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Matakana & Rosedale sales for Bayleys agents

Bayleys agents on the Shore have sold a residential development site immediately outside the village at Matakana, with approval for a new subdivision road, and 2 warehouses on Arrenway Drive (one in December).




63 Arrenway Drive, unit 5:
Features: 120m² industrial unit – warehouse 80m², office 40m²
Outcome: sold in December for $520,000 + gst at $4333/m² land & building
Agents: Matt Mimmack, Eddie Zhong & Michael Block

63 Arrenway Drive, unit 9-10:
Features: 200m² industrial unit – warehouse 160m², office 40m², 4 parking spaces
Outcome: sold in March for $970,000 + gst at $4850/m² land & building
Agents: Eddie Zhong, Michael Block &, Matt Mimmack



Matakana Valley Rd:
Features: 4.8ha m²,
Outcome: sold in May for $4 million + gst at $83/m²
Agents: Ranjan Unka & Brian Caldwell




32 William Pickering Drive, unit D:
Features: 282.8m² industrial unit – warehouse 168.4m², office 57.2m², other area 57.2m²
Rent: leased in May for $41,000/year net + gst, including parking, premises rental $144.98/m²
Agents: James Kidd & Ryan Dannhauser

Attribution: Agency release.

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3 commercial sales in Matakana, Henderson & Takanini

A mixed-use Matakana site (in picture foreground) sold by Colliers & NAI Harcourts agents is one of 3 new transactions reported by Colliers. The other 2, both commercial, are in Henderson & Takanini.



33, 35 & 41 Matakana Valley Rd:
Features: 3369m² mixed-use site in 3 titles, each with a house on it
Outcome: sold for $2.1 million
Agents: Jonathan Lynch (Colliers) & Richard Parkinson (NAI Harcourts)



404 Great North Rd:
Features: 1268m² 2-storey building, 634m2 ground-floor retail vacant
Outcome: sold for $1.8 million
Agents: Michael Bray & Craig Smith



15 Inlet Rd:
Features: 7701m² site, 3433m² showroom/warehouse in 2 buildings, Trade Depot Ltd lease expires next March
Rent: $323,000/year net from present lease
Outcome: sold for $3.375 million
Agents: Paul Jarvie & Andrew Hooper

Attribution: Agency release.

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5 years on, Matakana plan changes head to final consultation

Published 3 January 2012

The Auckland Council’s regional development & operations committee agreed on 15 December to put 3 Matakana plan changes out for public notification.

The proposed changes – plan changes 64 (Matakana Village), 148 (Matakana Country Park) & 163 (Morris & James Pottery) – are intended to implement the Matakana Village sustainable development plan, which the former Rodney District Council adopted in 2006. Some consultation had been undertaken and amendments made in response.

The council report by planner Wendy Robertshaw said plan change 64 was the most complex of the 3. Its aim is to introduce an overlay area in & near the village, with new objectives, policies & rules specific to Matakana. It would also amend chapter 14 of the district plan on scheduled activities, introducing 2 new scheduled activities, one relating to flooding & inundation and the other to buildings & subdivision on a Leigh Rd site.

This plan change also introduces a set of urban design guidelines as an appendix to district plan chapter 9 – business. All new buildings would have to comply with these guidelines, intended to ensure that development is sensitive to the village’s existing character.

Another part of plan change 64 is to remove Matakana from the small business centres policy area created by Rodney plan change 140 (approved at the same council committee meeting to become operative). The difference between the 2 plan changes is that change 64 is a more comprehensive package of rules.

Plan change 148 relates specifically to the Matakana Country Park, enabling use of the land as a community & events venue & tourist attraction. Expansion would be limited.

Plan change 163 amends the scheduled activity for the Morris & James Pottery property to allow some flexibility in its operation and permit hosting of events & tourism tours.

Perhaps the most important element of the changes for the village in the earlier planning stages was the set of design guidelines, Built form guidance for Matakana, which relates to the residential zone. The council’s planners have recommended the guidelines be non-statutory and be consulted on at the same time as the plan change consultation.

Ms Robertshaw said in her report it was clear the community felt a strong desire to protect the village character from inappropriate development, particularly in the commercial areas, but some submitters also thought the rules package was too rigid & overly prescriptive and would prevent personal style & character. She said that feedback had been taken into account in amendments.

In the 2010 Rodney District Council version, the guidelines would have been used in assessment of both subdivision & land use consent applications. The guidelines, as proposed then, said: “A consent notice must be registered on the certificate of title at the time of subdivision, requiring compliance with the Matakana style guidelines.”

Now, the guidelines contain examples of “appropriate” & “not ideal” architectural styles.

Earlier story:

26 October 2010: Tight controls proposed in Matakana plan change


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Attribution: Council committee meeting & agenda, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Tight controls proposed in Matakana plan change

Published 26 October 2010

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Matakana

Applicant: District council

Application: Plan change 64, special zone 23, to introduce the concepts set out in the Matakana sustainable development plan into the Rodney district plan 2000, and to introduce scheduled & restricted activities for Matakana Country Park along with the amendment of the existing scheduled activity for Morris & James.

