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Updated: 11 sales from Bayleys’ Total Property portfolio, plus 1

Published 3 June 2016, updated 12 June 2016:
10 properties in Bayleys’ Total Property portfolio were sold at auction on Wednesday and one prior, including all 4 units in a Huapai retail development built in 2002 and leaving 8 properties still on the market.

Update: A Rosedale unit, at 11 Paul Matthews Rd, sold shortly after auction for $1.27 million.

Isthmus east


125 Queens Rd:
Features: 410m² standalone retail & office building, former ASB Bank, part of first floor tenanted, more intensively zoned under proposed unitary plan
Rent: potential for $99,555/year + gst
Outcome: only bid was vendor bid at $1.3 million, passed in
Agents: Michael Nees & James Chan

Isthmus west


394 New North Rd:
Features: 673m² site zoned mixed use, anchor panelbeater tenant has been in occupation for over 20 years, additional income from billboard & 5-bedroom house
Rent: $140,678/year net + gst (less outgoings shortfall of $3649 from residential tenancy)
Outcome: sold for $2.4 million at a 5.7% yield
Agents: Tony Chaudhary & Janak Darji

Mt Eden

589-597 Mt Eden Rd (pictured above):
Features: 680m² corner site with enhanced developed potential under proposed unitary plan; neighbourhood centre zoning; 497m² of buildings comprising a single-level, 1920s retail building, containing a restaurant & closed former antique shop, and an adjoining 2-level building on Kingsview Rd with a yoga studio on ground floor & flat above
Rent: $63,363 /year net + gst (about 40% leased)
Outcome: sold for $3.61 million
Agent: Nigel McNeill, Colin McKenna & Tony Chaudhary



100 Don McKinnon Drive, unit 14:
Features: 267m² retail premises in Northbridge Plaza, 2 shops on short-term leases
Rent: $129,157/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.75 million at a 7.38% yield
Agents: Anna Radkevich & Ranjan Unka


8 Moana Avenue, unit G:
Features: 140m² retail in Westpac Plaza, option to split into 2 tenancies
Outcome: passed in at $290,000
Agents: Mustan Bagasra

Nautilus, 11 Tamariki Drive, unit 4:
Features: 85m² shop, 3-year lease, one 3-year right of renewal
Outcome: passed in $505,000
Agents: Paul Dixon & Meredith Graham


32 Constellation Drive, unit 4:
Features: 251m² retail premises, 3 tenants – a bakery, nutritionist & Bruce Lee Sushi – on 6- to 10-year leases from 2013, in fully leased 8-unit complex on corner of Atlas Place
Rent: $129,157/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $2.54 million at 5.08% yield
Agents: Anna Radkevich & Ranjan Unka

Updated: 11 Paul Matthews Rd, unit 2:
Features: 524m², high stud warehouse, air-conditioned offices, in 5-unit development, 11 parking spaces
Outcome: passed in at $1.15 million, sold post-auction for $1.27 million
Agents: Matt Mimmack & James Kidd

27-29 William Pickering Drive, unit E3:
Features: 156m² ground-floor commercial space in business park, new 3-year lease term with right of renewal, 4 parking spaces
Rent: $42,688/year net + gst + outgoings
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Tonia Robertson & Chris White



240, 240A & 240B Great North Rd:
Features: 491m² site at Te Atatu Rd roundabout, 270m² floor area, 3 shops on separate titles, vacant restaurant has double frontage & commercial kitchen
Outcome: passed in $725,000
Agents: Oscar Kuang & James Chan


329A Main Rd, unit 2:
Features: 112m² retail unit leased to the Wine Circle until July 2018, one 6-year right of renewal
Rent: $27,903/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $513,000 at a 5.43% yield
Agents: Stuart Bode, Terry Jones & Terry Kim

329A Main Rd, units 3 & 4:
Features: 200m² outlet leased to Pizza & Pasta until November 2016, 4 3-year rights of renewal
Rent: $26,000/year net + gst, increases to $31,000/year in November if tenant renews
Outcome: sold for $616,000 at a 4.22% yield on current rent
Agents: Stuart Bode & Terry Jones

