Top NZIOB award goes to 2 Johns for Papamoa College

Published 27 August 2011

The Institute of Building’s supreme award went last night to a building contractor & an architect who’ve done 7 projects together over 12 years, John Overton (Hawkins Construction Ltd, Auckland) & John Sofo (ASC Architects Ltd, Auckland).


Their latest project was Hawkins’ design-build of Papamoa College, completed in time for the start of the 2011 school year, one of 3 recent Hawkins projects for the Ministry of Education and one of 4 projects for which Hawkins staff won excellence awards.


Mr Overton & Mr Sofo won the sustainability award for the Papamoa school and other Hawkins staff won excellence awards for the Mission Heights schools stage 2, Waitomo Caves visitors centre and the East buildings at Britomart.


Graeme White (White Associates Ltd), in his final year of 4 as chairman of the judging panel, said: “Most awards are about product, these are about people. It is these people who have made the projects great.”


The Waitomo project leaders reckoned the new visitors’ centre took the cake for difficulty, while the Britomart team completed a 37-consent job on time, although the building was increased from a $110 million value to $155 million through variations, including changes at the top from residential to an extra office tenancy.


2 women featured twice each on the awards list. Hayley Tribble (Arrow International Ltd, Queenstown) was highly commended for her work on the local St John’s Church hall in the under-$5 million category and for the young achiever award.


Gemma Collins – dubbed “the green queen” at Fletcher Construction Co Ltd – won the excellence award for innovation and was highly commended in the young achiever category for her work on Ormiston Senior College, Flat Bush. The school sits under one roof around a north-facing courtyard and is New Zealand’s first school to win 5 green stars for design. Ms Collins introduced UK company Monodraught Ltd’s natural ventilation system in place of full airconditioning.




Under $5 million, Hayes Construction Recruitment Specialists award: Excellence, Robert Kumarich (Hawkins Construction Ltd, Auckland), Flat Bush, Mission Heights primary & junior schools stage 2; highly commended, Hayley Tribble (Arrow International Ltd, Queenstown), Queenstown, St John’s Church hall


$5-25 million, Colorsteel Projects award: Excellence, Barry Cowling & Ian Morris (Hawkins Construction Ltd, Waikato), Waitomo Caves visitors centre; highly commended, Nigel Burns (Mainzeal Property & Construction Ltd, Wellington), Wellington International Airport, the Rock


$25-75 million, Holcim award: Excellence, Johnny Malthus (LT McGuinness Ltd, Wellington), Wellington, Government House conservation; highly commended, Richard Jack (Hawkins Construction Ltd, Christchurch), Christchurch Civic Building


Over $75 million, Davis Langdon award: Excellence, Terry Buchan & Craig Treloar (Hawkins Construction Ltd, Auckland), Britomart, East 1 & 2 redevelopment (now Westpac on Takutai); highly commended, Donall Lynch (Fletcher Construction Co Ltd, Wellington), Wellington, One Featherston Development Ltd


Innovation, James Hardie award: Excellence, Gemma Collins (Fletcher Construction Co Ltd, Auckland), Flat Bush, Ormiston Senior College; highly commended, Tony Howard (CMP Construction Ltd), Victoria Park Market chimney restoration & strengthening


Sustainability, Steel Construction NZ award: Excellence, John Overton (Hawkins Construction Ltd, Auckland) & John Sofo (ASC Architects Ltd, Auckland), Papamoa, Papamoa College; highly commended, Gemma Collins, Ormiston Senior College


Young achiever, Progressive Building + info Link magazine award: Winner, Stephen Kleehammer (Wallace Development Co, Palmerston North; now at Mainzeal in Christchurch); highly commended, Hayley Tribble (Arrow, Queenstown)


Supreme award, Gib: John Overton & John Sofo


Honorary members award: Peter Menzies, former chief executive & chairman of Mainzeal Construction.


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Attribution: NZIOB awards, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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