next to the Woodhill forest and another sand quarry.

Serenella Holdings Ltd (Ponsonby lawyer Barry Hart) has appealed against the decision of the council on 22 August to decline consent because sites of significance to iwi wouldn’t be adequately protected, the potential for adverse effects on such sites hadn’t been adequately addressed, heavy traffic movements would significantly affect amenity values on a neighbouring property, the hearings committee wasn’t satisfied the benefit of sand extraction would outweigh adverse effects, and the proposal didn’t adequately avoid or mitigate adverse effects in respect of iwi cultural issues.

Serenella said in its notice of appeal the council had invalidly had regard to actual & potential effects on persons who had given written approval and agreed with the sand extraction proposal, there was insufficient & inadequate evidence that the site contained Maori heritage features, and the council had refused consent for a discretionary activity on the basis of matters which weren’t in the district plan and matters over which it hadn’t reserved a discretion.

Delegated decisions reported 28 September 2001

Northern ward:

Pakiri, Witten Rd, application by Damaris Investments Ltd (Kent Baigent & Lester Haycock) for a two-lot bush subdivision, approved.

Kaipara Hills Rd, application by C & Y Hadlow for a five-lot rural/residential subdivision, approved.

Kakanui, Kaipara Coast Highway, application by DM & MJ Gray for a five-lot rural subdivision, approved.

Sandspit, 52 Kauri Drive, application by RJ Didsbury to erect a double garage, approved.

Tawharanui Peninsula, 1018 Takatu Rd, application by Tokatu Holdings Ltd (Stephen Allbon, of John Spencer’s Clime Group, & Susan Allbon) for subdivision consent, decision to notify after councillor consultation.

Puhoi, 275 Ahuroa Rd, application by Puhoi Valley Cheese Co to build factory additions, approved non-notified after councillor consultation.

Western ward:

Ararimu Valley, 869 Peak Rd, application to subdivide by John Howarth Trust, decision made to notify.

Punganui, Kaipara Coast Highway, application by RG & IJ McCracken for five-lot rural subdivision, approved.

Wainui, 1556 Weranui Rd, application to subdivide into two lots, decision made to notify.

Kumeu, Access Rd, applications by Westland Property Services Ltd (now IMF Westland Ltd, Mark Gunton & Bryce Donne) for industrial boundary relocation & four-lot subdivision, both approved.

Woodhill, Hutchinson Rd, application by Stanley Phillips Trust for four-lot subdivision, approved.

Dairy Flat, 68 Horseshoe Bush Rd, application by S Brown family trust for boundary relocation, approved.

Eastern ward:

Manly, 4B Hurdlow Place, application by Calais Construction Ltd (Peter & Kay Breed) for comprehensive design subdivision, decision made to notify.

Hearing 28 September 2001

Dairy Flat, 36-38 Jeffs Rd, an application by Russell Malcolm to subdivide 2000m² around a minor dwelling on his 3.2ha property.

The council’s hearings committee agreed that an independent commissioner should hear Mr Malcolm’s application. It was heard by Commissioner Ken Graham, who reserved his decision.

Mr Malcolm has had a running battle with the council over his property, refusing in 1998 to pay the $23,500 “voluntary contribution” which the council demanded over a period of about three years when proposed plan change 62 (introducing a formula for developer levies) was caught by developer opposition over its impracticalities. The plan change has still not been introduced.

The council claimed payment of the “voluntary contribution” was not a requirement for a consent to be issued or a hearing to be held. Mr Malcolm said in a letter to the new council in May he eventually signed the contribution form because only by making such an offer would an application be considered.

However, his opposition to the levy and allegations of standover council tactics to enforce it have gone to the High Court.

End for minor dwellings

Meanwhile the council’s proposed district plan seeks to end the allowance for separate minor dwellings on rural titles and to provide separate titles for such dwellings, largely because the system had been abused. In that light, Mr Malcolm’s application conforms with council direction, though the application is for a non-complying activity under the existing plan, and non-complying under the new plan because the site is smaller than the minimum 1ha.

But there was still room for disagreement, because the council still wants to charge a range of levies — upgrading a rural road, cash in lieu of land for reserve & outstanding scheme plan processing fees — which Mr Malcolm disputed.

The rules for minor dwellings require that they be less than 65m², but the Malcolm building has 128m² on two levels, not all of it residential. The council granted resource & building consents for this oversize structure in 1996. Mr Malcolm and the council then entered a dispute over a lean-to carport, which was also unresolved.

Levy basis disputed

At Friday’s hearing, Mr Malcolm argued that there was no call for road or reserve levies because the council’s consultant planner, Nicola Sedgley, concluded the subdivision proposal was not contrary to the objectives & policies of relevant planning documents and did not create adverse effects that were more than minor.

This was because there would be no additional development. But the council still sought $4500 to upgrade Lower Jeffs Rd — which Mr Malcolm said the occupants would not use, and which he said the council had told the Environment Court would not be upgraded –and a levy for reserves at 7.5% of a new special valuation, plus gst.

