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Henderson adult store & Onehunga warehouse passed in

Both commercial properties auctioned at Barfoot & Thompson yesterday were passed in.

Isthmus east


38 Angle St, unit 1:
Features: vacant 295m² high stud warehouse unit, 4 parking spaces, seismic rating 105% new building standard
Outcome: passed in
Agents: Nick Wilson & James Marshall



253 Lincoln Rd, unit D:
Features: 100m² Peaches & Cream adult shop, seismic rating 100% new building standard
Rent: $36,409/year net + gst + outgoings, leased renewed for 3 years from April, 2 more 3-year renewal rights to 2027
Outcome: no bid
Agent: Chris Park

Attribution: Auction documents.

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Updated: 5 (now 6) of 14 sell at Bayleys’ Auckland commercial auction, 3 of 3 in Tauranga

Published 25 October 2018, updated 29 October & 27 November 2018:
5 of the 14 properties were sold at Bayleys’ Total Property commercial auction on Wednesday and 5 attracted no bid.

At the agency’s Tauranga auction, all 3 properties were sold under the hammer.

Update: One property has been sold post-auction – a takeaway outlet in the Wairau Junction retail centre. The outcomes for 2 of the Auckland properties were transposed – for Ellerslie & Blockhouse Bay – and have been corrected below.



Chancery Square, 44 Courthouse Lane, unit A206:
Features: 45m² unit leased to property management company
Rent: $33,500/year net + gst + outgoings
Outcome: sold for $380,000 at an 8.82% yield
Agents: Mike Adams & Jean-Paul Smit

Queen St

Mid-City, 239 Queen St, unit 1Y:
Features: m²,
Rent: $27,360/year net + gst, occupied by hair salon, lease term runs to April 2021 with further rights of renewal
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agent: Oscar Kuang

Hauraki Gulf islands

Waiheke Island


The Sands, 141 The Strand, unit 1:
Features: 104m² manager’s unit in the Sands apartment complex
Rent: $28,723/year net + gst + outgoings
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Brian Caldwell & Mana Tahapehi

Isthmus east


Updated: 101 Main Highway, unit 12:
Features: 272m² Asian supermarket at Ellerslie shopping centre, 10 parking spaces
Rent: $60,000/year net + gst, 5-year lease in place with 2 5-year rights of renewal
Outcome: passed in at $800,000 (2 results transposed – originally posted as $2.7 million), sold in November for $820,000 at a 7.32% yield
Agents: Oscar Kuang, Beterly Pan & Nicolas Ching


222 Onehunga Mall:
Features: 273m² site, 2-storey building, seismic rating 75% new building standard, local town centre zoning has 27m height control
Rent: commercial & residential tenants
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agent: Oscar Kuang


29B Bath St:
Features: 175m² site, 139m² commercial unit, parking space
Rent: $42,000/year net + gst current contract, 2 2-year rights of renewal
Outcome: no bid
Agent: Millie Liang

Isthmus west

Blockhouse Bay

Updated: 35 Margate Rd, flats 1-6:
Features: 2497m² site, 6 2-bedroom residential units, each of about 55m² & on separate titles, parking space each, offered in one package
Rent: $200,000/year net + gst from 2-year lease
Outcome: passed in at $2.7 million (2 results transposed – originally posted as $800,000)
Agents: Quinn Ngo, Matt Lee & James Chan

Eden Terrace

1 Exmouth St:
Features: 665m² vacant section on Newton Rd corner, leased to Wilson Parking, mixed use zoning
Rent: $21,495/year net + gst, early termination clause
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agents: Owen Ding, James Chan & Jarrod Qin

Pt Chevalier

1110 Great North Rd, unit D:
Features: 345m², town centre fruit & vegetable shop + parking, leased to PTC Fresh NZ for 5 years from December 2016 with 2 5-year rights of renewal
Rent: $108,312/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.55 million at a 6.99% yield
Agents: Nicolas Ching, Quinn Ngo & James Chan

350 Pt Chevalier Rd:
Features: 696m² site zoned business – neighbourhood centre, housed greengrocery for over 50 years
Outcome: sold with vacant possession for $1.87 million at a land value of $2686/m²
Agents: John Procter, Alan Elliott & Cameron Melhuish



