Council back next week to debate rates rise

Auckland mayor Len Brown moved away yesterday from his firm target of a 2.5% annual rates rise for the 2016-17 year – which he was hugely unsuccessful at achieving for this year’s rates.

He’d like to see a 2.5% rise, but said the current programme would set it at 3.2%.

And then comes the interim transport levy, to support transport programmes other than the city rail link. For this year’s rates, Mr Brown introduced a surprise levy set at fixed rates of $113.85 (including gst) for residential & farm/lifestyle ratepayers, $182.85 (including gst) for business ratepayers.

For the next year, he’s proposed an option to increase the share of the interim transport levy to be met by businesses from 14.7% to 32.7%, and 32.3% for 2017-18, calculated on capital value instead of as a fixed rate, in line with the business portion of general rates.

That’s also in line with a proposal from Whau councillor Ross Clow, who tried to introduce a more equitable transport levy for this year. Cllr Clow said his proposal would result in an overall 2.5% increase – 1.59% residential, 4.07% for business.

Orakei councillor Cameron Brewer said a levy based on capital value would hit the many businesses sitting on properties worth $750,000-2 million, which would see this levy rise 145% for them, from $183 to $450/year.

The committee agreed positions in October on 4 issues to be taken to consultation as part of the annual plan process – Maori land rates, a rural rates review, the uniform annual general charge (consultation on a range from $395-650) and the structure of the interim transport levy.

A capital programme of $1.9 billion includes $720 million for transport, $440 million for water & wastewater, $170 million for parks, sport & recreation.

The council’s governing body will consider the mayoral proposal next Thursday, 17 December.

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Attribution: Council & councillor releases (I wasn’t at the meeting and haven’t seen the broadcast).

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