This is an interesting call, because the planning report gives no indication that this valuation would be for the site before the additional building was erected. Hence, in this application, the council has made a bid for a developer levy based on the value of land where the use has been improved.

General basis, but no new effect

Ms Sedgley produced a case for this levy in a general paragraph on effects on infrastructure, where she said “development more intensive than that envisaged by the planning documents creates additional demand & adverse cumulative effects on infrastructure in the district… The conversion of a minor household unit to a primary dwelling usually results in an increased intensity of activity.

“It is understood that the applicant is not prepared to make a voluntary contribution. It is considered more appropriate to require contributions as calculated under the transitional provisions of the Resource Management Act which the council is entitled to take upon the subdivision of land.”

However Ms Sedgley then noted that the two Malcolm dwellings have independent septic tank systems, stormwater goes to an existing pond (a system which could be improved) and the roadway would not became less safe because there would be “limited additional traffic movements”.

She also noted that the proposal would be within the countryside living rural zone of the new district plan and that “the granting of subdivision around the existing dwelling would not lead to an intensification of development, and therefore the effect would be no different to the present situation.”

No council comment was offered on Mr Malcolm’s highlighting of that statement as a reason for no levy being charged.

Environment Court callover 28 September

Consent orders to be issued

Red Beach 69 Bay St, appeal by Ron Goodwin (general manager of Australian housing developer Wilbow Corporation’s NZ business, and formerly general manager of Universal Homes Ltd, in his private capacity as a neighbour) against neighbour Ian Carpenter’s application to remove two old houses and build two new ones.

Silverdale, Old State Highway 1, appeal by Auckland Regional Council against consent for Universal Homes Ltd to develop 28.19ha into 294 lots. The regional council appealed against the district council decision to grant consent, over concern at cumulative effects in the absence of detailed provisions in the district plan and a catchment management plan for the Silverdale North area, though the site is part of a wider area identified in the district council’s plan change 55 as a future urban expansion area.

Consent documents being prepared

Wainui, Harutu/Weranui Rds, appeal by June Thompson over 34-lot Kelly Park equestrian subdivision, which was opposed by the Auckland Regional Council on land productivity issues.

Hearing meeting

Wellsford, 17 Port Albert Rd, appeal by Dave Bell against decision to decline consent for a seven-lot subdivision on 16ha, meeting on hearing 7 October.


Kawau Island, Smeltinghouse Bay, appeal by Sir Roger Bhatnagar against the commissioner decision to decline consent for a boardwalk & jetty, originally extending 65.2m into the bay, modified to extend 46.5m.

Opahi Bay, application by GW James to subdivide two sections into four on the foreshore of the bay, at Mahurangi West.

Adjourned to next callover

North Shore aeropark, appeal by Pauanui Developments Ltd & Redvale Lime Co Ltd against refusal of consents for earthworks (Auckland Regional Council) & subdivision development (Rodney District Council).

Special council meeting Monday 17 September on Weiti Crossing, local government financing

Rodney District Council has called a special meeting for 9am Monday 17 September to discuss protocols for evaluating expressions of interest in the funding, design, construction, operation & maintenance of the proposed Weiti toll road.

The meeting will also consider a proposed submission to the local government & environment select committee on the Penlink (Weiti Crossing) legislation.

Also on the agenda is the Auckland region local bodies’ submission on the Local Government (Rating) Bill.

Hearings committee, 21 September 2001

Dairy Flat, Whiteway Farm, 844 State Highway 17, the committee will consider an application by Location Estates Ltd (Location Group Ltd, Mark Weipers & Roy Richardson) to subdivide 95.622ha into 63 cluster housing sites, access lots and a 71.85ha communal lot with a farm manger’s home. The property is 50m north-west of the Durey Rd intersection, between Redvale and Dairy Flat.

Planning consultant Barry MacDonell said in his report the application was non-complying, but that while it was contrary to the policies & objectives of the operative district plan, it was consistent with proposed plan change 55 and the proposed district plan 2000. He said the proposed density was consistent with that envisaged for the proposed countryside living rural zone, and he recommended consent be granted, subject to conditions.

The Auckland Regional Council has lodged notice of opposition to the proposal. The regional council has also determined that applications for consents for sediment control, works in a watercourse, discharge & diversion of stormwater, and to dam water, can be dealt with on a non-notified basis, so a joint hearing doesn’t need to be held.

Pakiri catchment plan

Pakiri Farms Trust Ltd (Roko Urlich, Whangarei, represented onsite by Greg Davison) made an application for urgent consideration on 14 August of its proposal to relocate nine lots on its 173.7ha site on Pakiri Rd, Pakiri, by way of boundary relocation, protection of an area of significant bush and to have more than five lots serviced off a private access with steeper gradients than the maximum stated by the council.