Tamariki Plaza, 1-19 Cammish Lane, unit J:
Features: vacant 190m² commercial unit, one parking space + share of 35 parking spaces
Outcome: passed in at $700,000
Agents: Mustan Bagasra


101 Apollo Drive, unit D:
Features: vacant 120m² ground-floor office unit, 4 parking spaces
Outcome: auction postponed
Agents: Tonia Robertson & Jane McKee

Rosedale Retail Centre, 94 Rosedale Rd, unit 2:
Features: 73m² shop at entrance to zero-vacancy retail centre
Rent: $37,520/year net + gst + outgoings
Outcome: sold prior
Agents: Eddie Zhong, Steven Liu & Meng He

Wairau Valley

18 Ashfield Rd, unit D:
Features: industrial unit, 110m² ground floor, 30m² storage above, monthly tenancy
Outcome: sold for $440,000
Agents: Trevor Duffin & James Yu

65-71 Porana Rd, unit E:
Features: 133m² unit occupied by Hollywood bakery
Rent: $55,000/year net + gst + opex, new 6-year lease
Outcome: auction postponed
Agents: Adam Curtis, Damian Stephen & Steven Liu

Updated: Wairau Junction, 162-178 Wairau Rd, unit 7:
Features: 45m² kebab outlet
Rent: $30,600/year net + gst + outgoings
Outcome: passed in at $500,000, sold post-auction for $550,000 at a 5.56% yield
Agents: Andrew Lin & Ranjan Unka



192 Universal Drive, unit A1:
Features: 756m², corner store in Lincoln North Shopping Centre, 7-year lease to Super Cheap Auto NZ from July 2016, annual fixed 3% rental increases & one 5-year right of renewal
Rent: $225,221/year net + gst, 3% annual increases
Outcome: sold for $3.93 million at a 5.73% yield
Agents: Matt Lee, James Chan, Quinn Ngo, Terry Kim & David Han


Clendon Park

439 Roscommon Rd, unit 2:
Features: 97m² retail unit, tenant Clendon Foodmarket
Rent: $41,600/year net + gst, 6-year lease from 2015
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Matt Lee, Quinn Ngo & Piyush Kumar

439 Roscommon Rd, unit 3:
Features: 97m² retail unit, tenant Crown Liquor
Rent: $43,201/year net + gst, 4-year lease from 2016, rights of renewal
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Matt Lee, Quinn Ngo & Piyush Kumar

South of the Bombays

Bay of Plenty


272A State Highway 2:
Features: 809m² site, 305m² 2-level commercial building, anchor ground-floor pharmacy tenancy, smaller dental tenancy above on leases renewed until 2021 plus further renewals
Rent: $62,730/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.26 million at a 4.98% yield
Agent: Myles Addington


66 Koromiko St:
Features: 2536m² industrial site, 1519m² standalone building comprising 1123m² of warehouse & workshop space, 4 large roller doors; the balance 2 levels of offices, showroom, storage & amenities; tenant Paramount Stainless has recently renewed for the next 3 years with one final right of renewal to 2024
Rent: $122,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.8 million at a 6.78% yield
Agent: Graeme Coleman


199, 207 & 213 Cameron Rd:
Features: 2192m² redevelopment site zoned city centre, allowing 19m² building height, next to central fire station on main arterial, car dealers have operated from site since the early 1970s, 2 tenancies expiring in August 2020
Rent: $190,715/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $6.25 million + gst at a 3.05% yield, land value $2851/m²
Agents: Lloyd Davidson & Laura Taylor



517 Pollen St:
Features: 1521m² site, 1410m² building occupied by multiple tenants including NZ Post Ltd on long-term lease, 16 parking spaces
Rent: $107,717.53/year net + gst, multiple tenants
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Millie Liang & Josh Smith

Attribution: Agency release.

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Low yields on city fringe properties

Bayleys agents have sold 2 properties in Freemans Bay & Herne Bay at yields below 3%, reflecting development potential, and another in Mt Eden below 5%, plus a refurbished & vacant Henderson accommodation facility.