Notification date: 21 October

Submission closure date: Monday 18 November

Other details: The council said in its notice the proposed special zone would include 4 policy areas with differing rules:

Matakana Village heart policy area, which would serve as the retail & commercial centre of the town and includes design criteria for new buildings, all of which require resource consentMatakana Village residential policy area, which covers the residential areas and requires consent applications for new buildings so they are able to be assessed against Matakana style guidelines, which detail the stylistic features of Matakana buildingsMatakana lifestyle policy area, which would provide for rural residential living on the outskirts of Matakana villageMatakana Village service policy area, to enable service businesses & light industrial activities to locate in this area, subject to a resource consent. Buildings would also need to meet the requirements set out in the Matakana commercial design guidelines.

The council said, in releasing its proposal: “This is not the formal Resource Management Act process. Formal submissions will be invited once the plan changes are publicly notified, which will be at a later date.” And, the Rodney notice didn’t mention, further notification and work on the proposal will be by the new Auckland Council.

The land affected by the proposed plan change is zoned countryside living town, residential medium intensity and mixed business.

The council has created an outline plan for the new special zone “to ensure that the development of Matakana Village will be carried out in an integrated way”.

The draft of plan change 64 also gives detail of activities allowed in the village and controls proposed.



“The activity table encourages tourism in the Matakana Village residential policy area by providing for appropriately scaled visitor accommodation. For example, boarding house & farmstay/homestay for up to 15 persons inclusive of the owner, family & staff are provided for as a permitted activity.

“The activity table also encourages small-scaled business activities in the residential area by providing for the sale of primary produce grown on the property, honey or the products of home occupations undertaken on the property as a permitted activity, subject to compliance with specific standards, in particular a limit on the sale & display area.”



“Within the residential areas, all buildings require controlled activity resource consent in order to ensure that the character & style of buildings enhance Matakana’s historic character. Controlled activity assessment criteria have been included within the rule package.”

Development controls:


“Standard development controls relating to maximum height, height:boundary, bulk:boundary, site coverage & yards will apply to all sites. In order to encourage attractively designed roof lines, such as high pitched gables consistent with the Matakana style guidelines, the maximum height control has been amended to provide for a lower-than-normal height within the residential zones, but provides for a higher overall height where the roof pitch is greater than 25º.

“Rules have also been included to protect ridgelines and control impervious surfaces. The development controls also require the construction of a ‘Matakana style’ of dwelling as envisaged in the Matakana sustainable development plan. These built-form character and other rules generally include controls on roof & cladding materials, the colour of buildings, roof lines, garages, solar access, secluded private open space, vehicle crossings, overlooking, landscaping & fencing. The fencing rule requires that fences in the front yard &/or any yard adjoining an area of open space or reserve shall not exceed 0.8m.”

Matakana style guidelines:


“A set of guidelines entitled the Matakana style guidelines have been completed to guide the form & character of buildings within the Matakana Village. These guidelines will be included within the district plan and referred to through assessment criteria for both subdivision & land use resource consents. A consent notice must be registered on the certificate of title at the time of subdivision, requiring compliance with the Matakana style guidelines.”

Eastern Gateway area:


“This area of residential land to the east of the township along Leigh Rd is referred to as the Eastern Gateway area within the proposed plan change. The proposed plan change provides for an additional set of rules for sites within the Eastern Gateway area relating to setbacks, landscaping & buffers; non-compliance with these controls requires assessment as a discretionary activity. These rules are proposed to avoid, remedy & mitigate the adverse effects of future development on the amenity values of the gateway to Matakana from the east.”



“The minimum site size for subdivision is 800m². As noted above, the development controls for subdivision require a consent notice to be placed on the certificate of title to ensure compliance with the Matakana style guidelines. They also prevent the creation of rear lots and require lots to be orientated to maximise solar access.

“The rules also require a defined building area to be identified on any lot where a building or structure has the potential to project above a hill or ridgeline when viewed from Matakana & Matakana Valley Rds. A consent notice would be registered on the certificate of title at the time of subdivision. In addition, the rules restrict the length of cul-de-sacs and require the planting of street trees.”

The draft plan change also proposes protecting a number of buildings, trees, some vegetation – identified as ‘community treasures’ and the King George statue within the district plan, subject to a review by an expert. They haven’t been included in the rule package yet. The treasures:

Former post officeSt Leonards Church wallCommunity hallButcher shopShoemaker’s house2 large oak trees at 38 Matakana Valley Rd, andBoundary vegetation at 31 Matakana Valley Rd.

Link: Rodney consultation, special zone 23

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Attribution: Council notice, draft plan change, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Matakana Coast gets tourism research agreement signed

Published 24 May 2010

The Matakana Coast region of the Rodney district took a step forward last week towards developing a tourism plan, with a research agreement between the NZ Tourism Research Institute, Rodney District Council and local tourism & business groups.


Tourism steering committee chairman Charlotte Cuffe said funding & deliverables had been agred for the research, to be conducted by the AUT-based institute.