329A Main Rd, unit 7:
Features: 95m² unit leased to Blue Chip takeaways until January 2021, one 6-year right of renewal
Rent: $30,600/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $616,000 at a 4.97% yield
Agents: Stuart Bode, Terry Jones & Tony Chaudhary

329A Main Rd, unit 8:
Features: 95m² unit leased to The Gallery Cafe until February 2021, one 6-year right of renewal
Rent: $29,800/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $540,000 at a 5.52% yield
Agents: Stuart Bode, Terry Jones & Tony Chaudhary


East Tamaki

62-64 Allens Rd, East Tamaki.

62-64 Allens Rd, East Tamaki.

61-62 Allens Rd:
Features: 7500m² business 5-zoned site, 3260m² industrial building – 2980m² medium stud warehouse, 4-roller door access, 280m² of office & amenities; 4-year lease to current tenant expires in August 2018 with no right of renewal
Rent: $248,368 /year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $5.1 million at 4.87% yield
Agents: Dave Stanley & John Bolton

451 Ti Rakau Drive, unit I:
Features: 434m² bulk retail unit in The Hub, 6-year lease from March 2016 to The Bed People, one of 6 outlets in Auckland & Waikato
Rent: $148,000/year net + gst, fixed rental increases of CPI + 2%
Outcome: sold for $2.68 million at a 5.52% yield
Agents: Rosemary Wakeman & Geoff Wyatt


1E The Concourse:
Features: 715m² on first floor, fully licensed gaming bar & lounge, new 5-year lease, seismic rating 75% of new building standard
Rent: $111,939/year net + gst, rent reviews 2-yearly to higher of CPI + 5% or market
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Janak Darji & Tony Chaudhary


26 Elliot St:
Features: 808m² site on a main arterial road that connects the Southern Motorway & the Papakura cbd, 2 industrial units totalling 480m² from which Hugh Munro Panelbeaters has been operating for 30 years
Rent: $55,157/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1,033,000 at a 5.34% yield.
Agents: Shane Snijder & Peter Migonouff


3 West St:
Features: 397m², 2-storey corner building at top end of main street, 3 tenancies, 34% new building standard
Rent: $70,606/year + gst + outgoings
Outcome: passed in $1.04 million
Agents: Graeme Moore

Attribution: Auction.

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Huapai gets first use of new infrastructure fund

Auckland Council will use a new local residential growth fund to help fund & connect the transport needed for 1200 new homes in the Huapai Triangle special housing area.

The maximum $9.9 million investment is the first payment from the council’s 2015-25 long-term plan local residential growth fund, which the council set up and financed through Auckland Transport. The money spent will be recouped from development contributions property developers in the local area pay as each of their developments comes to fruition.

The funding agreement is a result of a collaboration between the council, the Huapai Triangle property developers and infrastructure partners Auckland Transport, the NZ Transport Agency & KiwiRail.

The infrastructure fund was included in the council’s 10-year budget, adopted on 25 June. The fund provides for $35 million/year for the next 10 years for local transport infrastructure for special housing areas & other residential growth areas. The fund is designed to bridge the budget gap for critical missing infrastructure links which might impede the development of new homes.

Council housing project director Ree Anderson said yesterday: “Creation of this growth fund is an essential step by the council & Auckland Transport as it enables the ‘just in time’ matching of core infrastructure with developers. It also provides certainty for developers and existing & future residents alike.

“This is the first of many areas that will be enabled over the next 10 years through the fund. As such, it is great to get the groundwork & supporting contractual arrangements in place – a great collaborative effort.”

Auckland’s 97 special housing areas have the capacity to yield more than 47,000 homes over 10 years. Ms Anderson said connecting them & other growth areas to key infrastructure services was vital to serving new homes and creating the quality neighbourhoods that communities expected.

