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12 years after demolition order scrapped, Hobson St building sells

An office tenancy in the former Canvas City & Wong Doo building at the corner of Hobson & Cook Sts, leased in March, was sold at an auction brought forward at Bayleys yesterday.

The small 2-storey building faced demolition in 2005, when South Korean developer Dae Ju Developments Co Ltd sought council permission to knock it down and extend the Fiore apartment building, already approved, across 2 sites.

Heritage campaigner Allan Matson fought demolition and Auckland City councillors Christine Caughey & Faye Storer led the process to look again at Dae Ju’s application.

Eventually, Fiore was built in 2 stages, with the corner shop refurbished. It was constructed in 1885 with shop space at ground level, living areas behind & bedrooms above. It was sold yesterday by Dae Ju successor KNC Global Management Co Ltd.


Victoria Quarter

166 Hobson St, corner Cook St:
Features: 199m² floor area on 2 levels in refurbished category B historic building, occupied by Global Visas Ltd on new 6-year lease
Rent: $110,000/year net + gst + outgoings, body corp levy $5889/year
Outcome: sold for $1.92 million at a 5.73% yield at auction brought forward
Agents: Sarah Boles & Terry Kim

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Attribution: Auction.

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Council backs status quo as its unitary plan mediation position

Auckland Council decided yesterday to reject a staff proposal to abandon or downgrade 10 of the volcanic viewshafts around the region, as a council position in mediation at the unitary plan hearings.

The council’s Auckland development committee had before it a proposal to remove 5 viewshafts under the proposed unitary plan and to downgrade 3 others from regionally significant to a new category of locally significant. Changes to height controls would obscure 2 others.

Landscape architect Stephen Brown, who presented an expert group’s evaluation to the committee, said the evaluation of all 87 viewshafts had taken 4½ months, and the panel of experts was divided at the end of it. He said some wanted another 20 viewshafts removed from the list.

Some submitters on the proposed unitary plan – notably Housing NZ – want almost all viewshafts to go.

Expert conferencing on the viewshafts finished on Monday and the council’s plans & place general manager, John Duguid, said the next mediation stage would be on 5 April. Hearing of submissions on the viewshafts resumes on 9 May, and the panel is scheduled to release its decision in August.

Planning consultant Peter Reaburn said in his report to the committee that, last August, the committee had supported a review of the criteria in the proposed plan for regionally significant views and the development of criteria for locally significant views, and had also supported reviewing the impacts of the viewshafts on development.

Back in the Town Hall to discuss the council mediation position yesterday, there was hardly a murmur in favour of abandoning any of the viewshafts, although some were already compromised.

Instead of supporting the staff recommendations, the committee agreed to reconfirm the council’s current position on volcanic viewshafts & height-sensitive areas, with only Cllr George Wood opposing retention of one viewshaft, of Mt Eden from a point on the Southern Motorway.

The viewshafts have been in council planning documents for 40 years, preventing developments from rising within them. However, Mr Brown said some views had been obliterated, some obscured by vegetation and there was a compelling case for deleting the shaft from the motorway.

Independent Maori Statutory Board member Liane Ngamane tried to get an understanding of how Maori values were assessed – and Mr Brown said it was “a purely technical analysis”, that the expert group hadn’t been asked to “go beyond the visual” and “the focus was not on values which we didn’t have the expertise to assess”.

Ms Ngamane: “Do you accept that that may not be consistent with the Maori relationship?”

Mr Brown: “We didn’t have at that point anybody with expertise on Maori values.”

Albert-Eden Local Board chair Peter Haynes and Orakei Local Board deputy chair & mayoral candidate Mark Thomas gave brief presentations to the committee.

Mr Haynes: “What is the one physical feature that distinguishes Auckland from every other city in the world? It is located on a volcanic field. Auckland in that respect is totally unique. Calling these maunga outstanding natural features is an understatement.”

He said the nature of the evaluation was solely related to the economic value of these maunga in development terms, presenting the shafts only as a cost, and commented: “Undermining volcanic viewshafts is a very quick way of undermining pursuing United Nations natural heritage status.”

He said the new maunga authority (Tupuna Maunga o Tamaki Makaurau Authority) opposed any reduction of the viewshafts.

Mr Haynes questioned the distinction of local significance: “You either protect viewshafts or you don’t. I’ve learnt that restricted discretionary [planning status] doesn’t give you any protection at all. That’s tantamount to no protection at all and it would only be a matter of time before such viewshafts are lost.”

