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Otara Lake cleanup plan close to ending 21 years of talk

The Otara Waterways & Lake project strategic action plan will be up for its second political endorsement at the Howick Local Board’s meeting on Monday 14 September.

The Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board endorsed the plan in August.

A member from each board – Stephen Grey (Otara-Papatoetoe) & Gary Boles (Howick) will facilitate development of the independent trust which is to implement the plan, using $100,000 of local board funding.

Under the plan, the highly polluted Otara Lake & waterway system will be restored & rejuvenated over the next 30 years. The project has been community-led, represented by a steering group that included 28 community, business & council organisations.

Principal council policy analyst Sam Noon has outlined the degradation of the waterways – and over 20 years of plans to restore them – in a report for the local boards.

He said the natural tidal function was disrupted in 1968, when the Electricity Commission built the Otahuhu power station and a weir was built at the point where the Otara Creek meets the Tamaki River: “Significant quantities of zinc, copper & lead have been trapped within the 50ha estuarine lake. The levels of e-coli are 40 times higher than the limits set within the national policy statement for freshwater management. The Otara waterway has been further polluted by stream bank erosion, sediment runoff, litter, road wash, industrial sector pollution & other contaminants.”

The Auckland Regional Council, Electricity Commission & Manukau City Council set out a plan to remediate the lake in 1994, signing a memorandum of understanding, but remediation didn’t proceed.

Community-led activities such as stream cleanup days have been initiated in the Otara stormwater catchment in recent years, delivering short-term benefits, but Mr Noon said they hadn’t been of the scale & intensity required to restore the waterway.

This time, he said, the plan had already encouraged partner organisations to start a number of projects – Highbrook Rotary had initiated the extraction of dumped tyres from the waterway area, the Greater East Tamaki Business Association had asked the Manukau Beautification Trust to label stormwater drains in its industrial precinct, targeting the avoidance of toxic waste spillage.

Mr Noon said independent trusts were an effective way to manage funding: “The establishment of independent trust structures for community-led initiatives fits well with the council’s desire to empower communities and to work collaboratively with other organisations that have shared objectives.”

The steering group wants sediment from individual development sites greatly reduced, and plans drawn up for revegetation sites by 2018. A landscape design programme will be developed to co-ordinate planting, identify linkages & access and provide for safe public space. Auckland Transport will be involved in remediating stormwater from roads with the heaviest contaminant loadings.

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Grace Tai, remediation idea sketches

Attribution: Board agenda.

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Otara-Papatoetoe board sets out advocacy issues

Published 31 January 2011

The Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board has set out its key objectives & activities – plus a list of advocacy issues – for the year to June 2012, for approval at its first meeting of the year, on Tuesday 1 February.

The key objectives & activities are:

Engage with the local communityDevelop the first local board planInput to development of regional strategies, plans & policies, including the Auckland spatial planEstablish constructive working relationships with the Auckland Council’s governing body, council-controlled organizations & other local boards.

Advocacy with the governing body on:

Remediate Otara Lake and make general estuarine & foreshore improvements, in collaboration with other local boards, central government & other key stakeholdersContinue support for the regionally significant Manukau cbd projects centred on Hayman ParkDelegation of bylaw responsibilities to local boards, enabling influence of streetscape improvements and better community control of liquor licensing/consumption, street prostitution & gamblingProvision of additional public open space at Hunters Corner, acquisition of property adjacent to Kohuora ParkImplement Papatoetoe nodal plans, including upgrade of St Georges St, Hunters Corner & Otara Town Centre business areasStart the Otara multisport facility feasibility study and provide implementation fundingOtara-Papatoetoe heritage trail development and establish a museum facility in PapatoetoePlan & provide Otara youth centres and a Papatoetoe arts centre with consideration of serving both Otara & Papatoetoe communitiesProgress business improvement district projects, with a particular focus on safety programmes, including advocacy for central government supportProvide for the development of neighbourhood parks & appropriate acquisition of adjacent properties to enhance functionality & safety of these parks.

Advocacy with Auckland Transport on:

Redesign of the Kolmar Rd/Wallace St/St Georges St intersectionDevelop a second railway crossing at Shirley & Station RdsProvide improved pedestrian access to the Norman Kirk Memorial Pool on Newbury St, OtaraImprove public transport feeder services to rail & shopping centres.

To undertake the following key initiatives in 2011-12 (these items haven’t been agreed with the governing body and aren’t included in the budget contained in this draft agreement):

Ongoing provision of free swimming pools & libraries in the local board area, in collaboration with other local boardsCommunity facility renewals, including improving access to Papatoetoe Citizens Advice Bureau, Otara CAB refurbishment, housing for the elderly maintenance & upgrades, Tupu Library extension and provision of larger premises for Fresh Gallery Arts Space in Otara Town CentreCommunity safety initiatives, including CCTV, alcohol harm minimisation, graffiti management (education, eradication & enforcement), CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design)  ‘hot spot’ assessments to reduce the opportunity for crimeComplete the interchange project at Otara Town Centre on East Tamaki Rd in association with Auckland TransportRongomai Park sports fields & football club developmentHayman Park redevelopments in tandem with Manukau Centre worksNew tennis dome at Manukau Sports BowlTe Puke Otara-Hampton Park, a significant heritage reserve, to be completed for opening & promotion to the public, along with the East Tamaki fields opposite to be further designed & progressedPapatoetoe Recreation Ground, a major ‘sportsville’ development with trust management and a corner property newly acquired to be scoped for future developmentColin Dale Park motorsport development & Puhinui Reserve options investigatedStadium Reserve upgrade to start.

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Attribution: Board agenda, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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