Isthmus west

Freemans Bay

37 & 39 Spring St:
Features: 490m2 site in 2 titles, 2 neighbouring character villas fully leased to commercial tenants, both on final 3-year rights of renewal; mixed use zoning allows for development up to 4 storeys
Rent: $81,291/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $3.6 million + gst at a 2.26% yield
Agents: Alan Haydock, Damien Bullick & Scott Kirk

Herne Bay

88 Jervois Rd:
Features: 652m2 site zoned mixed use, 315m2 refurbished 2-level villa, high stud character office space; fully leased to multiple tenants
Rent: $122,636/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $4.2 million + gst at a 2.92% yield
Agents: Alan Haydock & Damien Bullick

Mt Eden

31 Rossmay Terrace:
Features: 1799m2 site zoned mixed use, 855m2 health & fitness centre, fully leased to tenant in occupation since 1999 with 10 years to run on current lease term plus 30-year right of renewal
Rent: $140,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $2.9 million + gst at a 4.83% yield
Agents: Alan Haydock & Damien Bullick



2 Tara Rd:  
Features: 802m2  site in quiet residential no-exit street, fully refurbished & upgraded 267m2 14-room accommodation facility (6 rooms with private ensuite, 8 single rooms), communal dining, living & laundry facilities; ready for occupation
Rent: $125,000/year net + gst estimated income after expenses & management
Outcome: sold vacant for $1,718,500 + gst
Agents: Damien Bullick & Alan Haydock

Attribution: Agency release.

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3 industrial sales & 5 leases in mix of premises

Published 9 September 2018
Bayleys North Shore agents have sold 3 properties at the start of September – 2 industrial lots in the Highgate business park at Silverdale, a Wairau Valley warehouse & office, and an Otara property occupied by a Gull service station.

They’ve also secured 5 new leases in Henderson, Milford, Rosedale & Silverdale.

Click the link below to check out the separate item on service station sales, including the Otara sale.




Highgate business park, Emirali Rd, lots 5 & 6:
Features: 4593m² industrial lots – lot 5 2312m², lot 6 2281m²
Outcome: sold in September for $2.5 million + gst at $544/m²
Agent: Rosemary Wakeman

Wairau Valley

77 Porana Rd, unit 18:
Features: 209m² industrial unit – warehouse 139m², office 70m², 3 parking spaces
Outcome: sold in September with vacant possession for $615,000 + gst
Agents: Trevor Duffin & Matt Mimmack



263 East Tamaki Rd:
Features: 3075m² mixed-use property occupied by Gull service station, 1395m² structures
Rent: $247,173/near net + gst
Outcome: sold for $4.3 million + gst at a 5.75% yield, $1398/m² land price
Agents: Terry Kim, Eddie Zhong & Tony Chaudhary




166 Kitchener Rd, suite H:
Features: 18m² office
Rent: leased in September for $4673/year net + gst, premises rental $260/m²
Agents: Ian Waddams & Ildy Meixner


33 Apollo Drive, unit 8:

Features: 234m² office unit, 7 parking spaces
Rent: leased in August for $64,000/year net + gst, parking $20/space/week, rental excluding parking $56,720/year net + gst, premises rental $242/m²
Agent: Alex Strever

34 William Pickering Drive, unit B:
Features: 597m² industrial unit – warehouse 446.1m², office 81.3m², retail 51.9m², other area 14.5m², 11 parking spaces
Rent: leased in September for $90,000/year net + gst
Agents: Laurie Burt & Matt Mimmack


30 Foundry Rd, unit 1:
Features: 670m² industrial unit – warehouse 477m², showroom 76m², office 106m², amenities 11m², canopy 31m², 11 parking spaces, in the 9000m² first stage of a new development on a 17,920m² site by Collabor8 Property Ltd (Euan Armstrong, Wayne Boocock & Gavin Brannigan)
Rent: leased in September for $127,070/year net + gst
Agents: Rosemary Wakeman



Part 122-134 Lincoln Rd:
Features: 956m² industrial yard
Rent: leased in September for $28,000/year net + gst
Agents: Steven Liu & Meng He

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Attribution: Agency release.