Link: Committee agenda

Attribution: Council committee agenda & debate.

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Propbd on Q Th14Aug14 – Tranche 4 debate on, $1 reserve apartment sells, plan changes approved

Debate continues on housing areas tranche 4
4 apartments sell at auction, including one off $1 reserve
Te Arai, Drury South & Shore heritage plan changes to be made operative

Debate continues on housing areas tranche 4

Auckland Council’s Auckland development committee began discussing the fourth tranche of special housing areas in confidential meeting late this morning, stopped for a late lunch and has a traffic jam of meetings to contend with this afternoon.

The budget committee is scheduled to meet at 2.30pm, with business including a refinement of local board funding policy, followed by a governing body meeting to rectify an error in the process to set the rates.

The committee recommendation on the special housing areas will remain confidential through the governing body meeting on 28 August and on until the housing minister releases a decision on the council recommendation.

4 apartments sell at auction, including one off $1 reserve

A developer-owned apartment off Symonds St, offered with a reserve price of $1 + gst, sold at Ray White City Apartments’ auction today for $100,000 + gst.

It was one of 4 units to sell under the hammer out of 5 offered at the auction. Bidding was heavy, even for the unit passed in. Auction results:

Ascent, 149 Nelson St, unit 121, sold for $280,000, sales agent Tim Warmington
Citta, 184 Symonds St, unit 319, sold for $282,000, Keisha Gutierrez
Lighter Quay, 79 Halsey St, unit 104, leasehold, passed in at $340,000, Adele Keane & Krister Samuel
The Quadrant, 10 Waterloo Quadrant, unit 2008, sold for $346,700, Damian Piggin & Daniel Horrobin
Columbia, 15 Whitaker Place, unit 10G, sold for $100,000 + gst, Donald Gibbs

Te Arai, Drury South & Shore heritage plan changes to be made operative

Auckland Council’s Auckland development committee approved 3 plan changes to be made operative today. They were:

10 Te Arai, Rodney private plan change 166, the Environment Court granted consents on 29 April to establish a golfcourse, with some amendments to be made before they and the plan change would be finalised, and that was done on 26 July

11 Drury South, Papakura & Franklin private plan changes 12 & 38, regional policy statement change 19 and regional plan: Air, land & water change 3, the proposal by Stevenson Group Ltd rezones 361ha of rural & quarry land for a mix of industrial & business development; also approved through the same hearing was Auckland Council’s proposed extension of the metropolitan urban limit to incorporate the Drury South development site & some surrounding land

12 North Shore plan change 38, amendments to schedule of historic heritage places, the plan change adds 69 buildings to the schedule, 11 category A & 58 category B

Attribution: Council committee, auction.

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Historic Places Trust proposes scheduling for 3 buildings

Published 5 April 2011

The Historic Places Trust has proposed registering 3 Auckland buildings as category 1 historic places – 104 Fanshawe St, 95 Queen St & 26 Clive Rd, Epsom.

The former Auckland Timber Co Ltd building on Fanshawe St is a 4-storey brick building which was head office for some of the most important timber companies in the country in the late 1800s through to 1944. It had a kauri sawmill beside it.

The 3-storey Gilfillan’s Store building at 95 Queen St, running along Exchange Lane to Mills Lane, is now called Ranchhod Chambers and has a money exchange & souvenir shop on the ground-floor. [Auckland Council has issued heritage orders today for this building & the Wong Doo building at the corner of Hobson St & Mayoral Drive, preventing demolition].

The trust’s registration reports says it was commissioned by politician & business leader John Anderson Gilfillan, was built in 1865 and is the second-oldest known surviving commercial building on Queen St.

Whare Tane, on a lower slope of Maungawhau (Mt Eden), was the home of political cartoonist Trevor Lloyd for his last 12 years and remained in his family until 1982. Mr Lloyd was principal cartoonist at the NZ Herald & Auckland Weekly News in the early 1900s, and used Maori influences in the design of this house, which is still in private ownership.

Submissions on the registration proposals close on Friday 29 April.

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Attribution: Trust notice, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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3 buildings approved for heritage scheduling

Published 10 September 2010

Auckland City Council’s city development committee approved the scheduling of 3 buildings for inclusion in the council’s heritage schedule yesterday.

The committee recommendation will go to the full council for endorsement on Thursday 23 September. Following that, plan change 218 will be made operative.

