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Planning Institute creates interactive website

Corrected 7 June 2006

When this story & the item in External links were posted, I managed to write about the Planning Institute and refer to a Property Institute link. You can click on the links to both below and also see the full URLs of each site, so you don’t make the same mistake I did.


Published 6 June 2006

The NZ Planning Institute has created a more interactive website with sections for members, individuals & the public.

Institute president Michael Gunder said transformation of the website into a much more interactive & content-rich site was a very exciting development: “The radical revision of the site is particularly timely, given the increasing reliance by the majority of our members & the general public on the internet & email to communicate quickly & efficiently and access important information.

“It is also fitting and critical for the planning profession, which is constantly researching trends & community needs,  redeveloping plan policies & rules to accommodate change, and then needing to communicate these effectively with a range of  publics.

“Given the fast-paced nature of the profession and its important role in terms of managing change and shaping futures, we are particularly excited about the survey potential of the website. There is a never-ending list of community issues, such as infrastructure needs, economic & social trends that we need to keep abreast of, and being able to easily & efficiently canvas opinions & views will provide members with some welcome up-to-date information.”

The site will carry a list of Planning Quarterly articles, which can be bought for a nominal fee, the full content of institute submissions, information on what members of the public can expect from a planning specialist and planners’ contact details by region.

Institute members have their own dedicated section and can simply log on using their email address to access a number of benefits. Younger member planners & graduates have their own dedicated section and can paste their CVs on the site for potential employers to view.  The institute can also conduct online surveys on critical issues.

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NZ Property Institute (


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Attribution: NZ Planning Institute release, story written by Bob Dey for this website.


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