On 24 August (see below), councillors decided the Pakiri Farms application should be notified.

A scheme plan has been lodged for the subdivision, which could ultimately have 30 lots down to a minimum 2ha.

At the council’s works & services committee’s meeting on 12 September, senior sewerage & refuse planning engineer Andrew McGregor said the developer believed Pakiri village’s septic tank sewerage systems were malfunctioning, creating pollution in water tables around the village and Pakiri Stream, and inhibiting investment in village properties.

Pakiri Farms wants to develop an exclusive large-lot subdivision incorporating a golfcourse and health club next to the village.

The developer has offered to let existing village properties connect to the package sewerage treatment plant proposed for the development and for the council to facilitate this.

The council’s environmental health officers at Warkworth said they had had no complaints from Pakiri residents about septic pollution.

The council committee resolved to carry out a sanitary survey of village properties for a report back to the committee within three months, and resolved that the council should establish the need for a stormwater catchment plan for the development proposal.

Empowering bill

Penlink toll road (Weiti Crossing), the local bill for the Weiti toll road was introduced into Parliament on 8 August and has been referred to the local government & environment select committee. Submissions on the bill close on 20 September.

The district council is also making provision to alleviate congestion on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula if there is no Weiti toll road, which the previous council studiously avoided doing. The new council agreed at its meeting on 30 August that a project brief be prepared to study options.

Delegated decisions reported 14 September

Eastern ward:

Stanmore Bay, Karepiro Drive, consent for RNV Holdings Ltd (Nigel Varey & Vic Cameron) to build three warehouse/showrooms.

Hearing, 24 August:

Coatesville, 76 Wake Rd, application by K & J Walker to subdivide 4.21ha into two lots of 1.2564ha & 2.9528ha , countryside living rural, was granted on grounds that the site was of unsuitable gradient to be used for horticulture or cropping and was too small to be used as an economic pastoral farm, intensive farming unit or forestry unit; the site’s most appropriate use was for rural-residential purposes; subdivision would not result in conflict between rural-residential development and rural activities on adjoining sites; and potential adverse environmental effects would not be more than minor.

Pakiri, Pakiri Rd, application by Pakiri Farms Trust Ltd (Roko Urlich, Whangarei) to relocate nine lots by boundary relocation, protect an area of significant native bush to create the relocation, and to have more than five lots off a private access with gradients steeper than stated maximum grades, on a 173.7ha general rural site.

The council’s hearings committee decided the application should be notified. It wasn’t satisfied the effects of the subdivision would be minor and, in particular, owing to potential instability, adverse effects could occur with respect to stormwater & sewage disposal.

Neighbours who might be adversely affected had not given their written approval.

Although the committee said the bush protection was very desirable, it found the concept of the subdivision might be contrary to the policies of plan change 55 and the proposed district plan, which protect general rural land from this type of subdivision. “It is appropriate in this circumstance that the application is subject to public scrutiny,” the committee said.

Kaipara Flats, Tauhoa Rd, application by JV & SS Drinnan to create three more rural residential sites on the 81.2970ha property was declined.

The property is zoned rural 1 now and general rural in the proposed district plan and Rodney’s plan change 55.

The hearings committee found the proposal was contrary to the policies of the general rural zone controlling subdivision, it would reduce the productive capacity of rural land, the area being covenanted was insufficient, particularly in relation to the provisions of proposed plan change 55, and the adverse environmental effects would be more than minor.

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Rodney consent activity, March 2002


Silverdale, 2076 East Coast Rd, application by Snowstar Group Ltd (Eduard Ebbinge & Alistair Yates) to establish & operate a ski-slope entertainment facility.

It will have an indoor snowsport arena with associated facilities that include an alpine-theme restaurant & bar, conference facilities & lifestyle retailing designed to accommodate up to 550 people at a time. Submissions close with the Rodney District Council on Thursday 19 September.

The site is on a newly rezoned strip of land between the Silverdale exit of State Highway 1 and the East Coast Rd junction, with the entrance above a golf driving range and new King’s Plant Barn and Fruit World retail outlets. A separate go-kart rink is under construction by the motorway exit.

The property, across the road from the Silverdale Rugby Club and a short distance south of Silverdale village, is among numerous properties between Silverdale & Orewa likely to undergo significant change in the short term.

Silverdale North catchment plan

The district council has just advertised a public display for its Silverdale North stormwater management solutions and catchment plan, for the area north of Wainui Rd, west to the highway & up to the Orewa River.

At the instigation of mayor John Law, and following a series of council-run forums on increasing the mainly rural district’s wealth from other sources, the Silverdale North catchment has been designed to take a major technology park on its western side, as well as more intensive housing on the eastern side.

The council is seeking comment on the catchment plan by Friday 6 September.

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Rodney consent activity, October 2001

Delegated decisions, 26 October

Western ward:

Tahekeroa, Tahekeroa Rd, application by GA Tyler-Davies Holdings Ltd for 15 rural lots, approved 16 October.

