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Mainzeal moves to business hubs and earlier project collaboration

Published 24 June 2008

Mainzeal Property & Construction Ltd will move from having 6 localised businesses to 3 regional hubs & 2 local area offices, supporting what the company calls its philosophy of being nationally capable but acting locally.


The company has made internal appointments for the 3 new regional general manager positions – Paul Stewart based in Auckland, Dave O’Donovan in Wellington and Paul Blackler in Christchurch. Mainzeal will also retain its Waikato/Bay of Plenty office, where Finlay Irwin has been appointed manager. Darren Mason will continue to manage the Palmerston North office.


Chief operating officer Peter Gomm said the hub structure would promote one-organisation thinking with very clear lines of communication: “We want to be New Zealand’s best national construction business and this is a key driver for the new model. The hubs will be strongly connected, working as one business.”


Mr Gomm said there was a growing demand from clients for the construction industry to be more collaborative in designing & delivering projects. The new structure would allow Mainzeal to explore all opportunities in the New Zealand construction & infrastructure markets.


“We aim to be business partners for our clients, to better understand the ultimate outcomes sought at an earlier point in the project-definition process. This means working alongside client representatives, design consultants, quantity surveyors & specialist contractors from the construction industry supply chain, up front.”


Mr Gomm said a major benefit would be budget savings to projects: “This is about risk management too, because having the construction party involved at a conceptual level means possible blowouts are recognised & addressed earlier, avoiding a redesign or respecification too late in the project schedule. We look forward to saving our clients millions on major projects.”


Mr Gomm said Mainzeal’s projects would benefit through efficient sharing of learnings & best-practice processes: “We successfully demonstrated the business model in collaborating with the design consultants and members of the industry supply chain in delivering Spring Hill Corrections Facility, and we can now confidently implement it across our projects.”


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Attribution: Company release, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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