The residential development on Station & Nobilo Rds, just south of the railway line at Huapai Village, will provide about 1200 additional homes in a mixed housing development and a range of types & sizes. 80-90 of the homes will be affordable, as defined by the Housing Accords & Special Housing Areas Act.

The residential growth fund will be used to upgrade parts of Station, Nobilo & Access Rds to support the planned-for increase of homes & sections in the area, and intersections of those roads with State Highway 16.

The landowners of the Huapai Triangle applied for a plan variation last September which will allow for a comprehensive residential development to be built. 120 of the potential 1200 sections are in the first qualifying development resource consent application, which was lodged with the council at the same time as the plan variation.

Attribution: Council release.

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5 sales for Colliers

Colliers agents have reported 3 sales around the Auckland region and 2 in the Waikato.


Victoria Quarter

18 Sale St:
Features: 3150m², 3 levels, ACC’s Auckland headquarters building
Rent: $740,000/year net
Outcome: sold to a private investor for $10.525 million
Agents: Charlie Oscroft & Andrew Reed



State Highway 16, 338 Main Rd:
Features: 2124m²,
Outcome: sold for $1.831 million at a 4.3% yield at $862/m²
Agents: Paul Jarvie & Deborah Dowling


East Tamaki

10 Barmac Place:
Features: 3000m² clearspan warehouse on a 6614m² site
Outcome: sold for $4.05 million
Agents: Paul Jarvie, Greg Goldfinch & Brad Johnston

South of the Bombays


709 Te Rapa Rd:
Features: 2.927ha site, 14,000m² of floorspace, tenanted by manufacturer NDA on a 10-plus-year lease
Rent: $900,000/year net
Outcome: sold for $12.4 million
Agents: Alan Pracy & Peter Herdson


2 Main Rd:
Features: 1167m² site, BP service station
Outcome: sold for $2.06 million at a 5.58% yield, with new 20-year lease
Agents: John Green & Alan Pracy

Attribution: Agency release.

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Buyers drive yields down on service stations & Huapai site

4 of the 5 properties taken to auction at Colliers International today were sold under the hammer, 3 of them at very strong yields.

The first 2 were service stations, one of them brand new, and the third property on the auction list, at Huapai in West Auckland (pictured), had a service station on it until 2011. The Huapai property was bought by a neighbour after a long battle of wits in $1000-10,000 raises that relentlessly forced the yield down, eventually to 4.34% on current income.

In contrast, a 240m² full-floor office halfway up Vincent St from Aotea Square sold for about $2000/m² by the time you deduct around $40,000 for each of 3 parking spaces (and rising, as parking building fees increase sharply) in a market where conversions to residential are being priced at up to 6 times that. A 193m² lower-floor conversion in this building, without parking, is on the market at $799,000 – $4140/m².



126 Vincent St.

126 Vincent St.

126 Vincent St, level 10:
Features: 915m² site, vacant 240m² office in 17-level office building (including 2 basement parking floors), 3 secure parking spaces, storage unit
Outcome: sold vacant for $625,000
Agents: Jonathan Lynch


Browns Bay

731 Beach Rd:
Features: 2336m² corner site, Caltex service station, new building completed in July, new 20-year triple net lease + 4 6-year rights of renewal
Rent: $198,000/year net with structured & market reviews, 100% head-leased with strong tenant covenant
Outcome: sold for $3.8 million at a 5.2% yield
Agents: Shoneet Chand, Jason Seymour & Matt Prentice



338 Main Rd:
Features: 2124m² site,
Rent: $79,494/year net + gst from 4 tenancies, 2 short-term, in 3 buildings, ex-Caltex service station site, fuel tanks removed, rezoned commercial in 2011, proposed town centre zone under unitary plan
Outcome: sold for $1.831 million at a 4.34% yield
Agents: Deborah Dowling & Paul Jarvie


East Tamaki

21A Lorien Place:
Features: 192m² office & warehouse, dual roller-door access
Outcome: sold for $376,500
Agents: Ben Herlihy

South of the Bombays – Waikato


2 Main Rd:
Features: 1167m², Raglan’s only petrol station, new 20-year net lease to BP with 4 6-year rights of renewal
Rent: $115,000/year with structured & market reviews
Outcome: sold for $2.06 million at a 5.6% yield
Agents: Alan Pracy & John Green

Te Awamutu

98-106 Alexandra St:
Features: 493m² corner site, 428m² ground floor, 63m² first floor, lease renewals to Westpac NZ Ltd run to 2023, seismic rating 100% new building standard
Rent: $94,547/year net + gst
Outcome: passed in at $1.35 million
Agents: Justin Oliver

Attribution: Auction.