Eastern ward:

Silverdale, 51 Hibiscus Coast Highway (State Highway 1), application by GK Smith to create five more residential lots, approved 16 October.

Delegated decisions, 19 October

Northern ward:

Matakana, 988 Matakana Rd, application by EW Bell to subdivide three lots, approved 9 October.

Warkworth, 67 Auckland Road (State Highway 1), application by Grange garden centre to build/operate garden centre & café, approved 3 October.

Hearing, 5 & 8 October

Pt Wells, 293 Pt Wells Rd, the committee granted M Somerville consent to develop a 14-unit tourist lodge, café, craft & produce shop.

Tomarata, Cemetery Rd, the committee granted the application of Mangawhai Park Truffiere Ltd (Timothy Archibald) for a farm park subdivision incorporating 25 rural-residential lots, seven truffiere lots, two bush/pastoral lots, an equestrian lot, a visitor accommodation lot and various access lots on a 191.6ha property.

Hearing, 21 September

Dairy Flat, 844 State highway 17, the committee granted the application by Location Estates Ltd (Roy Richardson & Mark Weipers) to subdivide 95.6ha into 63 cluster housing sites in two stages, with a 71.85ha communal lot, but wasn’t satisfied it was practical to make it a gated community, particularly for access for emergency services & commercial vehicles. It determined the private road should be available for public use at all times.

Pakiri sand dredging

Rodney District Council’s environment committee voted on 17 October to lend council support to Pakiri resident Greg McDonald’s appeal against suction sand dredging off Pakiri Beach, after noting that “the council is opposed in general & in principle to suction sand dredging.” Cllr Rob Thompson, chairman of the economic development committee, voted against this note. The committee went on to agree that deputy mayor Christine Rose should write to Conservation Minister Sandra Lee on the committee’s behalf, telling her of the committee’s concerns.

Malcolm decision omits fee rationale

Dairy Flat, Jeffs Rd, independent planning commissioner Ken Graham has ruled in favour of Dairy Flat real estate agent Russell Malcolm in his application to subdivide 3.2ha to create a separate 2000m² lot round a minor dwelling, and has come up with a reduced fee scale.

Mr Malcolm said at the hearing on 28 September Mr Malcolm there was no call for road or reserve levies because the council’s consultant planner, Nicola Sedgley, concluded the subdivision proposal was not contrary to the objectives & policies of relevant planning documents and did not create adverse effects that were more than minor.

Previous story (in Rodney consent activity report for September): Malcolm disputes levy basis at subdivision hearing

This was because there would be no additional development. But the council still sought $4500 to upgrade Lower Jeffs Rd — which Mr Malcolm said the occupants would not use, and which he said the council had told the Environment Court would not be upgraded –and a levy for reserves at 7.5% of a new special valuation, plus gst.

Mr Graham ruled that neither of the new lots could have a minor dwelling built on them. On fees, he ruled Mr Malcolm must pay $2425, including gst, “towards the cost of upgrading the local roading network… This payment has been reduced to 40% of the value usually required for road upgrading for a subdivision based on the existing minor household unit.”

Mr Graham cut the reserves levy to 3%, saying “this amount is 40% of the value usually required due to the recognition of the existing level of use of reserves already generated by the existing minor household unit.”

Mr Malcolm has strenuously opposed payment of levies to the district council on a supposedly voluntary basis, alleging the basis is not remotely voluntary.

The latest levy is based on increased use, although no change has been made to the occupation of either dwelling. The rationale for the charge in those circumstances is not explained in the brief decision.

Community committee, 4 October 2001

The committee altered the Orewa reserve management plan to allow the Orewa Surf Lifesaving Club to open its existing licensed restaurant to the public, with a review in 12 months. The restaurant operation is contracted out, but if a commercial enterprise leases the restaurant the club will have to pay commercial rent & rates for the leased area, versus no payment now.

The long-running dispute continues between property investor Randolf Baxter & his wife Julie, and Omaha/Matakana restaurant & property owner Daniel Baturic over Mr Baturic’s desire to set up a shop next to the Omaha Surf Lifesaving Club, on the William Fraser reserve at Omaha. The committee deferred its decision for a month to get more information from the forward planning department and to make a site visit.

Hearings committee 21 September 2001

Dairy Flat, 1602 State Highway 17, the committee declined an application by R O’Flaherty for separate title for 2ha around an existing minor dwelling on a 3.56ha property. The committee said the subdivision design didn’t provide for future effective use of the land or its wet character, in terms of productive activities or future subdivisions.

The committee also found there would be cumulative effects on productive potential and the character of the rural zone because the proposal wasn’t different enough from any other proposal to subdivide a minor dwelling.

