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Summerset lifts 4th quarter sales but falls short of previous year

Retirement village developer, owner & operator Summerset Group Holdings Ltd lifted its sales in the fourth quarter, the same as it did in 2017, but fell well short of its total 2017 sales figure.

The company achieved 193 sales in the December quarter compared to 204 in the final quarter of 2017, and took total sales for the year to 640 (682 in 2016).

Resales were steady for the year, new sales down.

Chief executive Julian Cook said the 112 new sales in the last quarter was the highest figure in 2 years and the second highest quarter ever for the group.

He said stock for resale was at a consistent level, and minimal uncontracted stock was available.

The company achieved its build target of 450 new homes for the year, delivering 454 retirement units, 133 of them in December.

Attribution: Company release.

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Summerset just behind 2017 with retirement unit sales

Retirement village owner, developer & operator Summerset Group Holdings Ltd sold rights to occupy 148 units in the September quarter, 7 behind the previous year at this point.

The company recorded 82 new sales (97 in the September 2017 quarter) & 66 (58) resales.

Summerset achieved total sales of 682 units in 2017 (382 new, 300 resales) and would need 235 sales in the final quarter to match that.

Chief executive Julian Cook said the company was still on track to deliver 450 new units this year, the same as last year.

Attribution: Company release.

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Summerset buys at Papamoa

Summerset Group Holdings Ltd has bought an 8ha site at Papamoa Beach for its first Tauranga retirement village. It expects to open the new village in 2020.

The property is 4km east of the Papamoa town centre & 11km from Tauranga’s central business district.

Summerset chief executive Julian Cook said today the area was underserved by villages offering a continuum of care for residents. He said the new village would have about 280 homes, including serviced apartments & 2- & 3-bedroom villas. It would also provide a care centre with resthome & hospital-level care, and a memory care centre proviing one-bedroom apartments for people with dementia.

Mr Cook said total construction investment would exceed $150 million and a construction crew of at least 250.

Summerset is on track to build 450 retirement units this year. It has 23 villages completed or in development & 9 greenfield sites.

Attribution: Company release.

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Summerset issues full $125 million of bonds

Retirement village owner, operator & developer Summerset Group Holdings Ltd has issued the full allocation of $125 million of 7-year bonds after doubling its allowance for oversubscriptions to $50 million 10 days ago.

The interest rate has been set at a fixed 4.2%/year. The bonds are guaranteed, secured, unsubordinated & fixed rate.

Deputy chief executive & chief financial officer Scott Scoullar said today Summerset would use the proceeds to repay a portion of existing drawn bank debt and for general corporate purposes.

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15 September 2018: Summerset doubles bond oversubscription allocation

Attribution: Company release.

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Summerset doubles bond oversubscription allocation

Summerset Group Holdings Ltd lifted its bond issue to $125 million on Friday by doubling the level of oversubscriptions from $25 million to $50 million.

The margin has been set at 1.65%/year and the interest rate at 4.20%/year.

The minimum interest rate indicated before the bookbuild was 4.15%/year, and the indicative margin range for the bonds was 1.65-1.75%/year.

The 7-year fixed-rate bonds will go to New Zealand institutional & retail investors who participated in the bookbuild process. All the bonds have been allocated to intermediaries for distribution to their clients. There’s no public pool.

The bonds will be issued on Monday 24 September.

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4 September 218: Summerset to seek $100 million in bond issue

Attribution: Company release.

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Summerset to seek $100 million in bond issue

Published 4 September 2018
Retirement village developer, owner & operator Summerset Group Holdings Ltd said yesterday it was considering a bond issue of up to $100 million, including $25 million of oversubscriptions.

The bonds, aimed at New Zealand institutional & retail investors, would be unsubordinated, have a 7-year term and be fixed rate, with a guarantee & security package provided by the Summerset guaranteeing group.

Summerset made its first retail bond issue in June 2017.

Chair Rob Campbell said the offer was expected to open next week.

Attribution: Company release.

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Summerset to make retail bond offer

Summerset Group Holdings Ltd said on Monday it would offer $100 million of 7-year fixed-rate bonds in a retail offer.

The retirement village developer, owner & operator said it would offer the bonds to NZ institutional & retail investors.

Summerset said the interest rate would be the sum of the margin plus the 7-year base rate, but in any case would be no less than the minimum interest rate of 4.15%/year. The indicative margin range for the bonds is 1.65-1.75%/year. The margin & interest rate will be set following a bookbuild process on Friday.

