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Maungaturoto hotel among sales & leases

Bayleys North Shore agents have reported 5 sales of commercial property in April & June and 4 leases. They include sale of the Maungaturoto Hotel and buildings at Birkenhead, Riverhead & Rosedale, leases on offices in Browns Bay & Takapuna and yard space at Dairy Flat.




35 Hurndall St East:
Features: 13,224m² site, Maungaturoto Hotel
Rent: $57,200/year net
Outcome: sold in April for $415,000 + gst
Agents: Michael Nees, Brian Caldwell & Simon Aldridge



65-67 Birkenhead Avenue:
Features: 744m² site, 1042m² retail & office building
Rent: $200,000/year net
Outcome: sold in June for $3.2 million + gst
Agents: Adam Watton, Adam Curtis & Damian Stephen


15 Timber Place:
Features: 2164m² industrial building
Outcome: sold in June for $620,000 at $286/m²
Agent: Rosemary Wakeman


18 Triton Drive, unit E4:
Features: 220m² industrial unit – office 170m², warehouse 50m², 4 parking spaces, Niagara Healthcare as tenant
Rent: $33,000/year net
Outcome: sold in June for $620,000 at 5.3% yield
Agents: Adam Watton & Adam Curtis

39 William Pickering Drive:
Features: 2749m² site, 1890.4m² building
Rent: $235,000/year net
Outcome: sold in June for $4 million + gst at 5.875% yield, $2116/m² building
Agent: Matt Mimmack



Browns Bay

77-85 Clyde Rd:
Features: 98m² office, parking space
Rent: $26,290/year net, premises rental $255/m²
Agent: Steven Liu

Dairy Flat

1748 Dairy Flat Highway:
Features: 1200m² yard
Rent: $26,400/year net + gst, premises rental $22/m²
Agents: Rosemary Wakeman & Eddie Zhong

Part 1744 Dairy Flat Highway:
Features: 1500m² yard
Rent: $33,000/year net + gst, premises rental $22/m²
Agent: Rosemary Wakeman


501-505 Lake Rd, level 1, suite 2:
Features: 91m² office, 2 parking spaces
Rent: $30,668.80/year net + gst, parking $50/space/week, $25,468.80/year net excluding parking, premises rental $280/m²
Agents: Ryan Dannhauser & Matt Mimmack

Attribution: Agency release.

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Parnell gym premises among 4 sales at 2 NAI Harcourts auctions

A Parnell gym’s premises, including 2 secure parking spaces, sold at a 20% yield at auction yesterday, compared to the 5.1% it would have achieved if bidders had matched its 2011 valuation.

The parking spaces alone were valued at $35,000 each in 2011. If they maintained that value, the auction would have priced the gym space at $840/m².

The gym was one of 7 properties taken to auction at 2 NAI Harcourts branches in Auckland today – 5 at Mairangi Bay and the other 2 at the agency’s Emily Place branch.

The Mairangi Bay auction started with the sale of a Rosedale shop on a 6.5% yield, followed by 2 sales at Albany & Penrose.

Isthmus east


3 Akaroa St, unit 2L:
Features: 131m² ground-floor 24/7 gym as tenant, 2 secure covered parking spaces, in building containing apartments, hotel & offices
Rent: $36,500/year + gst, but option of vacant possession
Outcome: sold for $180,000
Agents: Elena Style & Nicolas Ching


388 Church St, unit B:
Features: 712m² building – 548m² warehouse, 9m stud, 164m² office/showroom
Rent: vacant
Outcome: sold for $1.25 million
Agents: Steve Granger & Ray Atkinson



34 Hurndall St:
Features: 1.535ha site including small stand of pines, 1960m² floor area – 804m² manufacturing area with 7m stud, 771m² finishing area with 6.1m stud, 394.5m² office, reception & amenities; rebuilt after a fire in 1997; west from the southern side of the Brynderwyns, 110km north of Auckland
Rent: vacant
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Peter Peeters


58-60 James St & 53-55 John St:
Features: 1176m² site, business 1 zone allows full site coverage, 830m² total floor area2 parallel street frontages
Outcome: passed in at vendor bid of $600,000
Agents: Peter Peeters



9C Piermark Drive:
Features: 516m² building – high-stud warehouse 222m², showroom 141m², upstairs office 153m², 12 parking spaces
Rent: $83,000/year net + gst on new 3-year lease
Outcome: sold for $1.12 million
Agents: Dave Lane & Chris White


78-80 Paul Matthews Rd, shop 10:
Features: 4120m² site, retail & small rear area 77m², 2 customer parking spaces
Rent: $21,540/year net + gst on new 3-year lease
Outcome: sold for $328,000 at a 6.5% yield
Agents: Dave Lane



4343 Great North Rd, unit E:
Features: 3 ground-floor shops in 241m²; the Church Unlimited head office occupies the upper floor
Rent: $43,000/year + gst
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Nicolas Ching

Attribution: Auctions.

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Plan change to create 27 home lots at Maungaturoto

Published 11 May 2008

Jurisdiction: Kaipara District


Neighbourhood: Maungaturoto


Applicant: Totara Park Ltd (Erica Champness & Ronald Manderson, Maungaturoto)


Application detail: Gorge Rd, near the intersection with Matai Drive, private plan change 25 to rezone 4 lots from commercial (980m²) & rural (4.55ha) zones to residential, allowing subdivision into 27 residential lots with minimum site areas of 600m² & 900m².


Subdivision would be either a controlled or discretionary activity, depending on the size of the new lots and whether they are connected to a reticulated sewerage system.


Submission closure date: Friday 23 May


Other details: Ms Champness is a director of Coveney Park Ltd & Rural Realty Ltd. Mr Manderson is a director of Coveney Park and a former director of Rural Realty.


Want to comment? Email [email protected].


Attribution: Council notice, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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