Dairy Flat, 294 Blackbridge Rd, the applicant, Aquita Developments Ltd, has appealed the district council’s decision to charge a $1/m³ (solid) royalty on material taken to the 13.8ha site, to be used on maintaining & improving Blackbridge Rd. Aquita wants to deposit 250,000m³ of clean fill over five years.

In its notice of appeal, Aquita said the council didn’t specify the improvements for which the levy was required, effectively sought to impose a tax without authority to do so and without taking into account the impact of road user charges on every vehicle visiting the site, and couldn’t justify the charge because it bore no relation to any perceived impact.

Finally, Aquita’s lawyer Alex Witten-Hannah said, if the road wasn’t adequate to carry the traffic, the council should have anticipated the landfilling activity (which was contemplated in the district plan) when it approved recent upgrading.

District plan submissions

Rodney District Council’s district plan committee will consider a proposal on Thursday to accept all 66 late submissions, on top of the 1175 received in time. Fifty of the late ones arrived in the next two business days after the 30 June cutoff. The council will also rely on more than the public notice process to tell people about possible changes that might affect them, writing directly to some affected people and informing people of their rights to respond to submissions.

Septic tanks

Rodney District Council’s environment committee will get a report on the feasibility of instituting a compulsory scheme for periodically pumping out septic tanks.

Stanmore Bay motel

Stanmore Bay, 13 Vipond Rd, an application to build a 20-unit motel with manager’s accommodation has been made by Phillip John Gilmour. Submissions close with the Rodney District Council on Wednesday 7 November.

Hearing, 12 October

Helensville, Wishart Rd, application by Ross Auld to subdivide 51.4737ha into eight lots. Council planner Devon Brown said in his report the area south-east of Helensville had been rezoned from rural 1 to countryside living town under proposed plan change 55 and the proposed district plan, reflecting the changing land tenure pattern, demand for lifestyle blocks in the area.

The block north of this site is subject to the Helensville structure plan and is to be rezoned to future urban, where medium-intensity residential development is proposed alongside countryside living town sites on steeper areas.

Mr Brown said the structure plan envisaged 1000 residential units within the locality to accommodate the projected residential demand over the next 20 years, so this subdivision on the periphery was appropriate.

Two neighbours opposing the development said the five smallest lots were clustered round their property.

Appeal settlements

Rodney District Council’s hearings committee will consider proposals next Friday for subdivision changes enabling settlement of appeals against the previous refusal of consent, both at Matakana:

Matakana, Sharp Rd, an amended proposal by Chris Evens includes areas of wetland enhancement planting, which planning consultant Burnette O’Connor said would go some way to addressing subdivision effects.

The proposal to create two lots of 23.4ha & 11.9ha on a 35.35ha site was originally declined because it would erode the rural productive base.

This site and the adjoining MacDonald appeal site (below) are next to the Heron’s Flight vineyard & café. Across the tidal creek to the north-east is the new subdivision down Oak River Drive on the Russek property, containing 13 rural/residential lots. Also on Sharp Rd is the Monarch Downs rural/residential subdivision, where the aim is to continue production. The eastern side at the southern end of Sharp Rd has been zoned low-intensity residential.

“This area is changing in character and there are a high proportion of rural/residential sites in this immediate locality.

“Given the recent Court of Appeal decisions on the Dye & Arrigato subdivisions it is recommended that this appeal be settled by way of consent order as the adverse effects on the environment resulting from the proposal would be difficult to quantify & argue in the Environment Court,” Ms O’Connor said in her report.

Matakana, Sharp Rd, the original proposal by Ian MacDonald was to create two lots of 4.3ha & 4.58ha, which the council rejected. The revised proposal is for lots of 6.3ha around the existing dwelling & 2.45ha, with an esplanade reserve between the second lot and the tidal creek.


Kaipara Flats, Tauhoa Rd, the council declined an application on 3 September from JV & SS Drinnan to create three additional rural/residential lots on their 81.3ha property, on grounds that it would reduce rural productive capacity and the covenanted area was insufficient. The Drinnans have appealed.

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Rodney consent activity, December 2001

6 December 2001

Notified applications

Orewa, 106 Grand Drive, on an intersection at the north of Orewa where the temporary State Highway 1 enters the township, application by Kathleen Cooper to subdivide 1.44ha into three lots. The property is zoned rural now, but future urban under the proposed district plan. Submissions close on 28 January 2002.


Dairy Flat, 844 State Highway 17 (Whyteways Farm), Stephen & Jacqueline Bolton have appealed the council’s decision to grant Location Estates Ltd (Roy Richardson & Mark Weipers) consent for a 72ha rural residential development containing 63 cluster houses and a large communal lot. The Boltons say in their appeal some of the houses will be too close to the highway, sewage/stormwater disposal will be inadequate, rural character will be lost by creation of a rural village and the balance land might be subdivided later.

Dairy Flat, 149 Austin Rd, a draft consent order has been prepared on the application of B & S Harricks against refusal of consent for five new titles varying from 2-5.09ha. The Harricks are now proposing three lots of 4.5ha, 5.09ha & 6.59ha.