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Chaudhary notches up fuel station sales

Published 9 September 2018
Bayleys Manukau agent Tony Chaudhary & his team of Amy Weng & Janak Darji have scored several service station sales recently, including the new Z at Silverdale (reported in August, repeated here) and another in Henderson, Gull in Otara (pictured) and the Caltex premises in Welcome Bay, Tauranga.



5 Hibiscus Coast Highway:
Features: 2466m² site beside park & ride bus station, recently completed 228m² 24-hour Z fuel station comprising retail outlet, canopy & forecourt, 4 pump islands servicing up to 8 lanes; initial 18-year lease to Z Energy Ltd
Rent: $314,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $6,281,067 at a 5% yield
Agents: Bill Lissington & Tony Chaudhary



1 Corban Avenue:
Features: 2028m² corner site, new 228m² service station leased to Z Energy Ltd for 21 years from June 2016, annual CPI rental increases, 10-yearly market reviews
Rent: $327,939 /year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $6 million + gst at a 5.47% yield
Agents: Tony Chaudhary, Amy Weng & Janak Darji



263 East Tamaki Rd:
Features: 3075m² site, over 50m of road frontage, 1395m² of structures, Gull fuel station & associated Night ’n Day convenience store on 10-year lease to Gull NZ Ltd until February 2026, with rights of renewal to 2046 & annual CPI rent increases
Rent: $247,173/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $4.3 million + gst at a 5.75% yield, $1398/m² land price
Agents: Terry Kim, Eddie Zhong & Tony Chaudhary

South of the Bombays

Bay of Plenty

Tauranga, Welcome Bay

248 Welcome Bay Rd:
Features: 1200m² site on main arterial road, occupied by Caltex service station since 1995, current 5-year lease from October 2017 plus one 5-year right of renewal
Rent: $83,925/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.35 million + gst at a 6.22% yield
Agents: Tony Chaudhary & Janak Darji

Attribution: Agency releases.

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Large sites at Henderson & Te Rapa sell

Published 4 September 2018

A large storage building & large parking lot in Henderson (outlined in picture), with concept designs for development of 116 apartments, has been sold by Colliers agents on a yield of just under 6%. At Te Rapa, just north of Hamilton, another large site partly occupied by Vehicle Inspection NZ has been sold at a 5.5% yield.



14-36 Sel Peacock Drive:
Features: 9640m² site in 3 titles, 9700m² net lettable area, Storage King anchor tenant, others include Mad Butcher & Ministry of Social Development; 3024m² of the site vacant & zoned terrace housing & apartment buildings
Rent: about $1.245 million/year net + gst from 6 tenants, weighted average lease time 6.05 years
Outcome: sold for $21 million at a 5.93% yield
Agents: Richard Kirke & Josh Coburn

South of the Bombays


Te Rapa

59 Tasman Rd, lot 1:
Features: 3980m² site, 1350m² building, newly developed industrial property leased to VINZ (Vehicle Inspection NZ Ltd)
Outcome: sold for $2.758 million at a 5.5% yield
Agents: David Palmer, Peter Scammell & Justin Oliver

Attribution: Agency release.

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Housing to replace Henderson carparks attracts international designers

Published 28 August 2018
5 teams have been shortlisted in a global design competition to redevelop 2 Henderson carparks into housing.

Image above: The Alderman (left) & Falls (right) carparks, across Edmonton Rd from each other in Henderson.

The 2 sites were nominated last year for Reinventing Cities, an international contest to inspire world-leading sustainable design. You can check most of the shortlisted entrants’ websites below.

Reinventing Cities is run by C40, a group of cities around the world working together on climate change, which Auckland Council went close to not joining when membership was proposed in 2015. The super-city’s first mayor, Len Brown, said he was invited to apply for membership at the world cities summit in Singapore in 2014 and believed membership could be beneficial for Auckland’s regeneration.

However, when membership finally went to a vote 7 months after going to a council committee for approval, it was only carried 9-7. Most of the minority said it was a nice idea, but not a priority.