The buildings are:

Parnell, Mayfair Flats at 75 Parnell RdSt Heliers, Blumenthal/Mondrian House at 317 St Heliers Bay RdMission Bay, Garden Court flats at 5 Tamaki Drive.

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Attribution: Council committee agenda & meeting, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Council schedules 6 buildings, leaves one to new council

Published 27 August 2010

Auckland City Council approved plan change 7 in part last night – adding 6 buildings in the central area to its heritage schedule but leaving out 13 Albert St because it remains subject to appeals.


26 Wyndham St (ex-Auckland Gas Co building), 16 Waterloo Quadrant (merchant house, now Newman Hall, ex-Nathan House), 140 Hobson St (ex-Prince of Wales Hotel), 164-168 Hobson St (Wong Doo building), 44-48 Queen St (Imperial building) & 10 Eden Crescent (ex-Hotel Cargen).


13 Albert St is the former Yates building. There’s an appeal to reschedule all of it and to include the warehouse as a category A building. Against that, there are appeals to delete the property as a scheduled building.


Senior council planner Angela Borich said in her report it would be some time before those appeals could be heard in the Environment Court, or determined through a settlement, so the council went ahead with scheduling those it could before handing over the reins to the new Auckland Council on 1 November.


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Attribution: Council meeting & agenda, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Plan change puts Rodney heritage spots where they’re supposed to be

Published 24 May 2010

The Rodney District Council put plan change 135, cultural heritage amendments, out to public consultation on 20 May. Submissions close on Friday 18 June.


The plan change to the council’s proposed district plan 2000 will amend chapter 17, on cultural heritage, and specifically the appendix detailing historic structures, sites & fixed objects listed for protection and the related planning maps.


The council said the amendments would make a number of corrections, such as where a heritage item is shown on the wrong site, or not shown at all.


The council is trying to complete its 2000 district plan before it’s swallowed up at the end of the year in the unitary Auckland Council.


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Attribution: Council release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Shore council seeks last comments on draft heritage strategy

Published 18 September 2009

The North Shore City Council is calling for informal public comment on its draft historic heritage strategy. Submissions close on Thursday 8 October.


Council strategy & finance committee chairman Grant Gillon said the aim of the heritage strategy was to make it easier to identify & protect all historic heritage resources in the city, and to understand the stories behind them.


“Now that the council is coming to the end of a lengthy period of consultation and the strategy is nearing its final form, we want all North Shore residents to have the opportunity to tell us how we can improve it to ensure that it achieves its objectives.”


He said the draft strategy provided for the identification & integrated management of the city’s buildings, archaeological sites, records held by the council & other organisations, and items & archives held in local museums & libraries. There’s also provision for an education programme aimed at both residents & visitors.


Cllr Gillon said earlier feedback indicated a strong preference for the council to fund provisions in the strategy: “The feedback from key stakeholders has been that the identification & protection of the city’s historic heritage is critically important. It has become even more essential in light of the reorganisation of Auckland’s local government. We need to be confident that when the new Auckland Council is formed, we are able to pass on robust information about the places of heritage significance here on the North Shore.”


For this reason, the council had already begun aligning its heritage work with the new strategy by initiating a review of items listed for protection in the district plan.  


Website: Heritage strategy


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Attribution: Council release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Heritage plan change 218 open to further submissions

Published 8 June 2008

Jurisdiction: Auckland City


Applicant: Council


Application: Plan change 218, open to further submissions. The plan change seeks to schedule 3 residential addresses for heritage protection:


Parnell, 75 Parnell Rd, Mayfair flatsMission Bay, 105 Tamaki Drive, Garden Court flats, andSt Heliers, 317 St Heliers Bay Rd, house.

Notification date: 7 June (plan change first notified 13 March)


Further submissions closure date: Monday 7 July


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Attribution: Council notice, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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Update: Submission period extended on 3 proposed residential heritage listings

Published 6 April 2008

Jurisdiction: Auckland City


Applicant: Council


Application: Plan change 218, heritage protection:


·         Parnell, 75 Parnell Rd, Mayfair flats

·         Mission Bay, 105 Tamaki Drive, Garden Court flats

·         St Heliers, 317 St Heliers Bay Rd, house


Notification date: 5 April


Original submission closure date: Monday 5 May


New closure date: Monday 19 May


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Attribution: Council notice, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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