Property Council chief executive likes authority model

Property Council chief executive Connal Townsend called the weekend proposal from Urban Development & Housing Minister Phil Twyford “a win for urban development”, saying the new authority would help to ease the urban housing crisis.

“This new model will speed up the decision-making process on new developments. This is something that has been desperately needed for a long time.

“Our members are pleased that the approach of the new authority will be to look at the big picture of a development. This way, residential & commercial developments can more easily be provided with sensible transport links & other infrastructure which ensures communities are well planned, pleasant places to live & work.

“Overseas, urban development authorities like this one have worked very well to speed up the development of housing & infrastructure.”

Mr Townsend said the Property Council had been calling for this for a long time: “This authority, while no magic bullet, is another of the steps needed to ease the pressure on our industry.”

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Property Council chief executive likes authority model

Attribution: Property Council release.

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