Kaipara Flats, Tauhoa Rd, the hearings committee is considering a consent order to settle the appeal by JV & SS Drinnan, who wanted to add three rural residential lots. The reporting planner had recommended consent, and planning consultant Lesley Jenkins said this could make it hard for the council to appoint a planner who would support the council’s decision.

Matakana, 14 Anderson Rd, the hearings committee found no evidence of how a proposed 6182m² subdivision round the heritage Appletree Cottage would help improve & manage the cottage. The applicant, JR Lockwood, proposes creating a separate 1.114ha lot. Again the reporting planner recommended granting consent. The committee is considering settling by consent.

Port Albert, 917 Port Albert Rd, the committee has scheduled a site visit to help consider a request for settlement by DA Bell of his appeal against refusal of consent to subdivide 16.04ha into eight rural residential lots.

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Rodney consent activity, January 2002

Hotel company alleges Waiwera redevelopment conditions outside council powers

Waiwera Resorts (John St Clair Brown & Cliff Cook) alleges Rodney District Council’s hearings committee acted outside its powers in a number of respects when it granted consent — with 40 conditions — to a new plan to redevelop the Waiwera Hotel site. (Waiwera hearing story)

The hotel company has appealed against many of the conditions, including one imposing a requirement for far more parking than was sought — or, if that condition can’t be met, scaling down the project — another requiring the hotel provide onsite parking for three buses, and another requiring a 5m easement to the beach which isn’t designed to discourage the public from using it.

As with many of the Rodney appeals, mediation is under way.

Appeals, mediation

Algies Bay, Goodall Rd, application by Karl Nola to create 7 lots on 22.6ha, with access across Conservation land. The Conservation Department’s appeal was settled on 14 December through a transfer of land.

Orewa, 9-15 Tamariki Ave, Judge Lawrie Newhook granted consent in the Environment Court on 10 December 2001 for Gillespie Property Group Ltd (Ian Gillespie)’s apartment development proposal with some amendments, including one providing for one parking space/every 25m² of gross retail floor area, one space/36m² gross office floor area and 2 spaces/each residential unit. Gillespie has sold the site to Cornerstone Group Ltd (Rick Martin) which has changed the design for its 147-unit, 12-storey development. The National Trading Co (Foodstuffs) had appealed over parking provision.

Riverhead, 45 Croft Lane, appeal by applicants Jim & Jean Mathieson against council decision on 27 November 2001 rejecting subdivision of 5.13ha lot. The council said the proposal had the potential to generate adverse effects, including creating further rural-residential development in a general rural activity area, and potentially resulting in conflicting land uses & residents’ expectations. The parties are in mediation.

Kumeu, 140 Hanham Rd, appeal by applicants Shona & Michael Jurlina against refusal of proposed subdivision of 9.9334ha in two, with 2ha cut off, and protection & revegetation of bush & wetland areas. The parties are in mediation.

Waiwera, 15-17 Waiwera Rd, the council granted consent on 23 November 2001 to Waiwera Resorts Ltd (John St Clair Brown & Cliff Cook) to redevelop the Waiwera Hotel site for a 198-unit (99 residential unit titles) hotel, 944m² of conference rooms, 136m² of ancillary shops, restaurant and health & beauty suite, plus extensive pools & outdoor recreational area. Waiwera Resorts designed it with 222 basement parking spaces and 26 other parking spaces.

The company has appealed the consent, objecting to 17 conditions and alleging 11 of them are outside the powers of the council.

In particular, the council required parking for 395 vehicles, and said that if that number couldn’t be provided onsite, the scale & nature of the project would have to be reduced. For example, the council said, fewer parking spaces could be required if there were no conference facilities. The council also required onsite parking for 3 buses, one of the allegedly ultra vires conditions.

Among other allegedly ultra vires conditions, the council required a 5m-strip easement for public beach access — without fences or structures that would discourage or prevent public access to the area or reduce the open character of the beachfront — and required that, before construction, design plans be submitted for approval showing the design, form, appearance, building materials & finished colour of buildings. The council also required that buildings “shall be sympathetic with the surrounding coastal environment.”

Negotiations are continuing.

Matakana, 14 Anderson Rd, appeal by James Lockwood against refusal of consent to subdivide 6182m² round a registered historic building to create a 1.114ha rural-residential lot. The council expects an Environment Court request for mediation.

Port Albert, 917 Port Albert Rd, appeal by David Bell against council refusal of consent for an 8-lot rural-residential subdivision on 16.04ha for the purpose of small-lot farming. The council hearings committee has rejected settlement by consent order and wants the case set down formally before the Environment Court.

Delegated decisions, 25 January

Northern ward:

Wayby Valley, Whangaripo Valley Rd, application by Carter Holt Harvey Forests Ltd for booundary relocation between 9 sites in general rural zone, approved 13 December.