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Updated: Total Property auction sell rate gets over 50%

Published 5 December 2014, updated with full details 6 December:

In a big Total Property commercial auction at Bayleys on Wednesday, 16 properties were sold under the hammer, 4 sold prior, 2 were offered together then individually but didn’t sell, and 2 were withdrawn.

2 more properties have sold since the auction, taking the sell rate to just over 50% on what was offered.

Keenest bidding was for 2 distinctly properties which didn’t look exceptionally attractive but attracted more than 50 bids each, one at Pokeno (photo above, details at foot of page) and the other in Remuera (see under Isthmus east).


Queen St valley

9B Victoria St East:
Features: 48m² retail unit occupied by convenience store & money exchange business on 3-year lease until June 2015, with one 3-year right of renewal
Rent: $48,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $775,000 at a 6.19% yield
Agents: Quinn Ngo & Matt Lee

Victoria Quarter

Victoria Park Market, 210 Victoria St West, unit 58:
Features: 41m² retail unit, leased unitl 2018 with 2 4-year rights of renewal
Rent: $26,832/year + gst
Outcome: no bid, passed in at vendor’s bid of $350,000
Agents: Paul Dixon & Samantha Ferguson

Isthmus east


Greenwoods Corner, 567 Manukau Rd:
Features: 172m² site, 137m² vacant shop formerly occupied by fashion retailer
Outcome: sold for $750,000
Agents: Ben Wallace & Brendan Graves


Great South Lodge, 32-34 Great South Rd:
Features: 4 shops of 73-80m² + 696m² 28-room guesthouse with 95% occupancy
Rent: $306,092/year
Outcome: passed in at vendor bid of $2.1 million
Agents: Dave Stanley & Ben Bayley

47 Huia Rd:
Features: 2592m² site, 2393m² net lettable area, 75% new building standard, vacant development opportunity with potential to split into separate tenancies
Outcome: passed in at $800,000
Agents: Simon Andrews & Nick Bayley

59-81 Station Rd:
Features: 1943m² site, 3-level building – 499m² retail, 331m² rear warehouse, 1905m² 31-room guesthouse in the old Orpheus Theatre
Rent: $332,000/year net + gst
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Ben Bayley & Dave Stanley


8 Basin View Lane:
Features: 106m² single-storey building on 106m² site in heart of commercial centre
Outcome: sold with vacant possession for $258,000
Agents: Tony Chaudhary & Janak Darji


8 Augustus Terrace:
Features: 4-level 309m² office building with 6 parking spaces, designed & originally occupied by award-winning architect Ken Crosson on 190m² elevated site with unobstructed views of the city centre & harbour; 94m² level 2 is vacant
Rent: $59,000/year net + gst from short-term leases on levels 1 & 3
Outcome: sold for $1.342 million
Agents: Matt Lee & James Chan


176-178 Station Rd:
Features: 1621m² site in 2 titles with redevelopment potential, occupied by panelbeaters
Rent: $92,560/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.23 million at a 7.52% yield
Agents: Mark Pittaway

1 Wootton Rd, Remuera.

1 Wootton Rd, Remuera.


1 Wootton Rd:
Features: 2-level 309m² building, commercial tenancy & vacant residential space on ground floor, 2 residential tenancies above on 551m² residential 7B-zoned site with 2 street frontages in Remuera’s medical belt
Rent: $67,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $2.31 million
Agents: Shayne Snijder, Robert Ashton & Quinn Ngo

