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Consent volume climbs $2.4 billion in year

Building consents across all sectors have risen by $2.4 billion (23%) in the last year, boosted as construction gets under way in Christchurch and the apartment sector (both apartments & retirement village units) picks up.

1999 consents for new homes were issued nationally in March, a 35.5% increase over March 2013. That took annual consents to 22,366, up 28.6% on the previous year. There were 186 apartment consents for the month, taking the moving annual total in that sector to 2598, up 69% on the previous year.

Auckland consents were up from 393 a year ago to 561 for the month, Christchurch was up from 126 to 342.

Auckland consents for the March year reached 6529.

Consent numbers in Christchurch started to surge upward last September, joining the growth which had already started in outlying areas. Consents for the city totalled 3034 for the last year, 6191 for the province.

The value of residential consents has risen 30% ($1.94 billion) in the last year to $8.4 billion.

Non-residential consents rose 15.8% for the month to $422 million, and by 13% for the year to $4.38 billion, a $500 million rise from the previous year.

Total consents rose 29.9% ($290 million) for the month to $1.26 billion, and by 22.8% ($2.4 billion) for the year to $13.08 billion.

Attribution: Statistics NZ tables.

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BIA to review certifiers’ insurance scheme

The Building Industry Authority is initiating a review of the insurance scheme for private building certifiers.

The Building Act allows private building certifiers to provide building inspection & certification services, but they have to have an insurance scheme in place and when the leaky homes crisis hit many found their insurance cover became too expensive, putting them out of business.

Building Industry Authority chief executive John Ryan said issues had emerged over the past few months in terms of general cover and policy terms & conditions that meant it was appropriate to review the insurance scheme now.

“The purpose of the review is to determine whether any changes are required to the current scheme. We’re looking at this now so we can address any issues for consumers & building certifiers going forward.

“It’s important to note that this review is being driven by changes in the insurance market. The BIA has confidence in the technical ability of private building certifiers.”

Mr Ryan said the review should take 3-4 months and would involve consultation with private building certifiers & other interested parties.

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