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Mission Bay terrace sells

A Mission Bay terrace sold on Wednesday at a Bayleys auction brought forward.

Isthmus east

Mission Bay

42 Patteson Avenue, unit 3:
Features: 2-bedroom terrace, parking space
Outcome: sold for $925,000 at auction brought forward
Agents: David Nightingale & Tina Chang



189 Mangatawhiri Rd, unit 24:
Features: 3-bedroom Richard Priest-designed townhouse, 2 bathrooms, parking space
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agents: Victoria & Richard Turner

Attribution: Agency release.

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Council proposes plan variation for Omaha South yards definition

Published 21 May 2006

Jurisdiction: Rodney District


Neighbourhood: Omaha South


Applicant: Rodney District Council


Application detail: Proposed variation 53, special 16 zone (Omaha South development), to clarify definitions of site & yard at Omaha South in the proposed district plan 2000.


This follows criticism of the council in an Environment Court decision (Katie Fressia Miller & Graham Stirling v Rodney District Council) on Omaha South yards.


Submissions closing date: Monday 26 June


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Attribution: Public notice, plan details on council website, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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Hirequip & partners sell down Omaha interest

Published: 7 March 2005

Listed hire company Hirequip NZ Ltd said today Manapouri Development Ltd, in which Hirequip has a 42.2% interest, has agreed to sell its Omaha Beach Ltd subsidiary company which undertook the Omaha Beach development.

Hirequip was called Southern Capital Ltd when it became involved in the development, at the southern end of Omaha Beach, north of Auckland.Chief executive Graeme Wong said the sale would result in a $6.9 million profit to Hirequip and $3.5 million cash realised. Settlement will occur at the end of March.”While we will still retain an interest in the Omaha Beach development, the transaction brings forward our eventual exit and has enabled us to achieve full value for land included in the Omaha Beach Ltd sale,” Mr Wong said.Earthworks at the 597-site beach development began in 2000. The final stages are nearing completion.All the land is included in the Omaha Beach Ltd sale – except that part of the beachfront known as Neighbourhood 1, in which Hirequip retains its 42.2% interest.Mr Wong said Manapouri was evaluating 2 development options for the Neighbourhood 1 land. One option is to create 25 sections plus commercial land. The other more intensive option is to create 32 beachfront apartments, 7 one-back sections and commercial land. A decision on which option would be taken would be made soon.

“The development of Neighbourhood 1 will mark the final stage of the company’s involvement with the Omaha Beach development, which has proven an excellent investment and exceeded our expectations,” Mr Wong said.

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Switch to smaller lots sought at Omaha South

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Omaha

Applicant: Omaha Beach Ltd

Application detail: Omaha South, Mangatawhiri Rd, Neighbourhood unit 4, to subdivide 4 type A lots (1100m²-plus), as previously approved, into 10 type C lots (450-599m²) & 3 access lots.

Hearing date: 6 September

Recommendation: Decline

Note: The map shows old Omaha. The bare beachfront strip beneath it is the site of the newer Omaha South development.

Developer wants switch from cluster housing

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Omaha

Applicant: Omaha Beach Ltd

Application detail: Omaha South, Mangatawhiri Rd, Neighbourhood unit 3, to subdivide lot 860 (previously known as lot 931) into 17 type C lots (495-596m²) instead of 28 type D lots (cluster housing), as previously approved.

Hearing date: 6 September

Recommendation: Approve

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Omaha Beach developer wants to vary subdivision design in 2 areas

Omaha Beach Ltd (Charles MacIndoe & David Smallbone) has applied to Rodney District Council to vary some of its subdivision applications for the Omaha South development.

In neighbourhood unit 3, the company has applied to subdivide lot 860 into 17 type C lots, which can range in size from 450-599m², instead of having 28 type D lots – cluster housing – as previously approved.

In neighbourhood unit 4, Omaha Beach Ltd has applied to subdivide 4 lots (lots 185-188) into 10 type C lots (the same 450-599m² range as above) instead of 4 type A lots, which exceed 1100m².

Submissions close with the council on Thursday 5 August.

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40ha subdivision behind Omaha planned

New Rodney commissioner holds first hearing

Rodney District’s new principal hearings commissioner, former Auckland City councillor Ken Graham (right), reserved his decision today on an application to subdivide 40ha between the 600-lot new Omaha South beachfront community and the Di Andre subdivision, about 75km up the east coast from downtown Auckland.

Under the subdivision proposal, half the Robertson Family Trust’s 40ha would be revegetated, forming a bush link between the kahikatea forest at the rear of Manapouri Developments’ Omaha South project and new native bush on the Di Andre Estate.

Some of the objections to it related to traffic and road maintenance, but a key issue for the developers is a consent requirement inserted by council staff, which would stop any building for two years.

Under that condition, the council could ensure the 100,000-plus revegetation stems were not just planted but were established. However, landscape architect and resource management consultant Dennis Scott, who was involved in the Di Andre project, said the enforced delay combined with a bond was “almost double-dipping” by the council.

The six building lots in the Robertson subdivision range from 4.33ha to 9.65ha. The seventh lot of 500m² is for a boatshed to be owned by the other six lot owners.

Mr Scott said in his evidence the property, which has been bought from the family trust and will be developed by Matisse Holdings, lay in the corridor between Warkworth and Leigh which, “although predominantly pastoral in character, has noticeably experienced now forms of horticultural activity and rural-residential development over the last decade.

“From a visual perspective, there is a change in character from a traditional farming landscape with associated community centres to new forms of intensive production and rural-residential housing.”

He said the Robertson property was at the junction of low coastal hills and a major wetland system, and that this system would be protected by the development and revegetation. Recent pine and poplar plantings would be felled to make way for planting of native species.

The subdivision application does not comply technically with various council zonings, but has a council staff recommendation for granting of consent.

Submitters opposed it for not meeting the policies and objectives of the existing rural conservation 3 zone, the Tawharanui special character activity area or the proposed plan change 55, and for the effect on infrastructure such as roads and stormwater.

But council development planner Stefania Chrzanowski said in her report for the hearing the most likely environmental impacts would be the cumulative effect of development, visual effects which could be mitigated by planting, and effects on infrastructure and services.

The Manapouri project will double the size of the Omaha beachfront settlement. Combining that with the Di Andre subdivision, the officer’s report concluded “the area is already compromised.”

Mr Graham was appointed principal hearings commissioner last week by Grant Kirby, who was appointed commissioner to run the district council’s business after the resignation of half the council and suspension of the rest.

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