The offer will close on Friday following the bookbuild, and the bonds expected to be issued on Monday 24 September.

Link: Indicative terms sheet

Attribution: Company release.

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Summerset lifts underlying profit on fatter margins, feels impact of flatter housing market, looks at Australia

Retirement village operator Summerset Group Holdings Ltd said yesterday strong margins on both sales & resales lifted its underlying profit for the June half by 27% to $45.2 million, in line with the profit guidance provided in early July.

Under IFRS (international financial reporting standards), net profit fell 9.2% to $82 million. Underlying profit includes realised resale gains, development margin & deferred tax expense, minus the fair value movement of investment property. Under IFRS, fair value is included.

Financial & operational highlights (2017 first half in brackets):

Net profit after tax under NZ IFRS, down 9.2% to $81.97 million ($90.25 million)
Investment property fair value movement, down 10.1% to $78.3 million ($87.1 million)
Underlying profit, up 26.8% to $45.2 million ($35.7 million)
Total revenue, up 29.5% to $65.7 million ($50.7 million)
Net operating cashflow, up 7.4% to $92.8 million ($86.4 million)
Total assets, up 25.2% to $2.42 billion ($1.9 billion)
Net tangible assets, up 32.2% to 377.85c/share (285.72c/share)
Basic earnings/share, down 10% to 37.22c (41.37c)
Diluted earnings/share, down 10.2% to 36.53c (40.67c)
Interim dividend, up 54% to 6c/share (3.9c/share)
Total occupation right sales, down 7.4% to 299 (323)
New sales, down 19% to 145 (179)
Resales, up 6.9% to 154 (144)
New units delivered, down 3.5% to 165 (171), but on track for delivery of 450 for the full financial year
Development margin, 17.9% higher at 33% (28%)
Realised development margin, up 21.3% to $25.8 million ($21.3 million)
Gross new sale proceeds, up 3.2% to $78.3 million ($75.9 million)
Resale realised gains, up 38.3% to $14.9 million ($10.8 million)
Sales margins lift returns, fair value fall reflects flatter property market

Chief executive Julian Cook said the underlying profit increase was driven primarily by strong margins on both new & resales: “While sales volumes were lower than the same period of 2017, we are seeing good levels of contracts on homes – both on resales & homes to be completed before the end of 2018 – many of which will settle in the second half of the year.”

He said the lower fair value movement reflected smaller price increases in response to the flattening property market being seen in some areas of the country.

As for the sharp increase in development margin, up from 28% to 33%, Mr Cook said the result was “pleasing, but reflects the particular mix of retirement units settled in this period, and our long-run expectations for development margin are less than this”.

Summerset grew total assets by 25% from a year ago to $2.4 billion.

“We delivered 165 new homes this half year and we are on target to meet our build rate of 450 homes for the year. This is despite continuing pressure from the Auckland construction market. Our key construction activity in Auckland is to complete our Hobsonville village, main apartment buildings at Ellerslie, and new villa builds at Karaka & Warkworth.”

Residents moved into the first homes at Casebrook (Christchurch) & Rototuna (Hamilton) villages in the June half.

Summerset recently received resource consent for its proposed Avonhead village in Christchurch, and is awaiting the outcome of consent applications for proposed villages in Boulcott (Lower Hutt) & Kenepuru (Wellington). Resource consent for its proposed village in St Johns (Auckland) has recently been declined.

“We are currently working through this decision, but remain confident we will be able to progress a successful village on this site,” Mr Cook said. “There is strong demand for all of these villages and we are keen to progress them as soon as possible.”

Company sees gains from staff benefits

In May, Summerset announced additional staff benefits, including a day of leave for staff birthdays, travel voucher prizes every quarter and paid sick leave from the first day of employment. These complement the staff benefits announced in 2017.

“Pleasingly we’ve seen the staff attrition rate at our villages drop by 8% in the last 12 months, and the company-wide attrition rate has reduced almost 7% over the same period. We believe this is a result of both the investment we are making in our staff and the Government’s equal pay settlement.

“However we are seeing the shortages in care staff increase due to the changes introduced to immigration last year by the previous government. We believe it is important the current government recognises the importance of immigration alongside local training & development to ensure there are sufficient qualified & competent people in the aged-care sector.”

Mr Cook said Summerset continued to investigate the feasibility of an Australian expansion. It has opened an office in Melbourne with a dedicated team who are working through the appropriate diligence process. The company said it was making good progress.

