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5 special housing areas approved

Commissioners have produced decisions approving 5 special housing areas at Ardmore, Clarks Beach, Drury South, Glenbrook, & Hobsonville Landing.

Auckland Council issued notices today making the applications under the housing accord with the Government operative.

The 5 areas:

  • Ardmore, plan variation 17, 170, 180 & 190 Walters Rd & 587 Mill Rd, 19.6ha rezoned from future urban to mixed housing suburban, to create 295 lots including 30 affordable housing sites
  • Clarks Beach, 137 Clarks Beach Rd, plan variation 19, 50.7ha rezoned from future urban to mixed housing suburban, 32 vacant lots, 2 residential superlots
  • Drury South, plan variation 16, 49 Harrison Rd & McEldownie Rd, 101ha rezoned from light industry to terrace housing & apartment buildings, mixed housing urban & mixed housing suburban, 50 residential lots
  • Glenbrook, plan variation 14, 35 & 127 McLarin Rd, 69ha rezoned from rural coastal to single house & local centre, to create 231 lots for residential, reserve & roading, neighbourhood park & coastal café
  • Hobsonville Landing, plan variation 12, 2ha to mixed-use zone, 6 new dwellings

Link: Auckland Council, special housing areas

Attribution: Council notices.

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Council puts Ardmore noise-sensitivity plan change on hold

Published 30 May 2012

The Auckland Council’s planning & urban design forum resolved yesterday that introducing controls on noise-sensitive developments on sites affected by the outer noise contour for Ardmore aerodrome be put on hold for inclusion in the new unitary plan.

The forum had 2 options – proceed with plan change 18, picking up where the former Manukau City Council left off, or holding it over until it can be fitted into the unitary plan programme, beginning this year for notification next year.

The council has resolved in its long-term plan to finish plan changes it already had under way, but not to start the process for new ones – albeit those new ones might have been started years ago by predecessor councils.

The Manukau City Council initiated this one in 2006, but it was put on hold until plan changes were completed for the Ardmore aerodrome & surrounding areas, so plan changes by the Manukau council and the Papakura District Council would be consistent.

The forum resolution needs to be endorsed by the council’s regional development & operations committee.

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Attribution: Forum, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Private plan change for 19ha at Ardmore Aerodrome

Published 2 March 2009

Papakura District Council has accepted for consultation a private plan change which would open up 19ha of Ardmore Aerodrome for non-aviation activities.


Ardmore Airport Ltd lodged its request for private plan change 10 on 24 December and the council accepted it at its meeting on 24 February.


The 19ha, on the western side of the aerodrome, is being cropped for maize though it carries an Ardmore Airport designation. The airport company wants an overlay zone to provide for non-aviation activities that meet certain development criteria until the area is required for aviation purposes.


Until the company gets a stormwater discharge consent from the Auckland Regional Council, erecting buildings will be a restricted discretionary activity.


The airport company is part of the Tramco group headed by David Muller & Mark Wyborn.


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Attribution: Council agenda & minutes, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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