“This plan will detail an inventory of current & potential tourist attractions, identify what needs to be done to enhance tourism opportunities and set specific goals & objectives to improve the marketing & appeal of the area.”


The Matakana Coast region & surrounds stretch from Puhoi in the south to Pakiri in the north and include Leigh, Matakana, Mahurangi & Warkworth. The area has experienced rapid development both as a tourism & lifestyle destination over recent years.


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Attribution: Council release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Physios plan mixed development in Matakana

Published 25 July 2009

Jurisdiction: Rodney District


Neighbourhood: Matakana


Applicant: The Walmsley Sheat Family Trust Ltd


Application detail: 33, 35 & 41 Matakana Valley Rd, to construct & establish a staged mixed-use development of 5 retail units, a café/restaurant & an extension to the existing physiotherapy clinic on the ground floor, with 7 apartments above. Stage 1 will comprise the extension to the physiotherapy clinic, retail space & 2 apartments.


Notification date: 23 July


Submission closure date: Friday 21 August


Other details: Helen Sheat & Hannan Edwards are directors of Active Living Physiotherapy Ltd. Jennifer & Ken Walmsley are directors of Walmsley Trustee Ltd.


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Attribution: Council notice, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Gin Pt goes to market with stage 1 consented, and owner faces liquidation

Published 8 February 2009

Westpac NZ takes a prime 107ha piece of waterfront playground just north of Auckland to mortgagee tender this month.


Meanwhile, the landscape architects who worked on redevelopment of the property for 2 years, DJ Scott Associates Ltd, have filed to wind up development company Gin Point, owned by former city developer Chris Cook & his partner, Hamish Dackers.


The tender closes with Colliers International on Thursday 19 February and the application to wind the development company up is due for hearing in the High Court on Friday 13 March.


Prominent landscape architect Dennis Scott & his team have done leading-edge land development design & landscaping in this area for several years, most controversially at the Arrigato site above the southern end of Pakiri Beach. They began work at Gin Point when it was in the hands of Starline Group Ltd’s Jamie Peters, who onsold to Mr Cook & Mr Dackers.


The property has 2.8km of waterfront boundary, partly on a peninsula backing on to Buckletons Beach, south from Matakana and across the water from the Kawau Island ferry stop at Sandspit.


It has consent for the first stage of subdivision, which was to have been the beginning of developments that were to include cluster housing, possibly a village and a range of lifestyle blocks.


“It’s a fantastic piece of land and a fantastic opportunity,” Mr Scott said this week of the site and development proposals. “But they’ve only applied for consent for stage 1 – their bankable development.”


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Attribution: Phone interview, court, ads, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Rodney consent activity August-September 2004, Matakana


Visitor accommodation proposed

JJ Penny developing at Matakana

Extra schoolrooms

Boundary relocation at Monarch Downs

Toanga plans café & art gallery

Visitor accommodation proposed

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Matakana

Applicant: W & B Adams

Application detail: 650 Matakana Rd, 9 self-contained visitor accommodation units with associated communal building for not more than 34 people. The proposal exceeds allowed site coverage.

Notification date: 15 September 2004

Submission closure date: Thursday 14 October 2004

JJ Penny developing at Matakana

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Matakana

Applicant: JJ Penny

Application detail: 66 Matakana Rd, establish hardware business – shop, bulk store, timber yard – & subdivide 3 titles into 3 lots. These are 6454m² for the hardware business, 1.89ha for the abattoir & butcher’s shop, 3900m² as vested esplanade reserve.

Non-notified consent date: 13 August

Directors’ other interests: Checking: John Joseph Penny, bankrupt from 1993-96, was listed at the Insolvency Service as a painter of Remuera; bankrupted again on 12 June 2002, he was listed as a company director, no address. I noted his 2002 bankruptcy after one of his companies, Soul Train Café Ltd, was wound up. He was also a director of many other café companies, Lifestyle Homes Ltd, Investments Strategies Ltd.

Extra schoolrooms

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Matakana

Applicant: Matakana primary school board of trustees

Application detail: 952 Matakana Rd, add a 2-room classroom block.

Non-notified consent date: 12 August (outline plan of works)

Boundary relocation at Monarch Downs

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Matakana

Applicant: Ngatira Holdings Ltd (Linda Fry & Paul Vegar)

Application detail: Sharp Rd, Monarch Downs Way, boundary relocation between 2 adjoining lots.

Non-notified consent date: 19 August

Directors’ other interests: Mr Vegar is a former director of Matakana Valley Estate Wines Ltd, now a director of Goldridge Estate Ltd, L&P Developments Ltd (with Ms Fry), Marlborough Vineyard Co Ltd, Matakana Estate Ltd, Vegar Estate Wines Ltd, Vegar Vineyard Investments Ltd, various vintage companies.

Toanga plans café & art gallery

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Matakana

Applicant: Toanga Trust

Application detail: 615 Matakana Rd, to establish 40-seat café & shop in existing 150m² shed, plus 186m² outdoor seating, 100m² art gallery, operating 9-5 7 days.

Non-notified consent date: 18 August

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