Attribution: Company release.

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Summerset buys site for second New Plymouth village

Summerset Group Holdings Ltd has bought 8.1ha 7km from New Plymouth’s cbd for its second retirement village in the city.

The property in Pohutukawa Place, Waiwhakaiho, is near the Fitzroy & Ngamotu golf clubs & Fitzroy Beach.

Summerset chief executive Julian Cook said today the site had sea views & an outlook to Mt Taranaki: “We’ve had huge demand for homes at our existing New Plymouth village, and I expect this village with its great views will be just as popular with people who want to experience a coastal Summerset lifestyle.”

The village will offer a retirement community with about 300 homes, including 2- & 3-bedroom villas and serviced & memory care apartments. A care centre will provide resthome & hospital-level care.

The memory care apartments will be Summerset’s first in New Plymouth. They will offer people living with dementia their own one-bedroom apartment with living space & bathroom in a secure environment.

Summerset’s first New Plymouth village has over 200 residents in independent homes & a care centre.

“The new village will help to provide for the expected 37% increase in people aged over 75 in the New Plymouth area within the next decade,” Mr Cook said.

Amenities will include communal vegetable gardens, a bowling green, library & café. It’s also expected to provide up to 50 full-time-equivalent jobs.

Mr Cook said Summerset was on track to build 450 retirement units nationally this year. This purchase takes its greenfield sites to 8.

Attribution: Company release.

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Commissioners decide 7 storeys too high for retirement village in mixed housing zone so soon in life of unitary plan

Council planning commissioners have refused consent for a Summerset Group retirement village proposed for a Meadowbank site in east Auckland because of its overbearing height.

Summerset Group Holdings Ltd proposed 7 buildings containing 344 units, ranging up to 7 storeys high, and 8 storeys at part of one building on the site at 55-57 Ripon Crescent.

36 of the 41 local submitters opposed the village, mainly for its dominance, and the Orakei Local Board said: “The community has reason to expect a built environment character of no more than 3 storeys in the mixed housing urban zone. The height impact of the built form proposed on the wider environment is not acceptable.”

The hearing panel of Mark Farnsworth (chair), Michael Parsonson & Richard Knott agreed. In the decision, issued on 25 July, Mr Farnsworth wrote: “The proposed development will result in actual & potential adverse effects that have not been adequately avoided, remedied or mitigated and are unacceptable, when considered in the context of the local environment. The height, bulk, form & appearance of the proposal are not appropriate for the site and the potential adverse effects of the proposal do not do sufficiently balance its benefits.

“While the proposal would have recognised benefits in the provision of retirement village accommodation & the flow-on release of existing dwellings for new occupants, the need for the scale of the proposal has not been established or justified.

“The proposed development would be inconsistent with the more directive objectives & policies of chapters H4 & H5 of the operative Auckland unitary plan to an extent that is not balanced by consistency with other provisions. In particular, the proposed development deviates too far from the reasonably anticipated urban character of the site & its environs, as expressed in those provisions.

“The interface of the zoning of the site with the zoning of surrounding properties imposes development constraints & anticipated outcomes that will not be achieved to an acceptable extent.

“For completeness, we undertook a part 2 consideration and the proposal in its current form does not promote the sustainable management of natural & physical resources under part 2 of the Resource Management Act.”

A central factor in Summerset’s evidence advocating greater height was the intent of the unitary plan, which has become largely operative only this year, to provide for more intensification – and that, over time, neighbourhoods could be expected to change as they adapted to that.

Mr Farnsworth noted in particular, in his summary of the evidence & submissions presented for Summerset by Russell Bartlett QC: “Mr Bartlett noted that the application represents a serious opportunity to contribute meaningfully to demand in Auckland for additional, and more varied, housing stock.

“He stressed (a number of times) St Johns is a prime location for such a development. He drew our attention to the large size of the site & its zoning – mixed housing urban – which is, in his words, ‘a reasonably high-intensity residential zone, specifically enabling a greater intensity of the development than previously provided for’.

“Front & centre of the zone is the expectation of change. Specifically, the zone description indicates that over time, the appearance of neighbourhoods within the zone will change, with development typically up to 3 storeys in a variety of sizes & forms, including detached dwellings, terraced housing & low-rise apartments.”

25 July 2018, Summerset Meadowbank decision

Attribution: Hearing decision.

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