Sandspit, 52 Kauri Drive, application by G4 Properties Ltd (Richard Didsbury & Ross Green of Kiwi Income Property Trust) for boundary relocation between 5 sites in the east coast rural zone, approved 13 December.

Sandspit, Brick Bay Drive, application by Norterra Rural Resources Ltd (Bruce McCallum) to establish 21 more low intensity residential lots, approved 21 December.

Western ward:

Waitoki, Field Lane, application by Philip Grainger to establish a rural-residential site instead of preserving native bush, approved after councillor consultation 24 December.

Te Pua, 44 Rimmer Rd, application by Ian Stanley Broxton for non-complying 2-lot subdivision, decision to notify 21 December.

Kumeu, 10 Shamrock Drive, application by Gurney family trust to establish a showroom within the industrial zone, approved 10 January.

Eastern ward:

Stillwater, 167 Spur Rd, application by SH Chan to import 2000m³ of earth, approved 13 December.

Gulf Harbour, Alec Craig way, application by Gulf Corp Marketing Ltd (Jamie Peters) for an integrated development containing 27 residential lots & dwellings, approved 14 December.

Orewa, 70A Grand Drive, application by Jadco Investments Ltd (John Hayes Hamilton ) for retrospective consent for retail activities established in 2001 and to establish other retail activities, approved 13 December.

Dairy Flat, 1835 East Coast Rd, application by LP England to import 1000m³ of cleanfill, approved 18 December.

Silverdale, 130 Foundry Rd, application by Martin Spencer & Associates Holdings Ltd (Martin Berridge Spencer) to fill an old limestone quarry with 7000m³ of clean clay fill, approved 18 December.


State Highway 1, Pohuehue, application by Papillon Investments Ltd (James Lockwood, Kaipara Hills) for a 30-lot forestry farm park subdivision. Submissions close with the Rodney District Council on Friday 15 February.

Coatesville, 442 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, application by James McIntyre to subdivide one lot into four. Submissions close with the council on Friday 22 February.

Stillwater, Newman Rd, application by Christine Sherson to subdivide 6.4999m² into three lots of 1ha, 2.9ha & 2.5ha. Submissions close with the council on Friday 15 February.

Stanmore Bay, 65 Scott Rd, application by Kim Haley-George to subdivide a lot in the low intensity residential activity area (landscape policy) into three residential lots. Submissions close with the council on Wednesday 13 February.

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Rodney consent activity, March 2002

Delegated decisions:

Western ward:

Riverhead, 160 Lloyd Rd, consent granted to Jonkers Family Trust for extra 25 countryside-living rural lots, approved 13 March after councillor consultation.

Eastern ward:

Stanmore Bay, 67 Elan Place, consent to Coastal Properties Ltd for 6 more lots in high-density zone, approved 11 March.

Arkles Bay, Hawaiian Parade, consent to Wilbow Corp NZ Ltd (Ron Goodwin) for 31 more residential lots, approved 11 March after councillor consultation.

ARC appeals

Auckland Regional Council’s strategic planning committee endorsed an appeal filed against a Rodney District Council consent for the Lynmac Developments Ltd subdivision of 4ha at Kumeu into 24 lots (click here to see separate story).

Abatement notices are being discussed to stop development until a better revegetation rate occurs on the Arrigato site above Pakiri Beach (click here to see separate story).

ARC to oppose motorway service centre

The Auckland Regional Council has decided to oppose BP Oil Ltd’s application to establish a motorway service centre near the North Shore airfield runway at Dairy Flat.

Transit NZ has been working on the proposal for the new section of State Highway 1 between Greville Rd & Silverdale for 2 years, and awarded BP the tender to build & operate the centre.

Senior regional council planning officer Geoff Winn said the council wasn’t opposed to a service centre in the Dairy Flat area, but was concerned that the preferred site adjoined the airfield & was within the crash zone of the cross-wind runway. He said it was 70m from the runway centreline.

The Civil Aviation Authority told the council last August that if development impacted on the safe operation of aircraft, restrictions could be imposed on use of the aerodrome under civil aviation rules.

Rodney District Council has now notified a land-use application from BP for the proposed centre. BP also has several applications into the regional council relating to the development relating to wastewater disposal, diversion & discharge of stormwater, works within a watercourse, and earthworks & sediment control. The 2 councils would hold a joint hearing on all the applications.

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Rodney consent activity, June 2002

Mayor says plan change 62 contribution average should be $12,000/section

Rodney mayor John Law told a submitter at the district council’s annual plan meeting at Helensville the final equations for financial contributions required under plan change 62 would be put to the developers’ group soon. The mayor said the average contribution for a section was likely to be about $12,000.

Village centre proposed for Waimauku

Waimauku village landowners John & Alison Nealie want an ecologically sustainable village centre established on commercially zoned land they own . Mr Nealie told the district council’s annual plan meeting at Helensville the council should contribute $30,000 for community consultation, an engineering feasibility study & concept design development, and he produced a schedule of stages for the proposal.