Henderson the urban eco-centre

The Henderson sites were chosen as Auckland’s nominees, fitting the Reinventing Cities criteria for innovative low-carbon design as they’ve been part of a long-held development vision for Henderson as an urban eco-centre.
13 bids were received across both sites. After a screening & selection process, the 5 successful design teams have been selected to progress to the next round. They will be invited to respond to the request for proposal that gets underway in late September. The teams are:

  • Te Tira Ngakaunui, led by Ockham Group (Mark Todd, Auckland) with Cheshire Architects (Auckland) & Jakob + MacFarlane Architects (Paris)
  • Taupae Commons, led by Central Element (Australia) and Nicolas Laisné Architectes (Paris)
  • Te Kopua, led by Province Developments (Collin Elder, Auckland) with Sills van Bohemen Architects (Auckland)
  • Tiriwa Collective, led by international design collective Studio AH-HA (Lisbon)
  • Falls Collaboration, led by Isthmus Group (Auckland & Wellington)

One of the “foreigners” on the shortlist is Brendan MacFarlane, who was born in New Zealand, graduated from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles in 1984, received his master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Architecture in Boston in 1990, and partners Dominique Jakob at their Paris-based firm.

Compelling visions, says Hulse

The Alderman site borders the Oratia Stream and has a proposed cycle route along one edge. The larger Falls carpark is next to the historic Falls Hotel. Both sites have been identified for residential development as part of plans to revitalise Henderson. As prominent ‘gateway’ sites, they have the potential to make a strong visual statement about Henderson’s vision & identity.

Cllr Penny Hulse.

Waitakere ward councillor Penny Hulse, who chairs Auckland Council’s environment & community committee, was deputy mayor when the super-city’s first mayor, Len Brown, proposed membership of C40 and was a leading advocate of environmentally sound development as a councillor in the old Waitakere City.

She said the interest in the C40 competition was an exciting step towards realising Henderson’s future: “It’s great to see such a strong response from the global design community. These are 5 compelling visions for Henderson, all with sustainability front & centre. As the competition moves into a more detailed phase, it will be exciting to see how these visions evolve.

“The urban eco-centre strategy puts families & the environment at the very heart of how Henderson is developed. Reinventing Cities is a great opportunity to capture world-leading expertise to create resilient, future-focused neighbourhoods that will be wonderful places to live.”

Under the Reinventing Cities rules, bidding teams had to respond to 10 challenges central to sustainable precincts – including solutions for energy, water, waste, movement, ecology & greener lifestyles. The RFP (request for proposals) stage will open on 30 September and close in February.

The project is in the hands of Auckland Council development agency Panuku Development Auckland, which has the task of delivering urban redevelopment at multiple locations and on scales from large long-term urban regeneration projects to small projects on specific sites.

Ockham Group
Cheshire Architects
Jakob + MacFarlane Architects
Central Element
Nicolas Laisné Architectes
Sills van Bohemen Architects
Studio AH-HA
Isthmus Group

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Attribution: Council release.

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Rosedale & Henderson properties sell, Takapuna retail passed in

A Rosedale industrial unit and a hardware outlet’s premises in Henderson were sold at NAI Harcourts’ auction today.

A Lake Rd property with 6 retail tenancies in the heart of Takapuna (outlined in photo) was passed in, with the yield at 4.8% on existing rent.



234D Bush Rd:
Features: 192m² industrial unit, 4 exclusive parking spaces
Rent: $36,240/year net + gst + outgoings, new 4-year lease in place + rights of renewal
Outcome: sold for $678,000 at a 5.3% yield
Agents: Marty van Barneveld & Mike Fotu


461-467 Lake Rd:
Features: 561m² site zoned metropolitan centre with 24.5m height limit, 450m² floor area, seismic rating 40% new building standard, rear service lane, 5 parking spaces
Rent: $133,422/year net + gst from 6 established tenants
Outcome: passed in at $2.775 million
Agents: Andrew Bruce & Rob Meister



33A Bruce McLaren Rd:
Features: 130m² warehouse occupied by hardware retailer, new roof in 2017, 3 exclusive parking spaces
Rent: $25,000/year net + gst + outgoings
Outcome: sold for $431,000 at a 5.8% yield
Agents: Mike Fotu & Marty van Barneveld

Attribution: Auction.

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Council votes to sell 3 old chambers

Auckland Council’s finance & performance committee agreed yesterday – against strong minority opposition – to sell 7 of its offices & parking lots around the region, including the former council chambers of 3 of the super-city’s predecessor councils.

