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Pt Wells special zone open to further submissions

Published 29 November 2009

Jurisdiction: Rodney District


Neighbourhood: Point Wells


Applicant: Rodney District Council


Application detail: Plan change (originally variation) 63 to the 2000 district plan, Point Wells special zone. The council says this plan change creates a new special zone which contains 3 policy areas to enhance the unique character of the Point Wells settlement & the surrounding rural area. It introduces new objectives, policies & rules, including a range of performance standards intended to encourage development within the special zone to maintain & enhance the relaxed & informal seaside village identity, reinforce a pattern of architectural styles typical of this seaside bach community/settlement, ensure the functionality of streets & a distinction between local "village" & "country" landscapes.


Notification date: 29 September


Further submissions closure date: Monday 18 January


Website: Rodney District Council, Pt Wells, summary of submissions


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Attribution: Council notice, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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