Consultation on strategy for Rodney’s economy

Rodney District Council launched a strategy for the district’s economy on 18 April, at the fifth in a series of forums, and has embarked on a consultation process on how it should be implemented. Submissions open with the council on Thursday 20 June and close on Wednesday 24 July.

Cllr Walker removed from hearings committee

Rodney District Council resolved at a special meeting on 10 June that Cllr Wayne Walker be removed from the council’s hearings committee and that he not participate in the decisionmaking process for the council’s 2003 annual plan relating to those topics raised in the eastern ward for which it has been determined that Cllr Walker wrote a submission under the name of a ratepayers’ association’s chairman, Winsbury White. The council also decided to establish a set of protocols for councillors on bias, predetermination & conflict of interest, and incorporating the responses received on those matters from the auditor-general.


Dairy Flat, 34 Worsnop Way, application by Lakes Golf Course Ltd (Michael Rosser & Desmond Sowden) to establish a golfcourse & driving range. Submissions close on Tuesday 9 July. Mr Rosser is also a director of Creative Education Ltd, Huddleston & Rosser Ltd and Fisher Furniture Ltd, and was a director of Fisher International Ltd. Mr Sowden is a director of Quantum Café Ltd, Combi Sales Ltd, Pipi Nominees Ltd and Performance Group Ltd.

Waimauku, 43 Muriwai Rd, application by John Stuart Francis to subdivide the property into 19 residential sites. Submissions close on Thursday 11 July.

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Rodney consent activity & strategy, October 2002

Council sticks with sewerage option

Update, 24 October 2002: Rodney District Council voted 8-3 today in favour of the $29.6 million sewerage option 2 for the Hibiscus Coast, which will pipe Orewa sewage along the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, as well as that from the peninsula. The council had voted 6-5 on 10 October to review its previous decision in favour of the same option.

OK for Snow Planet

Update, 24 October 2002: The Rodney hearings committee granted Snowstar Group Ltd consent for its indoor snowsports arena, to be called Snow Planet.

Plan change 62 back in court

Rodney District Council’s long-running battle to get a developer-levy formula in place, through plan change 62 to its existing district plan, will go to a hearing in the Environment Court on 18 November after the breakdown of negotiations.

ARC submissions:

Warkworth, 37 View Rd, application by Westwinds Developments Ltd to subdivide 4ha into 16 residential lots, 2 private access lots, 2 public reserves, an accessway & roadway. An Auckland Regional Council submission opposing the project went before the regional council’s strategic policy committee for endorsement on Tuesday.

The property falls into 3 zones in Rodney’s proposed district plan — future urban, general rural & open space 1.

The regional council said the proposal was contrary to both the regional & district planning strategies. The regional policy statement, in chapter 2, required that a structure plan be undertaken for areas of new development.

In this case, only some sites would be provided with sewer connections, and Westwinds hadn’t demonstrated that adverse environmental effects would be comprehensively managed.

In a submission similar to those the regional council has run where other developments have been proposed ahead of the completion of structure & catchment plans, this one said that until the Warkworth structure plan was incorporated into the Rodney district plan (hearings are about to start on the proposed new district plan), “both the structure plan process and the sector agreement will be potentially compromised by the premature approval of large & medium-lot residential development within the area.

“Moreover, the proposal is unable to be addressed in the context of an agreed catchment management plan and fails to address catchment issues relating to infrastructure, in particular those relating to stormwater. This proposal raises similar issues to a recent similar proposal in McKinney Rd, Warkworth, which was declined by Rodney District Council.”

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Silverdale, East Coast Rd, Rodney District Council’s hearings committee reserved its decision on Friday on the application of Snowstar Group Ltd to establish & operate an indoor snowsport arena (to be called Snow Planet) with associated facilities including a restaurant, bar, conference facilities & lifestyle retailing.

Council strategy:

Rodney District Council voted 6-5 on Thursday to review its decision to pipe all Hibiscus Coast sewage in a raw state to Army Bay, at the end of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. At present it pipes peninsula sewage there for treatment. The new proposal would send Orewa sewage to Army Bay for treatment as well, allowing closure of the oxidation ponds along the Orewa River. A decision needs to be made soon, or Whangaparaoa’s beaches will become recipients of raw sewage overflows next winter.

The council also decided to continue implementing suggestions on upgrading Whangaparaoa Rd and bringing back a consultant to discuss the success of these ideas before proceeding with widening of the road, which is the sole access on to the peninsula. The future of the proposed Penlink route — a toll road from State Highway 1 at Redvale & bridge across the Weiti River — remains up in the air.

A strategy for Rodney District was on the council’s agenda for its Thursday meeting but wasn’t discussed — the agenda ran to 50 items, plus a list of projects which must stay on the agenda until they’ve been completed.

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