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Councils buy South Kaipara farm for regional park

Published 27 October 2005

The Auckland Regional & Rodney District Councils have bought an unidentified 247ha South Kaipara property for $5.4 million for a regional park. Rodney contributed $1 million.

“For far too long Auckland has had its back turned to the Kaipara, but now we will have 2 fantastic parks on the Kaipara Harbour with quite different natural, cultural & recreation values. We are very pleased the ARC has been able to take this unique opportunity to bring another significant piece of land into public ownership,” regional council chairman Mike Lee said of this purchase & that of Atiu Creek Farm across the harbour at Tapora.

“It is important that as the region’s population continues to grow, we provide high quality recreation settings & opportunities for Aucklanders and the ARC is committed to playing a lead role in this area,” Mr Lee said.

Regional council parks & heritage committee chairman Sandra Coney said the property was unique, offering access to one of the best beaches on the Kaipara Harbour and the major lake (Lake Ototoa) on the peninsula. Lake Ototoa is currently the best freshwater lake in the Auckland region, she said.

“The South Head property is ideal for both day visits & camping. It is attractive for picnicking, fishing, and allows safe swimming,” Cllr Coney said.

Short-term, the regional council will continue to manage the property as a farm. Although it won’t be fully developed for some time, the public will have access to it.

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843ha Kaipara farm gifted to ARC

Published 4 October 2005

The owners of Atiu Creek Farm on the Kaipara Harbour, Pierre & Jackie Chatelanat (pictured on the farm), have gifted the 843ha property to the Auckland Regional Council. It’s expected to be opened as a regional park in 5 years.

The farm is 20km west of Wellsford, on the Okahukura (Tapora) Peninsula, and fronts the Oruawharo River in the Kaipara Harbour’s north-east – 115km north of downtown Auckland on the Auckland region & Rodney district’s northern border. The Kaipara district is across the water.

The ARC will run the property as a farm as it does with a number of its other regional parks. All the Chatelanats will retain is a residence on 2.5ha.

Mr Chatelanat acquired the farm in 1952, developed the property & its infrastructure for the next 11 years, mostly from scrubland, then joined the Food & Agriculture Organisation in Rome, where he met his wife. He visited the farm regularly over the years. Both Mr & Mrs Chatelanat have travelled extensively and have been permanent residents in New Zealand, living on the farm, since 1998.

They decided to gift the property to the regional council to preserve & protect this area of the Kaipara Harbour from development and to provide public access to the land. Their spokesman, PricewaterhouseCoopers partner Robbie Gimblett, said their vision was to secure protection for the property’s natural & cultural heritage.

Regional council chairman Mike Lee said the gift of Atiu Creek Farm was on a scale not seen for many decades: “Atiu Creek Farm is protected by a QEII Trust open space covenant, and it is through the placing of this covenant that the ARC became involved. I would like to thank the QEII Trust for recommending the ARC as the appropriate agency to manage this property as part of the regional parks network,” he said.

Regional council parks & heritage committee chairman Sandra Coney said the farm showed the benefits of 53 years of dedication & commitment from the owners and was in excellent condition: “It enjoys an extensive harbour frontage and has large tracts of native forest & wetlands. Atiu Creek Farm offers a combination of open space & fantastic views. It is rich in both Maori & Pakeha cultural history, with significant pa & early settler sites.”

The regional council will take ownership of the property, the region’s 23rd regional park, on 1 July 2006.  It will be the region’s 3rd-largest regional park – after the Waitakere Ranges & Hunua Ranges parks – and the largest single-title regional park.

The council expects to formally open it in 2011, after necessary development for public access.

Website: ARC, Atiu Creek Farm details


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