Royal Oak

772-776 Manukau Rd:
Features: 364m² building, 4 retail & 2 office tenancies on 639m² leasehold site opposite shopping mall, ground-lease term of 20 years from 1 November 2001 with 20-year rights of renewal until 30 October 3001
Rent: $139,172/year net + gst, all outgoings & ground rent paid by tenants
Outcome: sold for $795,000 at a 17.5% yield
Agents: Ranjan Unka, Deep Purohit & Quinn Ngo

St Johns

23 Hannigan Drive, unit 6:
Features: 224mindustrial unit – 113.5m2 high stud warehousing, 31.5m2 office, 79m2 mezzanine
Outcome: sold prior with vacant possession for $336,000
Agent: Millie Liang

Isthmus west


660 Dominion Rd:
Features: 944m² 2-level building, 522m² tenanted, on 470m² site on the corner of Halston Rd, 5-year head lease until July 2018 to Ruy Ltd, which operates a restaurant on the first floor and subleases 125m² on the first & ground floors to a fast-food tenancy; 313m² on the ground floor, formerly occupied by a supermarket, is vacant
Outcome: passed in at $1.71 million, sold post-auction for $1.75 million
Agents: Millie Liang


1 Jervois Rd, units Q & R:
Features: 2 ground-floor units in Three Lamps retail complex leased to Media Works for 3 years until January 2017 with 3 3-year rights of renewal
Rent: $25,330/year net + gst
Outcome: sold prior for $400,000 at a 6.33% yield
Agents: Michael Block, Damian Stephen & Eddie Zhong



Dolphin Motel, 69 Williams Rd:
Features: 1012m² site, 497m² floor area; land, buildings & business offered as freehold going concern; 10 units + one-bedroom manager’s unit
Outcome: passed in at vendor bid of $900,000
Agents: Paul Dixon & Chester Rendell


6 Morrison Drive:
Features: Purpose-built 527m² storage facility, comprising 57 units from 13.5-126m², developed in 2008 on 1769m² site in Woodcocks industrial estate, occupancy running at close to 100%
Outcome: sold for $1.905 million
Agents: Duncan Napier & Steve Orr



234 Bush Rd, unit C:
Features: vacant 380m² warehouse & office, 6 exclusive parking spaces
Outcome: passed in at $655,000
Agents: Alex Strever

52 Oteha Valley Rd, unit F:
Features: 92.5m² ground-floor cafe plus an exclusive 13.75m² outdoor area in the centre of the 13-shop Seville retail complex, 6 exclusive stacked parking spaces; leased to Gina’s Café & Cakes until May 2015, with 4 3-year rights of renewal
Rent: $36,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $560,000 at a 6.42% yield
Agents: Damian Stephen, Eddie Zhong & Terry Kim

33 Triton Drive, unit J:
Outcome: withdrawn
Agents: Adam Curtis & Rosemary Wakeman


50 Lake Rd:
Features: 2 adjoining mixed-use buildings on 1208m² site, 3 tenancies on 3-4 year leases, 187m² of vacant upper- level office space
Rent: $72,857/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $1.41 million
Agents: Dean Gilbert-Smith & Simon Aldridge


106-108 Hurstmere Rd, unit B:
Features: 133m² retail unit occupied by a homeware & gift shop and a fashion retailer on short-term leases
Rent: $79,500/year net + gst
Outcome: passed in at $1,366,000 at a 5.8% yield
Agents: Simon Aldridge & Damian Stephen

473 Lake Rd:
Features: 197m² site with rear lane access, 129m² 2-storey building, Green Wasabi Japanese restaurant on a lease until May 2016 in the 74m² ground floor and 55m² first-floor apartment
Rent: $53,100pa/year net + gst, 30% of opex non-recoverable due to the residential tenancy
Outcome: sold for $800,000 at a 6.63% yield
Agents: Damian Stephen, Eddie Zhong & Terry Kim

Wairau Valley

18 Link Drive, unit 18:
Features: 380m² building, 9 parking spaces, leased until September 2019 with one right of renewal
Rent: $69,152/year + gst
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Trevor Duffin & John Algie