Committee chair Ross Clow said the sale programme was likely to be spread over 4-6 years.

The debate on outlying properties around the region has raised a conflict between history & familiarity on one side, versus upgrading to more appropriate premises on the other.

Cllr Clow said in a release after the meeting: “This decision is about the next step on our journey towards becoming a fit-for-purpose organisation that makes the most of its assets.

“In making this decision, local communities have been top of mind. Auckland is a big city and residents need to be able to deal with their council face-to-face. The corporate property strategy ensures that all service centres remain open and the strong connection between council & its local communities remains.

“It will also improve our services to Aucklanders, for example, face-to-face access to council regulatory services in all 13 wards rather than in only half, which is the current situation.

“It also puts 96% of Auckland’s population within 10km of a council office.”

Cllr Clow said retaining the former council chamber buildings would have been expensive: “If we did nothing, we forecast having to spend around $200 million on servicing ageing buildings over the next decade, leaving us with a shortfall of $117 million that would need to be found elsewhere.

“At a time when we must prioritise investing in transport, housing & our environment, we simply can’t afford to fund property maintenance on buildings that are no longer fit for purpose.”

The council will invest proceeds from the sale of the properties in its existing property portfolio to ensure it maintains remaining buildings to a high standard.

At Orewa & Pukekohe, the sale of the property will mean relocation of local services.

The buildings & land agreed for sale are:

  • Aotea Quarter, 4-10 Mayoral Drive
  • Victoria Quarter, 35 Graham St (and associated buildings)
  • Henderson, 6 Henderson Valley Rd (excluding the civic building containing the former council chamber)
  • Manukau, 4 Osterley Way
  • Orewa, 50 Centreway Rd
  • Papakura, 35 Coles Crescent
  • Pukekohe, 82 Manukau Rd.

Disposal property reports:
Manukau, 4 Osterley Way
CBD, 4-10 Mayoral Drive
Papakura, 35 Coles Crescent
CBD, 35 Graham St
Orewa, 50 Centreway Rd
Henderson, 6 Henderson Valley Rd
Pukekohe, 82 Manukau Rd
Corporate property portfolio strategy infographic report

Earlier story:
14 May 2018: Council to decide sale of old chambers tomorrow

Attribution: Council release, committee agenda.

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Council to decide sale of old chambers tomorrow

Auckland Council’s finance & performance committee will vote tomorrow to approve the sale of 7 properties, including the chambers of 3 predecessor councils at Orewa, Papakura & Pukekohe.

Parts of the council’s Henderson offices are also on the sale list, but the old Waitakere chamber & Japanese garden, which have heritage status, will be retained.

The committee was to have made its decisions on 17 April, but deferred the debate.

Also on the list are the council’s Graham St office building overlooking the Viaduct waterfront area in the cbd, the parking lot beside the Aotea Centre & Bledisloe House, also in the cbd, and a Manuku office building, Kotuku House.

They have a combined 2017 capital valuation of $190 million.

The disposal proposals have been compiled by the council’s inhouse corporate property team, which has also put together a programme to invest the sale proceeds in a council corporate property network described as “fit-for-purpose & future-proofed” and “aligned to the structure of the organisation”.

The future network is intended to comprise:

  • 1 headquarters at Auckland House (135 Albert St)
  • 3 hubs in the north/west (Albany or Westgate), central (Bledisloe House) and the south (Manukau Civic)
  • 4 new local board spaces where displaced by building closures
  • 17 refreshed local board spaces
  • 7 new customer service centre spaces where displaced by building closures
  • 13 refreshed customer service centres
  • 25 spokes (drop-in spaces created in existing council locations)
  • 78 leisure centre & library back-office areas refreshed, and
  • Records & archives storage optimisation works.

Disposal property reports:
Manukau, 4 Osterley Way
CBD, 4-10 Mayoral Drive
Papakura, 35 Coles Crescent
CBD, 35 Graham St
Orewa, 50 Centreway Rd
Henderson, 6 Henderson Valley Rd
Pukekohe, 82 Manukau Rd
Corporate property portfolio strategy infographic report

Earlier story:
13 April 2018: Sale of 7 council properties up for vote next Tuesday

Attribution: Council committee agenda.

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