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Kelland on move

Kelland moving

Kelland Real Estate plans to be on the move in a few months, but the question on staff lips at the end of last week was: which design?

The small firm established by Deborah Kelland (below) in Bath St, Parnell, operates from open rented premises with large floor-to-ceiling windows opening on to a sheltered balcony.

Ms Kelland has bought an old villa in the middle of the small Gladstone Rd shopping centre, up from the Rose Gardens and across the Parnell gully, but wanted her staff’s views on which design to opt for. The choice, between Jasmax, Brent Hulena and Fearon Hay, should be decided this week.

All designs have a gallery, and the design of Geoff Fearon and Tim Hay also has a tree inside an atrium, with the gallery looking on to it. The 404m² site allows for a net 404m² of floor area.

“We hope to be in by October,” Ms Kelland said.

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“Hip apartment team” the new Kelland’s marketing look

Young urban specialists get involved in projects early

Changing times dictate new approaches, and Deborah Kelland (left) has done that in various ways. The new offices of her firm, Kelland’s Realty, on Gladstone Rd in Parnell make a statement and the creation of a “hip apartment team” makes another.

Kelland’s has specialised in city apartment work, competing there with Bayleys for a time, but is now off Princes Wharf, is tying up some of last year’s projects and thinking ahead on how to make things work for the next cycle.

The firm has become even more firmly project-orientated, rejecting the take-all model of traditional real estate agency.

Very precise customer targets

“Our target? Affluents who want desirable, creative and substantial properties.

“We have some niche markets: coastal subdivisions and individual coastal properties; designer houses, including penthouses; creative commercial projects; quality investments such as UniLodge (just started on Anzac Ave), Sebel, Metropolis, major projects,” Ms Kelland said.

Ross Hawkins has been specialising in the coastal developments, particularly the Omaha South project which will double the size of the settlement on the Omaha peninsula.

Meanwhile, back in the city, Myles Green, Matt Baird and Blair Watson (left to right) are members of the “hip apartment team”.

Axis projects went well

Kelland’s put through some successful projects for Greg Wilkinson’s Axis Group last year — revivals of old Whitcoulls space, which was turned into the Met and Soho apartments off High and Queen Sts.

“We’ve sold 83 of 87 of these, in three refurbished historic buildings, Whitcombe & Tombs, Lewis Eady and the Securities building. They have studs up to 3.4m high, exposed concrete beams and sprinklers, with designer fitout.

“The Met was much smaller, but the second stage included lofts up to 126m², industrial New York in their style, very popular.”

Mr Green said there was a broader range of buyer for the Met, which he believed would show good returns. Settlement is occurring at the moment.

“We’ve found the whole High St area has gone ahead and there still seems to be good rental demand there. Tenants are typically taking apartments from six months to a year.”

An interesting feature of these apartments is that, with no parking provided, some tenants are able to leave their car in employer-provided parking.

Aero features industrial look, high lofts

The next project is again a refurbishment, this one the Aero apartments by architect Colin Leuschke and Chris Morton, in the former Jean Jones building on Cheshire St, 22 apartments featuring an industrial look with high-stud ceilings, and mezzanine floors on upper units.

Two were sold before last September’s launch, all are now sold and work has begun for an end-June completion. These apartments were priced from $118,000 (gst included) for a street-facing 35m² studio to $245,000 for 69m², containing one bedroom, a study, a mezzanine level and a balcony with views across the steam locomotive sheds to the Domain, a short distance up from Carlaw Park.

“The high loft space was a major selling point. It was a quiet market towards the end of last year and it’s flown out the door.”

About six of the buyers are investors, with projections of 10% gross returns on studios, 8.5-9% net from $285-315/week rent on prices of about $150,000.

Similar Parnell project out soon

The Kelland’s team expect to have another Parnell project out soon, in similar industrial-look vein, probably pitched at a higher market. “We’ll release a few in the next three months, a lot over the next six months,” he said.

One of the interesting inquiries has come from developers — wanting to know why Aero has worked. Part of the secret, in marketing terms, may have been that the marketing team has been involved with the project from an early stage.

“People like the smaller boutique developments. Of course, they’re also the harder ones to stack up.”

He expects future projects to refine the ideas of the recent batch, and for there to be a move away from “the absolute shoebox. A studio at 2.4m stud height doesn’t work, but 3.5m opens up a whole new space.”

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Kellands joins Christie’s network

3 multi-million listings for openers

Kellands Real Estate has become an affiliate of Christie’s Great Estates, an exclusive international network, which principal Deborah Kelland said highlighted New Zealand’s status as a hot destination for both local & international investors.

“As a company that has for years been offering a uniquely tailored service to both local & offshore buyers, we are pleased to be in the position to extend our services to some of the most discerning purchasers of real estate in the world,” Ms Kelland said.

“Being chosen to be the sole North Island, New Zealand agent for Christie’s Great Estates, a subsidiary of Christie’s, the world’s oldest fine art auctioneer, is a privilege.

“Admittance to the Christie’s Great Estates affiliate network means a firm has earned a reputation for meticulous service to clients buying & selling important properties — something that we have been doing for our New Zealand clients for over 9 years.”

Kellands Real Estate specialises in marketing luxury homes & penthouses, quality apartments, creative commercial spaces & the booming coastal market. Ms Kelland said her firm was selected on the merits of its passion for contemporary architecture & design, a sound knowledge of people & property combined with an obsession for providing superior individualised service.

Kellands will list 3 New Zealand properties in the August issue of Christie’s Great Estates Magazine, 1 in Takapuna asking $10 million, another in Milford valued at more than $5 million, and a Parnell apartment complex, each unit valued at several million dollars.

Websites: Christie’s Great Estates

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