4D Target Court:
Features: 320m² industrial unit – 140m² high stud, tilt-slab warehousing, 90m² air-conditioned first-floor offices, 90m² ground-floor showroom
Outcome: sold prior with vacant possession for $575,000
Agents: Ranjan Unka & Matt Mimmack

96 Wairau Rd:
Features: 883m² business 9-zoned site occupied by car dealership U-Sell North Shore Ltd on 3-year lease
Rent: $63,000/year + gst + opex
Outcome: sold for $1.155 million at a 5.45% yield
Agents: Rosemary Wakeman, Trevor Duffin & Ranjan Unka



11 & 13 The Concourse:
Features: 2 adjoining 1012m² sites, one with substantial workshop
Outcome: passed in at $1.25 million for both lots, No 11 passed in at $525,000 vendor bid when offered separately, no bid on No 13 alone
Agents: Grant Miller & Mike Adams


326 Main Rd:
Features: 1012m² site for commercial development
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Angela Little & Grant Miller


17 Cartwright Rd, units 3 & 4:
Features: 3 industrial units of 100m², 160m² & 100m², 2 tenanted and one vacant
Rent: gross $26,500/year + gst from 2 units
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Derek Presland & Paul Dixon


Airport Oaks

62 Ascot Rd:
Features: vacant 4048m² corner site, dual access, 2190m² floor area
Outcome: passed in at $2.36 million
Agents: Jamsheed Sidhwa & Luke Carran

East Tamaki

Corner Harris Rd & Nandina Avenue:
Features: 2530m², 2 road frontages
Rent: $120,000/year + gst
Outcome: passed in at $1.725 million
Agents: Shane Snijder & John Bolton

21 Stonedon Drive:
Features: 2 industrial units totalling 1041m² on separate titles on 1906m² site with large yard, new 4-year lease to G&A Adhesives with one 4-year right of renewal
Rent: $114,000/year net + gst
Outcome: passed in at $1.57 million, sold post-auction for $1.7 million at a 6.7% yield
Agents: Mark Pittaway & Tony Chaudhary

386 Ti Rakau Drive:
Features: 2121m² site occupied by a Gull service station since 2000, with Gull Petroleum (NZ) Ltd on a 15-year lease until 21 December 2015 plus one 4-year right of renewal, 226m² retail area subleased
Rent: $261,183/year net + gst with annual increases to the higher of CPI or 2%
Outcome: sold for $2.82 million at a 9.26% yield
Agents: Tony Chaudhary & Shane Snijder

Highland Park

17 Aviemore Drive, units N & M:
Outcome: withdrawn
Agents: Geoff Wyatt


180 Moore St:
Features: 1040m² corner site with multiple access, 568m² floor area,
Rent: $121,406/year + outgoings + gst
Outcome: no bid, passed in on a vendor’s bid of $1.4 million
Agents: Tony Chaudhary & Shane Snijder


Totara Heights, 46 Eugenia Rise:
Features: 1575m² site, 353m² retail building occupied by a superette, takeaway & hairdresser with one vacancy, and 231m² basement flat
Rent: $51,651/year net + gst from 3 retail tenants, with the flat currently returning $23,400/year
Outcome: sold for $1.023 million
Agents: Tony Chaudhary & Janak Darji


327 Great South Rd:
Features: 3288m² of business 5-zoned land, 320m² industrial building
Outcome: sold vacant for $1.55 million
Agents: Katie Wu, Roy Rudolph & Tony Chaudhary


41A Elliot St:
Features:546m² corner warehouse unit, renewed 3-year lease to Pulse Party & Event Hire, in occupation since 1992
Rent: $39,000/year net + gst
Outcome: sold prior for $502,000 at a 7.77% yield
Agents: Dave Stanley, Nick Bayley & Piyush Kumar


