Uptown BID map.

Uptown BID expansion scheme moves to final stages

The Uptown Business Association – straddling the start of New North Rd on the south-western fringe of downtown Auckland – is working on a programme to expand its business improvement district just over the railway line to take in the first blocks of Mt Eden.

Image above: Map shows the existing Uptown business improvement district hached in blue and the proposed extension hached in red.

The expansion area would run a short way down Dominion & Mt Eden Rds, cutting across at Brentwood & Sylvan Avenues. It would extend down Mt Eden Rd to Normanby Rd on the eastern side, taking in the block between Esplanade Rd & Puka St on the western side.

The business improvement district would incorporate the business & apartment precinct developed on the former Robert Holt timber yard & neighbouring streets on the city side of Maungawhau/Mt Eden, and also include Mt Eden Prison on the run across to the Southern Motorway.

The existing business improvement district boundary runs around Boston Rd, bordering the prison, follows the railway line to Park Rd then heads back west along Carlton Gore Rd to Grafton Rd.

The Uptown Business Association requires local board support before balloting businesses in the proposed extension area. This extension sits in the Albert-Eden and Waitemata local board areas. Approval from both boards and from target businesses will increase association membership from 1800 to 2100 members, and its target rate from $180,000 to $250,000 as of 1 July 2017. The Albert-Eden board approved it in December. The ballot requires a 25% return of votes, with 51% of those votes supporting the boundary expansion, to succeed. Voting will take place from 6-31 March.

18, Proposed Uptown Business Association, business improvement district expansion boundary map

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Attribution: Council agenda.

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