83 King St:
Features: 531m² site – 219m² retail, 110m² apartment, 12 parking spaces of which 5 are leased to the neighbouring law firm
Rent: $72,723/year + outgoings + gst from 4 tenants
Outcome: offered as is where is, passed in at $860,000
Agents: Peter Migounoff & Graeme Moore


100 Takanini School Rd:
Features: 2969m² site, 2260m² floor area, offstreet parking for 27 cars – high-stud warehouse 800m², low-stud warehouse 320m², first-floor offices 588m², social club & glass-back squash court 251m², decks
Rent: $120,000/year holding income
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Peter Migounoff & Piyush Kumar

South of Bombays


39 Great South Rd:
Features: 1518m² corner site zoned business 8a (multi-use within industrial), 2 road frontages, 606m² of retail, office & warehouse space
Rent: $31,200/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $816,000
Agents: Shayne Snijder, Peter Migounoff & Tony Chaudhary

Attribution: Auction.

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Rodney council notifies Huapai residential plan

Published 15 March 2010

Jurisdiction: Rodney District


Neighbourhood: Huapai


Applicant: Rodney District Council


Application detail: Huapai North residential zone, variation 127, introducing special 29 zone that reflects proposals contained in the adopted Kumeu–Huapai central area plan


Notification date: 11 March


Submission closure date: Friday 23 April


Other details: The council says the variation would alter the zoning of land in Huapai North and introduce a new special 29 zone that reflects the proposals contained in the adopted Kumeu–Huapai central area plan.


The zone applies to the area generally bounded by State Highway 16, the Kumeu River to the east & north and the Coopers Creek natural waterway to the west. The existing developed area north-west of Oraha Rd, including the southern portions of Tapu & Matua Rds isn’t included in the variation. The area includes a range of residential densities, with the sites of greater intensity closest to Huapai town centre & the Huapai Reserve, extending out to less intensive residential sites near the rural fringe. Other local community needs would also be met by the inclusion of local shops & future reserve areas.

Earlier story:

19 February 2010: Watercare talks deferral for new West Rodney service, council says it’ll notify growth plans anyway


Want to comment? Go to the forum.


Attribution: Council notice, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Huapai South proposal is for mix of business & countryside living

Published 16 August 2009

Rodney District Council has approved the preparation of a district plan change which will allow a mix of countryside living & business park areas to be developed alongside one another in Huapai South.


The council expects the combined Kumeu & Huapai to have one of the district’s fastest growth rates over the next decade, from a population of 1400 now to 3800 in 2021.


The council’s western sector project manager, Gavin Flynn, said the area was a key driver of economic growth in Rodney as Kumeu & Huapai together comprise the second largest business centre in Rodney, after Silverdale. He said more land had to be made available for new homes & businesses.


More than 150 people attended a council series of open days in May about how the towns could develop.  


The council consulted residents on 2 options for Huapai South. One was to develop this area as business land only, and the other was to develop business & countryside living areas.


Feedback from the comments & open days indicated residents were concerned about the potential for noise & visual effects associated with business activity in Huapai South. As a result of this feedback, the council agreed last week to increase the amount of countryside-living land in Huapai South and reduce the amount of business land. Strict design guidelines & rules will also be introduced to reduce the noise & visual impact of business activities in the business park areas.


Council staff will now start preparing changes to district plan rules to allow residential & business land to be developed in Huapai. Further consultation will also be undertaken with other statutory bodies, including the Auckland Regional Council & the Ministry for the Environment.


Local residents & developers will have the opportunity to comment on proposed changes to district plan rules through a public consultation process. The council said the timing of development in the town and any plan changes will depend on when public water & wastewater servicing is available.


Another issue some submitters commented on was the need to preserve traditional industries in Kumeu & Huapai, such as viticulture & horticulture. The council decided to investigate setting aside an area in Kumeu or Huapai which could be used as a heritage park, where visitors could find out more about the history of the area.


Website: Huapai South urban design plan


Earlier stories:

13 May 2009: Open days on Kumeu-Huapai development future

1 December 2008: Council devising new land use plan for Kumeu & Huapai


Want to comment? Go to the forum.


Attribution: Council release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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